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  1. What about meeting at a restaurant for the first time just to get things established and then we can go from there? At least we would have somewhere to meet, cold drinks and bathrooms if needed!
  2. AmandaL

    Google voice?

    I used the Skype app on my phone, put $10 in my account and called any number I wanted. In my 4 days in MX, I used a little over $5. It works through Wi-Fi and you can set it up where your own number shows up to whoever you are calling. No one knew that I was calling through Skype rather than my cell phone (some of the people I called had no idea I was in Mexico).
  3. I was just sleeved on March 22 and had a passport, although it was expired, along with my birth cert and DL. We ended up in 2nd inspection because they weren't going to just let us through with the documents I had. 2nd inspection ended up taking about 3 hours to get through (and the other girl with me was PISSED!) but we eventually got through. When I talked with the supervisor, he said it was hit or miss. Some border agents will let you go, others won't. The girl with me ended up missing her flight because of me. Also, she was in MX for a full body lipo and butt implants and was so uncomfortable the 3 hours we had to wait. I felt horrible for what happened so I ended up giving her $200 for her troubles and tipped the driver $100 because he missed out on picking up other clients because of me. Trust me - after having the surgery, you don't want to wait an extra 3 hours. I was miserable. Just do what you have to do to get your husband a passport.
  4. So after 2 years of going back and forth with my decision, I finally made the choice last month to have the surgery and took the plunge by paying my deposit and scheduling the date...March 22. Well, during that time, I also decided to look for a new job after 9 years at my current employer. So, fast forward a few weeks, I am now in the final stretch of being offered a position at a great company. Well with this new company, I have found that their insurance covers bariatric surgery. My current place of employment does not, and does not cover any complications related to the surgery (one of the reasons it took me so long to decide to do the surgery). So here's my struggle that I'm currently dealing with...knowing that I pretty much have this new job deal in the bag, do I cancel the surgery I have schedule in Mexico and wait to do it with the new insurance company? Or do I just do it in Mexico, get it over with, and start on my new life? I'm so torn!
  5. AmandaL

    Decisions! Decisions!

    Well I have all the money saved up and ready to go...although it would be nice to keep that in my bank account! I did the research on the new insurance and I'd have to pay 10% out of pocket...so I'm estimating (based upon what I was quoted in US prices) I wouldn't have to pay more than $2k to get it done...plus I'd have all the "pre-op & post-op" care covered. I would have to wait 6 months to have the surgery with the new insurance, but I meet all criteria for it so I'm not afraid of denial. I think the more appealing thing is just the coverage in case of any complications... Do I need the surgery now? Of course - I'm overweight, I'm not healthy and I need to get a handle on it.
  6. I too am a smoker...recently picked it back up due to some family health issues (yeah, I know...) but I have to say I have tried everything under the sun to quit. I tried the patch and it gave me awful nightmares. Used Chantix and my moods went crazy. Tried the gum but that stuff tasted gross...(do you see all the excuses here?) So I finally tried Wellbutrin. Helped tremendously! I was nicotine free for over a year and was doing great. Gained some weight, but whatever, I'm fat already so the few pounds didn't bother me much. I too have to quit before my surgery and have actually set my quit date for January 31. One of the things I learned when attempting to quit all the other times is giving yourself a quit date. Write this date EVERYWHERE. Make post it notes with the date on it and stick them to the mirror in the bathroom, on the wall next to your bed, on your closet doors, in your car...wherever you will see them. This date will be implanted in your brain. If you are going to go the medication route...push your quit date out about 2 weeks after starting the meds (this is when you really see the effects). You might quit before your actual quit date, but give yourself some time just in case. When your quit date hits, throw away any remaining cigarettes you have left, toss out all your lighters, febreeze everything that you use to smoke around, wash all your clothes, bedding, anything that would have a hint of smoke in it. Throw out ash trays, anything related to your smoking habit. If you have the oral fixation, carry around something you can put in your mouth or hold in your hand. Keep healthy Snacks around so when you are craving a smoke, whip out a snack. Drink LOTS of Water. The first 3 days are the hardest, but I promise you it gets easier. You will start to feel the effects within a couple of days and you will be surprised at how much better things taste, how much more you can smell, and how much easier you can breathe. You can do it!!! I will be your personal cheerleader!
  7. AmandaL


