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    oooh god please dnt say that .. i feel the same sleeved 8/14 and have only lost 13-14 lbs then gained 4#!!!!!!
  2. hunny79

    Im not losing. Urghhhh!

    i keep telling my self that and ibknow its all a process but its soo much harder than expected i know its all im my head but i feel like this is not gonna work for me .. idk im trying but getting in fluids and Protein are a killer for me.so i dnt get how im.not losing faster uuugh im just frustrated ...mabe im just hungry...
  3. hunny79

    Im not losing. Urghhhh!

    i feel the same way idk if im crazy or what i was sleeved 8/14 and have lost lkke 12-13 lbs everyone around me the weight is literally falling off wth!
  4. hunny79

    August peeps!

    i was 8/14 ad im on pureed foods cant get in h20 or protein to well already been to er for dehydration & constipation and have only lost 12 lbs .....wth!!"
  5. hunny79

    I call "drinking 64 oz water" BS

    i wish im struggling getting in 16 oz h20 and ANY protein uuughhh! i wish!!
  6. sleeved 8/14 and had to stay an extra day d/t vomiing& not being able to walk ... sooo painful however eachday i feel a lil better not really focusing on protein as just fluids to stay hydrated .... im drinking smart water & green tea w a touch of honey & chicken broth. and ive cheated a couple of times and almost killed my self 1st w a lays potato chip...just one! 2nd w a cherry tomato just basically chewed it up and spit it out and I almost DIED uuugh the cramping & "heaviness" that lasted like 2-3 hrs oh well ive mover on to italian ice and was suprised to finish the whole 6 oz cup ...... any thoughts ?? i hope all are getting better & strongr everyday....Skinny wishes ya'll:)
  7. hunny79

    August 2013 Roll Call

    awwwh im sorry to hear .. i as well had syrgery on 8/14 and i swear all wed & thurs i thought i was literally gonna die!!! i was sooo sick to my stomach could not keep down liquids and kept vomiting lg amouts of dark red blood... and the heaving was aweful i felt like my head was gonna explode ... and the gas pain OMGGGGG! and i even had a panic attack... now with all that being said today is MUCH better i still have an issue getting the pain pills down they seem to get "stuck".. please try to walk as much as u can it does help& sip sip sip im not focusing of protein now as much as just saying hydrated
  8. good luck .. im wednesday ...eeeeekkkk!!
  9. sorry for your loss good luck on your surgery mine is in 3 days ... i bet that peace you feel is him wrapping his arms around you still ... god bless
  10. hunny79

    Sleeved on Wednesday 08/07

    hang in there ..good luck!!
  11. hunny79

    August 2013 Roll Call

    ummmm w/ nerves anxiety ... you lol
  12. hunny79

    10 months post op down 146!

    well alright work it girlie!!! beautiful
  13. hunny79

    September 19, 2013

    welcome abord ... im up in 6 days ...cant believe it but welcome;)
  14. hunny79


    awwwh prayers and good toughts
  15. hunny79

    August 2013 Roll Call

    umm ok totally ment 8/7 .... hehehe
  16. hunny79

    August 2013 Roll Call

    alrighty 8/5/2013 your up best wishes for successful surgery and speedy recovery... God Bless!!
  17. hunny79

    August 2013 Roll Call

    haaaaayyyy girlie me too!
  18. hunny79

    XXX rated super serious question!

    ok im no prude vut really im gonna vomit and im nit eating flan from ANYWHERE ..... eeeekkkk
  19. hunny79

    finally really gonna do this

    oooh wait should i be doing some liquid diet.... my dr just said the day before surgery .... wth dnt tell me im slackin allready