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    I hated the chewables they made me want to throw up. I switched to regular vitamins after about two weeks. I take a men's multi-vitamin in Target's house brand 3x a day and vitamin b-12 one x a day, and Citrical petites Calcium Citrate 3x a day. I also just started taking fish oil for my cholesterol once a day, it is still a little high. All of my labs have come back normal, besides the cholesterol. I would call my doctor and see what he would suggest. Good luck.
  2. fp9107

    Non Scale Victory

    That is great, keep up the good worK.
  3. fp9107

    Non Scale Victory

    I did some cleaning out today as well.
  4. fp9107

    Non Scale Victory

    I did the same thing today, I walked into the big men's section in jcpennys and I realized I needed to go to the regular sizes.
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    My approval took about three weeks. They require you to do either a three month or six month route. I did the three month route and it really took about six months. They require you to meet with a nutritionist once a month for three months and also to meet with a exercise specialist once a month for three months as well. I also had three classes that were two hours a piece that my doctor and the hospital required me to attend. I also had to attend a support group meeting. I had to meet with a psychologist as well, that was part of the doctors requirements for me to get into the plan. There were also labs and a sonagram and swallow tests as well. It was very hard to work all of these appointments in and still work a full time job. If you have any questions about the process please ask. I actually knew I was approved before my doctor did. Good luck.
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    Starting out...bad back...

    In the past I have had issues with my back as well. Since the surgery, it has been much better. I also use the machines at the gym to strengthen it as well. I think it may be a combination of both things that has made it better. I am down 63 pounds since February 19. Good luck.
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    3 months post op with pics

    Keep up the work, looking good.
  8. Hold on to them for now. I get rid of clothes when I go two sizes down.
  9. Hom many grams of carbs is everyone eating?
  10. fp9107

    I got Man Sleeved Aug 5.

    My doctor said a month.
  11. fp9107

    Tightening up.

    I am just looking for a little advice from someone about tightening up my stomach so that I do not have sagging skin. Do you have any exercises that have worked for you? Any help that you could give me would be greatly appreciated.
  12. fp9107

    Tightening up.

    Thanks for the advice.
  13. fp9107

    Im a sleeve girl now:)

    Congrats, on the new you.
  14. fp9107

    Sleeping 1 week post op

    A week out.
  15. fp9107

    Newbie insomnia?

    Try sleeping in a reclining chair, this helped me a lot for the first few nights.
  16. I am a video editor for a cable network.
  17. fp9107

    Lesson not learned

    Try eating yogurt instead. I discovered I am lactose intollerant to full fat milk and creams. I had part of a milk shake from McDonald's and by the time I drove from McDonald's to home I had to run to the bathroom it was projectile throw-up. I have read that this is common after bring sleeved to become lactose intollerant.
  18. I started the process in August 2012 and I was sleeved on February 19, 2013. I was on the three month plan with my insurance which included three nutritionist visits, three exercise specialist visits and three different classes required by the hospital and one support group meeting. Labs and tests as well. I also had a psych visit. It was not a quick process to make all of this happen but it was worth it.By the way I had Aetna insurance.
  19. fp9107

    What do you tell the haters?

    I told only my manager at work and my very close friends that I knew could keep it hush,hush. I did not even tell my mother in law until a week before the surgery. I have told people when they ask what I have been doing if I think that it would maybe help them as well, but some still do not know the truth about what I have been doing and to be honest it is really no ones buisness except your own. Tell who you want to tell and do not worry about what others are thinking about you.
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  21. I had to finally buy a new belt I could not wrap it around any more. I also went shopping in Belk the other day and I started toward the big and tall section and I realized everything was too big for me to wear!!
  22. fp9107

    4 months out pics

    Looking good.
  23. fp9107

    Fitness accountability

    You might try lifting weights if you have been cleared by your doctor.I also use the eliptical several times a week and it is easier on your knees than a treadmill. You can do the treadmill while you are watching your favorite flicks. Sometimes we all feel like we are on this journey alone, but you are not. Most everyone on this board has walked or is walking down the same path that you are.It is not always an easy journey, but it is worth it. Hang in there and know that YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!