    Awesome job so far! How is the recovery going??
  8. AmandaL

    hard night

    Awesome results so far! Keep your eye on that prize...and just imagine that jello is a tasty enchilada
  9. Glad to hear you are doing well! Can't wait to hear all the details!!!
  10. Absolutely! I will private message you with names and phone numbers when I get home from work!
  11. I completely understand your decision and while using regular stitches might be somewhat of a hassle for some people, I found that I actually prefer the use of regular stitches. Also - using regular stitches vs dissolvable stitches in no way means that the doctor is not "state of the art", it is more a personal preference. In my opinion (and I haven't asked Dr. Q why he uses regular stitches vs dissolvable), I have seen far less complications from using regular stitches rather than dissolvable. The thing about dissolvable sutures is that they don't all dissolve at the same rate. It can take upwards of 7 weeks for a suture to dissolve. Obviously, that isn't good for the skin as well sometimes the body reacts to having something foreign in it for so long and thus, infection occurs. The other thing about using regular stitches vs dissolvable stitches is that it means at 7-10 days after surgery when they need to be removed, someone will be looking very closely at those incisions, whether its you who takes them out, a relative or a healthcare worker. Someone will be looking at the incisions and I guarantee that if there any signs of infection or any sort of problems with them, you will know right away. And lastly - more people have reactions (sensitivities or allergic) to dissolvable sutures rather than regular ones due to the materials that are found in dissolvable. So yes, it is a personal decision on choosing one MD over another due to the type of suture they use, however, I encourage research to be done on the different types rather than make assumptions about a doctor not being "state of the art" just because of his choice.
  12. I haven't heard much about Dr. Q on this forum but there is a lot more discussion about him over in the forums on gastricsleeve.com. I am having my surgery with Dr. Q on March 22, 2013 and decided on him after researching for months and months. This is what I wrote to someone else when they asked me why I chose him... So I am a nurse and obviously, proper treatment in healthcare is my top priority. I wanted to have a certified surgeon who actually performed the surgery in a proper medical facility that had the abilities to handle any complications that could arise. I wanted a doctor who had good outcomes and had a staff that was properly trained. I wanted someone who has done numerous surgeries so that I knew I wasn't just a guinea pig. In researching multiple MD's in Mexico, I found that Dr. Quinones met all the criteria. He is a fully licensed MD and even is licensed as being a proctor (instructor of the procedure) and he has actually taught a few of the other surgeons that perform the surgery elsewhere in Mexico. The facility is a surgical center that has an ICU and fully qualified nurses as well as they have their own private ambulance. In the event that you have any complications from the surgery you have the option to be transported in their private ambulance across the border to a hospital in San Diego, California if you choose to do so. The facility he works out of updates their equipment every 6 months so that they can insure they are using state of the art equipment. I have talked to many different people who had surgery with him and have all had a very positive experience. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. I will share any info I have with you!
  13. Hi! My name is Amanda, I'm 29 years old and I'm new here. I've been a long time lurker but never joined until I finally made the decision to go ahead with the surgery. I currently live in Southern California and have chosen to go to Mexico to get the surgery done. My insurance doesn't cover WLS and the couple of surgeons I have met here in Cali have all made me feel like I was just $$$ to them since I would be cash pay. I will be having my surgery on March 22, 2013 and am excited yet nervous. No one in my family supports my decision as they all think I should just eat better and exercise. I've been told having the surgery is the "easy way out". Anyway, I just wanted to introduce myself and say thanks to everyone for all the support and knowledge you share here!
  14. Hi!! I'm getting sleeved by Dr. Quinones on March 22, 2013. Tad bit nervous but very excited. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about the doctor. I was scared because I haven't seen many people post about him here, but I have to admit I have done tons of research on him. So overall, you've been happy with the service and care he provided?
  15. I'm March 22 with Dr. Quinones.
  16. I'm March 22, 2013 with Dr. Quinones. Any one else??
  17. AmandaL

    California? Anyone...ツ

    I'm in So Cali as well....Inland Empire. I'm having my surgery March 22, 2013 in Mexico since my insurance doesn't cover any type of WLS.

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