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  1. fp9107

    Really Tired

    You might want to get you doctor to test your blood and see if you are low on any essential vitamins. I was low on b-12 and potassium my last visit.
  2. fp9107

    I told my Mom today

    Congrats on your new life. It is not always easy, but it is worth it.
  3. I am down 60 pounds today. I also had to buy a new belt, I can not wrap it around my waist anymore.
  4. fp9107

    Down 60 pounds today

    Thanks, it feels good.
  5. fp9107

    I was sleeved today!

    Congrats on your new life.
  6. fp9107


    A multi vitamin, Calcium Citrate and a B-12. Most of the nutrients I get though my food, but some things still show up in my labs as low. I customize my regemin after I have my labs.
  7. fp9107

    Any Tennessee Sleevers Out There?

    I live in Knoxville. I was sleeved on 2/19/13 and have lost 59 pounds. My doctor was Dr. Rey at Blount Memorial in Maryville Tennessee.
  8. Try a Weight Watchers scale about 30 dollars. Target sells them. You could try a Tanita scale it measures body fat as well. The weight Watcher scale is only a pound off from my doctors office scale.
  9. fp9107

    So happy to now be Post-Op!

    Just the belly button hurt everything else was just fine. My doc said the belly button was where the stomach came out.
  10. fp9107

    So happy to now be Post-Op!

    I just had ibuprofen after surgery, but my belly button felt like he beat it with a sledge hammer.
  11. If you want to tell them go ahead, if not tell them you are eating right and exercising or tell them it is none of their business. Your choice.
  12. I have been shopping at second hand stores and that has worked well for me. I have also been shopping at Marshalls. I wear them for a couple of sizes before I donate them back to where I purchased them from, besides Marshalls of course.
  13. I weighed in this morning and I am finally at 229. I am down 59 pounds since I started my journey.Woo Hoo!!!!!
  14. You look absolutely amazing!!!!!!
  15. fp9107

    Honestly, how much do you vomit?

    Once, after drinking a milkshake and not knowing that I had become lactose intollerant to full fat milk and cream. That was the only time.
  16. fp9107

    post op blurry vision

    Do you have diabetes? If so, are you still on your meds? Do not come off those too quickly right after surgery.
  17. I am just getting started working on toning my stomach. Does anyone have some basics to get started with? I have tried v ups and I am not sure if I am coordinated enough to do those yet. I have did some leg lifts as well and some planks.
  18. Sometimes the coordinator that was handling mine was a couple of days getting back to me. I actually knew that I was approved before my doctors office did. Even after I faxed the approval letter to her it was probably another week before I got my surgery date. I know it is frustrating but keep trying and hang in there.
  19. fp9107

    One Year Before and After Pics

    Wow you look great.