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  1. What success stories do you have post surgery? Here are a few of mine. 1. I rode a rollercoaster for the first time in ten years. 2. I am back in size 38 jeans. 3. I am off my diabetes medicine 4. I can find clothes in the regular section not the big and tall. 5. I can play basketball with my son and not feel like my heart is going to explode.
  2. fp9107

    Stomach exercises

    What is everyone doing to tighten up their stomach?
  3. fp9107


    Take a look at this article I just read yesterday on Potassium. It might help. http://www.healthaliciousness.com/articles/food-sources-of-potassium.php
  4. After about three weeks of trying to get the chewable down, I tried gummies I hated those as well then I switched to Citracal Calcium Citrate and those I tolerated fine. I just bought the Calcium Citrate in petite, they are about 3/4 inch long and easy to swallow.
  5. Try the bananna creame from gnc, that is my favorite. When I was first sleeved I hated protein and my doctor said not to worry about it it will come in time. I was able to actually tolerate it at about a month out. I would try different kind of proteins so that you can find some that you can tolerate. Some of the companies offer samples so that you can try them before you buy a large amount of something that you will hate later. Good luck.
  6. fp9107

    Gas .. Any suggestions?

    Gas x strips, walk,walk,walk. A heating pad also helps.
  7. fp9107

    Ate too much

    Curl up on the couch and wait a while, it will pass.There is not an immediate cure.
  8. fp9107

    Sugar Substitute?

    You have to find the right kind, the Kal Stevia does not have an aftertaste.
  9. fp9107

    Sugar Substitute?

    I have been using the liquid form, but they also make it in crystal form.
  10. fp9107

    Sugar Substitute?

    Try KAL pure stevia extract. Make sure you shake the bottle. It has a great taste and it is all natural and it will not make your blood sugar go up either. They also have different flavors of the extract.
  11. fp9107

    Not Sure if its the right move...

    Try Gas X strips those worked for my gas pains and also a heating pad helped with the pains as well.
  12. It took my office a couple of weeks after I was approved to get my final date and it about drove me crazy.
  13. I had the three week stall as well, it lasted for about a month for me. I would take a look at maybe upping your protein intake if you can. I had the same issue on getting protein in when I was first sleeved. My doctor said not to worry about it it would come in time, he said to concentrate on my water intake. I would also look at how much sodium you are taking in, because a lot of sodium makes you retain water and most soups are generally high in sodium. I would look at using my fitness pal to log your food most every kind of food is in the database and it will keep track of how much protein, carbs and sodium you are taking in and you configure it to keep track of other things as well. I would not look at the scale every day, because it can drive you crazy. Hang in there the weigh will come off.
  14. fp9107

    Ok Lets do this :)

    Good luck on your new life.
  15. When I overeat a little my stomach lets out a loud belch and If I continue to eat I get three hiccups and my nose will start to run. It's weird but it lets me know when I am full.
  16. fp9107

    Lost 90 pound

    Wow!!! You look amazing.
  17. fp9107


    I know it is hard at this stage to watch others eat in front of you. I just came back from Disney World and saw my family eat steaks the size of my head in front of me, but I did not feel deprived.I had a few bites then I was full. I think once your body gets used to the good things you are putting in it, you will start to crave those foods instead of junk food. We have all walked the path that you are currently on and we know how you feel. If you need support come to the forum and let us give you suugestions or tell you we know how we are feeling and lift you up. You can do this!!!! We are on your side.
  18. fp9107

    Goining in for surgury in 2 weeks time

    Be warned that the snoring may not completely go away. Mine is not nearly as bad as it once was.
  19. Magnesium Citrate from Wallgreens. Be aware this stuff will clean you out and keep you running to the bathroom.
  20. fp9107

    do you ever?

    I do every day. I see my wife eat a normal size plate and I think to myself that would take me four meals to finish her plate.
  21. fp9107

    Any regrets?

    It was one of the best things I have ever done and it has given my life back to me. I wish I had done it sooner.
  22. fp9107

    At the mental dr...

    You need to find someone you can trust and have a pleasant experience. Some people are content to be unhappy no matter what they are doing. Keeep your head up and push forward. You can do this.
  23. My three month plan took six months, so I know how you feel. Your time will come soon enough. Try to relax and do all the research you possibly can to make sure you are prepared. Alot of things you will be going through after the surgery is a lot of headgames so really talk this out at your psych eval. Good luck. Hang in there. You can do this!!!
  24. fp9107

    I can now say this....

    Woo Hoo!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!
  25. You will still be able to eat some of the foods that you liked before just in alot smaller portions. It will take some time before you get to that stage, but it is worth it. You will have so much energy and be able to do things you have not done in a while. My doctor required me to loose 15 pounds and I only lost 12 pounds and I guess he thought that was close enough. I would talk to my surgeon just to make sure I was on track for what he needed me to do. He may want to put the surgery off a week or two to just to make sure that he is able to perform surgery properly on you so that there is no risks. Good luck on your new adventure.