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  1. Friday night, we flew from SC to San Diego, CA. We spent that night, all day Saturday and the next night in San Diego. Sunday, we were dropped off at the airport. We were told we would have about an hours wait, but Ernesto got there in 15 minutes! Ernesto is a sweetie, but it was difficult for me to understand him as I don't speak Spanish and he has a slight speech impediment. This is the point where I started getting nervous. We were driving straight to the hospital, with Ernesto talking about the sights, etc. He and my DH talked -- I was too nervous to join in. When we got to the hospital, I met my surgery sister there (she was having a band) and we got our blood drawn for tests. Next came the ekg and then the xray, They were very puzzled when looking at the xray machine and asked, "does she have a zipper in there?" LOL I have a steel rod fused to my spine that was showing up in the picture. Next, we were taken to the hotel. It is a very nice hotel and full service -- you can get a massage, etc. but that has to be booked ahead of time. It was too early to eat dinner and we were hungry so walked to the 7-11 for snacks and drinks. It is HOT in Mexico in August. Finally it was time for dinner. Only one of the three restaurants was open because it was Sunday, so we had to go with the Mexican one, which was fine as I love Mexican food. Our dinner was marvelous and we split dessert. Then, the next morning, it was on to the hospital. I had assumed since my surgery sister was having an easier surgery that she would go first. Wrong! I was up first. I remember being in the OR with a male nurse or dr. named Sergio. He was very nice and spoke with me right before I went under. There were others in there, but he stood out as he spent time talking and explaining things to me which helped calm my fears. Then, they put a mask on my face and I don't remember anything until waking up in my room. I was only supposed to be in recovery for two hours but was in four as the anesthesia really put me under. (A good thing!) My mouth was dry the day of surgery but I was allowed to swish and spit water so that helped a great deal. I had IV fluids, a drain, and morphine for pain. My surgery sister and I did a small amount of walking at some point, either that day or the next. The hospital was very, very clean. It is small, but you get such good care there. If I needed something, I got it immediately. I can't say enough good things about the level of care I received. After my second leak test, I was brought my first "food": Gatorade, hot tea and apple juice. I drank more of the hot tea than anything else. I also got chicken broth the second and third days. Yuck. I am sure it was cooked well, but I am just not a chicken broth fan. That generally went back untouched. The thing that surprised me the most was pain when I drank. Did not know it would hurt to do that. The day of departure, Ernesto was there bright and early to pick us up. The plane ride home was brutal. The delays were brutal. That was my worst day painwise and I only got half a bottle or so of water in all day. I HIGHLY recommend upgrading your return flight tickets if at all possible. I am on day six after surgery and feel much better. There is just a tiny bit of pain when I drink now. I am tired and feel a bit weak from time to time but am much better. My DH and I are very pleased with the care we received from Dr. Aceves and Almater hospital in Mexicali.
  2. My gyno was a firm supporter from the outset. My PCP, not so much, initially. She has some RNY patients that come in frequently with stomach pain. However, when I told her several weeks before I left that I was having the surgery, she wasn't so negative. She now has some sleeve patients and has seen how well they have done. She still wasn't happy about the Mexico part, though.
  3. serenity1959

    My Sleeve Experiences with Dr. Aceves

    Susan, she sounds a bit mentally ill and probably would benefit from some therapy.
  4. Unjury chicken soup would be considered a clear.
  5. serenity1959

    My Sleeve Experiences with Dr. Aceves

    Oregondaisy, he does have one detractor that posts a good bit on another board. I was very, very puzzled about why this person had him do her band, and sleeve revision and then privately messaged me that he is "not that great." When I was in Mexico I asked Yolanda. After I told her the years of her operations, she was able to pinpoint it. She didn't name names, of course, but said that this individual wanted to be a coordinator for him and her services were refused. She even showed up at the hospital with some folks saying she was his coordinator and they had to have her removed.
  6. serenity1959

    My Sleeve Experiences with Dr. Aceves

    Bella, the best way I can describe it is to say that it is a sharp pain going down. Also, I have a stuck feeling that goes away pretty quickly. It is much, much better now and I can almost drink my 64 ozs! I am getting up to over 50, now. The clear diet is rough! Can't wait until Thursday. Of all things, I am craving a chocolate caramel protein shake!
  7. I am back from my surgery and was very pleased with the level of care I received. The staff is very responsive. If you can afford upgraded seats on the way back, I would strongly recommend that.
  8. serenity1959

    August sleevers?

    I am leaving today for San Diego. Going to spend Saturday there, meet the driver for Dr. Aceves Sunday, and have surgery Monday. I can't believe it is almost here!!!!!
  9. serenity1959

    Big Difference In Cost

    I think the cost has to do with the doctor's reputation and the hospital choice and length of stay. My Dr. has his patients stay three days at the hospital, which is a plus to me since I am coming so far for my surgery.
  10. serenity1959

    August 2013 Roll Call

    I can't believe that I will be getting on a plane THIS Friday and heading to San Diego, and then Mexicali on Sunday. Hope I don't forget anything important! The pre-op diet is going well, but I am losing slower than you liquid only gals, as my diet is high protein/low carb. But a loss is a loss!
  11. Who is your doctor?
  12. serenity1959

    August 2013 Roll Call

    August 5th in Mexicali with Dr, Aceves. I have been able to find plenty of other August 5th gals, but none on August 5th with Dr. Aceves. Can't believe the time is so close!
  13. SuperMom, which shakes were on your approved list?
  14. serenity1959


    My date is August 5th and I started my pre-op diet today!
  15. I have to stay at 30 grams or under of carbs and chicken and fish as far as my meat.
  16. My surgeon actually suggests using those in your broth for more of a "kick."
  17. serenity1959

    Did you eat grits in post- op?

    It was explained to me that at the very first, when we are learning to eat mushies, we can have things like mashed potatoes and grits.
  18. Someone on here was talking about a great translator app on the Ipad. I did not take note at the time because I didn't have an Ipad. However, since DH is going with me, and he doesn't like to read, I thought it would be a good idea to get an Ipad so he can surf the Internet and hopefully not die of boredom. Can anyone tell me the name of this app so that I can download it?
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    Language App for Ipad

    Thanks, cidmor, I will look for that one, too.
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    Language App for Ipad

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    August 5

    Tell9rc, who are you having your surgery with?
  22. I am starting my low carb diet tomorrow. Got two weeks of that!
  23. Yes, that is the only company I could find.
  24. serenity1959

    Complication insurance

    With obesity being declared a disease now, that makes me wonder if we wouldn't have legal recourse for our insurance companies not covering the surgery and/or complications.
  25. Where did you have this done? What a scary experience!