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  1. fp9107

    4 days post op

    Try Gas X Strips for the gas, they worked well for me.
  2. You have an amazing talent. You now have the stage to influence the people around you and share your personal story.
  3. Sleeved 2/19. I am down 56.5 pounds
  4. I stalled for two weeks. Try and up your protein intake to get things moving.
  5. fp9107

    Vsg on july 8th

    Take some of your pain medicine in your iv before they release you. Take a pillow to hold you stomach in place for the drive home. Buy some gas x strips, those will help a lot.
  6. fp9107


    900 to a 1,000 calories a day.
  7. fp9107

    Where Is Everyone From?

    Knoxville, Tennessee
  8. fp9107

    Updated pic (;

    Looking good.
  9. It takes a while for your body to adjust to a liquid diet. A week to two weeks. You will make it through this, it is tough, but you can do it.
  10. fp9107

    Restaurants and gastric sleeve card

    At cracker Barrell you can always order from the kids menu with or without your card.
  11. fp9107

    Halfway to goal

  12. Ask for som ice chips
  13. I have a lot more energy and I sweat a lot less. I enjoy being able to play with my kids and not watch from the bleachers.
  14. fp9107

    Very nervous

    My doctor required me to loose five percent of my weight. Each doctor is probably different.
  15. fp9107

    4 DAYS!

    Hang in there you can do this!! It is hard at times, but it is worth it. I feel better than I ever have and I have so much energy.
  16. I just wanted to take a brief survey of how your weight loss has affected your clothes sizes. I went from a 3x in shirt to a xl and from a 46 in pants down to a 40 in pants. I am down 46.5 pounds.
  17. fp9107

    Let's SEE pics!

    You look great!!!
  18. fp9107

    Clothing sizes

    I said I was wearing size 40 jeans I just tried on size 38 jeans I had in my closet and they fit!! Woo hoo!!! It has been a long time since I have been in 30's!!