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  1. ooooh this sounds just like my posts ... i was sleeved on8/14 at 218 im like 10 weeks out and am currtently 186 ... but ihad a stall for 5 weeks !!!! it sooo frustrating reading all these posts i feel like i should be 15# lighter ..... hell idk
  2. i hear ya im 10 wweks out started @220 now im 188,8 ..... been that way for 5....yes 5 weeks!!! i dnt understand hownthis can be "normal" a toddler eats more than me !!! and the crazy thing is i had a feeling this wasnt gonna work for me ... good luck to u
  3. wow i seen so many of yoyr post and you look amazing ... im almost 10 weeks out 218 to 188 but ive been stuck for almost a minth any tips suggestions ? what did u eat diet tips please .... i wanna be like you when i grow up;) ...just fab!!!!
  4. hunny79

    Favorite Meals Pre Sleeve-post pics

    omggg that looks soooooo good how do u make that
  5. hunny79

    August Sleevers?

    hey all i have a question ... well really a complaint ok soooo i had surgery on 8/14 ....9 weeks ago my last preop weight was 210 and currently 188.9 that is barley 20# in 9 weeks ??!!! i had this surgery to help me lose weight at a faster pace then 2 lbs a week esp when folks are lose 3-5 lbs a week consistantly im sooooo frustrated i can only hold about 1/2 cup mabe 1/3 at a time and i know im eating under 800/cal a day i feel like this is not gonna work for me at 9 weeks out i fell like ibshould be in the 170's not still close to 200# nothing really bothers my sleeve ibcan eat almost anythibg but i dnt i try to make good choices with the occasional slip up here & there but 20# really sooooooo thats all i get 25k later !!!!!? so now what ?!!????
  6. sw:238 sd:218 cw:187 sleeved 8/14
  7. hunny79

    August Sleevers?

    Hello & AMEN!!
  8. hunny79

    August Sleevers?

    Hello & AMEN!!
  9. I had the exact same pain about 2 weeks out.. It took my breath away and i felt like i was being stabbed with a red hot knife in my incision everytime i bent over or moved wrong! I would burst into tears and literally could not move.... However it lasted about a week to 10 days and now its gone ..hang in there it will pass;)
  10. hunny79

    sore tummy

    Mine looked like that as well but i only have 2 but yeah red lumpy with pruple brusing all around .... It does get easier i was sleeve 3 weeka ago and im all healed up however i went about a week (wk2) where when i moved it felt like someone was sticking a hit knife into my r side incision ... Oooh lawd i almost died probably had something to do with me cleanjng out the garage hmmmmmm! thats gone too good luck and take it easy
  11. hunny79

    Down over 100lbs in 4 months

    well alright now... lookin good looking good:)
  12. hunny79

    heartburn hell!

    let me know what u find out cause im having the EXACT same issue tums dnt work, prilosec or zantac nope ....nada still burnin!
  13. hunny79

    August Sleevers?

    man!!! your lucky i feel like a huge loser ... i was sleeved on 8/14 i went in @ 218 and im still in the 200's @ 203 uuuugh i was dehydrated suffer from the worst heartburn i struggle with Protein finally got a full 12ox shake made with 1 1/2 c of skim milk down over 2.5-3 hours then had the worst gas tummy pain i though i was in labor ... so i attempted another shake this am and with in 20 min the same tummy pain so now am i lactose intolerant..... who the hell knows so basically in eating about 200 cal a day and no weight loss .... Uggh
  14. hunny79

    When does sipping get easier?

    i use a straw i take in less air ...
  15. hunny79

    Found a shake I can tolerate

    yeah i have them as well but they we 20$ at my sams grrrrrrr... but i swear they tasted better befor surgery now they are soooo friggin sweet blahhh
  16. hunny79

    August 2013 Roll Call

    same here... sad face!
  17. hunny79

    August 2013 Roll Call

    sorry for the typos ... lol