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  1. I have a fit bit and I love it. You have to manually put in certain activities. It doesn't like to pick up stationary bikes, boo!
  2. ChristineR

    this may start a riot.

    Should have seen the look my NUT gave me when I said I had 1-2 cups of (GASP!) coffee a day
  3. ChristineR


    That's awesome news! I'm glad you are on the mend!
  4. ChristineR

    Moving on from walking

    I had to wait 30 days
  5. ChristineR

    Caffeine withdrawl

    I weaned off caffeine and then 4 months after surgery I'm back to a cup a day of coffee.
  6. That's not slow 2-3 lbs is a great place to be! As long as it comes off is my motto!
  7. ChristineR

    Which Blender Do you LOVE?!?

    I have a ninja blender. No problems. Can do big batches or cups with lids.
  8. ChristineR


    I was on so many anti nausea things in the hospital that if I was nauseated I wouldn't know. Started with a patch behind my ear that was incredibly dehydrating and then they pumped me with anti nausea the whole time and if I needed it I was given phenegran drips. Then I had zofran at home and phenegran suppositories as well. They do not want you throwing up. Please stay on them about it until you find a solution!
  9. ChristineR


    I did not go through that but if I did I would have the same complaints. Please keep hydrated as best you can. Make them check your dehydration if you need to. You may need an IV to pull out of it. Did they give you anti nausea meds?
  10. ChristineR

    Pregnancy Post-op

    With the rapid weight loss in the beginning I would wait the 12 months. Then it would seem easier to maintain and follow a safe, healthy routine for you and baby.
  11. ChristineR

    I am feeling loads better

    A week out is when my energy came back. I'm glad you are doing better! It does get easier!
  12. ChristineR

    im a little over a week post op

    Since this will probably come up, make sure you are on a PPI of sorts. The acid can mimic hunger pain. If it is hunger just try to keep getting your protein and water in. It should subside (hopefully!) as you can take more in.
  13. ChristineR

    Here I go...

    Best of luck! I have no regrets yet and I'm 6 months out.
  14. I'll be honest and say I hated my preop diet. I was exhausted, angry, and felt miserable. But surgery came and went and I recovered nicely (very little pain minus some lodged gas) and I haven't looked back.
  15. Are you keeping a food log to see if there is something that could be setting it off? Your habits may be the same but it doesn't mean that your new tummy is very accepting of certain things anymore. Also, lactose intolerance is uncovered a good bit after surgery. (Just throwing out ideas)
  16. ChristineR

    Have I messed up?

    Are you on liquid only? If not I don't see what the big deal is. It's protein. I would say the fat content might be higher at a cookout because they probably aren't going to spend the money on 96% lean beef. I could have hamburger meat just had to be lean for the whole "liver" thing I'm no help but I would think you are ok. I was only all liquid 24 hours before.
  17. ChristineR

    Amazing instant Sugar Free Sweet tea

    Out of curiosity, is there caffeine in it?
  18. ChristineR

    Crunch Snacks?

    I was allowed stacy's pita chips. So I would eat about 3 of them with a low fat cheese stick. Probably not as healthy as some of the things listed above but it's my fave!
  19. I could start consuming a lot of water early on and my NUT wasn't pleased LOL But I felt a lot of restriction with real food. I can easily eat a 5.2 oz of greek yogurt but I am nice and full afterwards.
  20. ChristineR

    When did you try breads?

    Bread isn't an enemy. It just expands in our small stomachs and, if too much is consumed, will leave no room for the protein which we need to heal and keep our muscles. I don't even find bread to taste great anymore but I do miss those hot, buttered rolls sometimes LOL It just doesn't sit well with my stomach so I don't even bother. I would wait until well after the 3 month mark when your staple line should be healed up so that it doesn't push on it.
  21. You probably don't need more than a week tops. Just have to watch the bending over and making sure you are getting your water/protein drinks in. I had pain while driving that lasted for 3 weeks and then it disappeared as fast it came. Other than that I was actually feeling great a week out. (As someone mentioned above there is a high level of fatigue so make sure you get lots of sleep when you can)
  22. I was told I would lose 70-80% of excess weight which will be 87-102 pounds of the 125 over. I am already at 84 pounds loss at 6 months out. But I think I run about average. It's really hard to compare to others.
  23. ChristineR

    how many ounces

    I do one scoop with 6 oz of 1% milk and a few ice cubes blended in
  24. Not suppose to chew gum in the beginning because it gets the gastric juices flowing. At least that's what I was told.

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