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  1. Question*~*. Did anyone take an appetite suppressant (diet pill) prior to surgery? My eating has been out of control lately and I was thinking about purchasing something to help. I have about 2 months prior to surgery and would like to lose some weight prior to surgery. Thanks for your responses ahead of time.
  2. MzFree-Spirited Vsg

    Question*~* Did anyone take diet pills prior to surgery?

    Thank you for your response. I have decided not to. I did a search and its not safe basically for the reasons you stated. thanks for your response. Here is something I found online from a doctor: Many diet pills contain additives which make your heart race (IE Ephedrine) or interact with anesthesia. Phentermine has been known to drop your blood pressure during surgery and many of my anesthesia colleagues prefer you were not on it.
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    Finally a Protein Drink I can handle!

    I seen this at the vitamin shoppe the other day .. ill have to pick it up
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    Psych Eval

    Like everyone else said.. a lot of questions on a scan-tron. she asked me questions like, how has weight hindered my life and what will losing weight do for me. it is basically a test to see if you are ready for the life style change, really hindered by being overweight -- but not to depressed about it, if that makes sense. i got the impression that if i were to sad about being overweight that it wasn't a good look.. hope this makes sense
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    trying not to cry, but..

    Awesome! So glad that worked out for you.
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    I feel alone...

    Hello Everyone, I have to do the 6 month diet. I have UHC thru Chase Bank. January 19 will be my 4th weigh in. I know I dont have that far to go but it just seems long. All i think about lately is getting sleeved. Thats all I talk about. i was actually going to go to Mexico to have it done in February and not even wait on my insurance company, then I snapped out of that option 1week later.. i guess what makes my 6 month diet so hard is that I cant lose weight during it. I have a BMI of 42.2. my Advocate said if I go below 40 I will be denied. I know I can go below 40 if I work out and eat right. My problem is that I always gain it back--- I typically stay around a BMI of 39.9. So i just wanted to know if there was anyone else out there who is doing the 6 month diet and you are in the same place I am in.. I just feel alone.. lol
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    I feel alone...

    Thank you so much. The same to you as well
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    I feel alone...

    yes it is diva time!!!!
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    From the album: MzFree-Spirited Vsg

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    MzFree-Spirited Vsg

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    I feel alone...

    EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!!!! smh
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    I feel alone...

    Congrats!!! I dont have any comorbs that the insurance company will recognize has sever enough to get the surgery. So I have to lean solely on my BMI
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    I feel alone...

    Ok- I did the calculation too.. I can lose 11lbs and have a BMI of 40.3 My next two months I will focus on losing 11lbs No more than that. lol It sounds like you have a pretty cool program. I wish mine were like that. lol
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    I feel alone...

    We are soooo much alike!!! wow.. thanks so much -- We are gonna be sleeved soon happy new year to you as well
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    I feel alone...

    My advocate said that they will deny me if I go under 40. I called UHC they said thats not true however; since I keep getting conflicting answers then Im gonna make sure I dont.. better to be safe Burns me up too!!!
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    I feel alone...

    Yes, I am Ohio!!! Im gonna send u a message. Thanks for your insight. I believe I am going to focus on the diet like you have. Good point. If you dont mind I have a few questions for you. OK-- EVERYONE!!!!! Thank you so much for responding, This has really lifted my spirits. I appreciate you taking time to encourage me and share your stores, I am NOT alone I see. Please lets stay in touch. Im gonna befriend you all if you don't mind. I am new here and I could use some support. Well to all those who are sleeved after the long wait congrats.. To those still waiting for our time---- it is coming. Im also glad to know I am not the only person who dreams about it. lol.. Its nice to have support from family and friends. Glad most of us are getting that
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    6 Month Supervised Diet

    Congrats to you
  18. Im so glad that I met you. Ill see you on the 28th! Im excited. Its all I can think about lol