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  1. no diabetic concerns at all. I only had one episode. I did as the nut told me and it worked. I think I was just waited to long to get calories my body in the mornings. Live and learn!
  2. hi and yes. I am 16 months out and just started having this problem. I was told it is pretty common with wls patients. I had to start eating carbs with protein. The nut told me to never eat a carb without some protein. That has been working for me.
  3. Hi I did try baby food (fruit) only. Eh, it was OK. However, I seemed to enjoy apple sauce and would mix in some unflavored protein powder with it. Or I would have some cottage cheese or yogurt with it. Small amounts of course. I was never worried too much about the sugar content as the amount I was eating was so small... This might sound gross but it worked for me. I would get sugar free pudding and peanut butter and mix those together. Made sure I was getting in some protein with the peanut butter. Again, not real worried about the fat content either .. As I was eating such small amounts. Good stuff!! ( Please make sure these items are on your Dr.'s list of foods to eat) every Dr. Is different... Best Wishes Tina
  4. Hi well most of my circle of friends have been very supportive. However, I do have a friend that. Has struggled with it since day one. She is very competitive and now larger than I am. I will never forget the day she said "Now I am going to be the fattest one in the group" that was sad. I honestly have done everything I can to help her adjust. However, she has to get comfortable in her own skin. We remain friends. But, we are not as close as we used to be. Sad, truly. Sad.
  5. T'snewstart

    I think I overdid it today.

    Hi SandeeD congrats on your successes so far. Try not to get too discouraged. Honestly, it took me 3 months to regain my strength. I had very little stamina. However, it does get better. And as the wieght comes off your energy levels will go through the roof! Best wishes!
  6. T'snewstart

    Vitamin Advice

    hi Backwhereibelong I am 16 months post op. I take centrum multi-vitamins (pills) since 8 weeks post op. Daily I take centrum multi-vitiman, and 2 calcium chews. 3 days a weeks I add a sub-lingual B12. My labs are fantastic.
  7. I did not have a catheter. I was up walking within 2 hours of getting to my room. Walking actually feels really good after. Relieves pressure, gives you something else to.focus on other than sipping every 15 minutes.
  8. T'snewstart

    Ideas For Pre-Op Diet... Please Help!

    Post op the first few weeks I had strained low fat Campbell's cream soups and premier shakes.... I still drink the shakes daily.
  9. T'snewstart


    I drink premier shakes and have since before surgery. My NUT recommended them. They have 30 grams of protein and are 160 calories. They are pre made and are 11 oz of fluid. I buy them in Costco by the case.
  10. T'snewstart

    Call me <evil> but...

    I will be thinking of you Thanksgivingiving ..... that's awesome.... it feels like revenge without hurting anyone. I have a friend that still struggles with me losing weight. Because now she is the Big One in the for group. All of that misery she creates herself.... after a year of this I now feel sorry for her.
  11. I never would have thought one year ago I would be saying these words so soon! This year has been a challenge without a doubt. However, for the most part it has been the best time of my life! Still.learning daily what works for me.... This journey and new life style has brought more joy than would have her imagined. Yay for a new lease on life and for second chances!
  12. T'snewstart

    11 weeks down 54 pounds

    Congratulations ... that is awesome!
  13. Not all of them... however I buy the calcium chews, sub-lingual B12 and centrium multi vitiman. I buy B1 in Kaiser Permanente.
  14. T'snewstart

    I'm Approved!

  15. You will learn to make your food moist.... it does become habit.... I was pretty worried I would find this difficult. It really is not as hard as it sounds like it is. I learned to make meats really moist. And to this day do.not eat many carbs/ breads, pastas or crackers so I really do not eat many dry things. Best Wishes to you!
  16. My goal weight was set by my primary Dr. And then the nutritionist. They felt going by the BMI chart was unrealistic. They both said those charts do not work for people who.have a large muscle mass under the fat. They also.both agreed they wanted patients to loss the excess fat and not much muscle. Their goal for me sets me at 31% body fat. Most surgeons say that sleeved patients will.lose 50 - 70 % of their excess fat within 2 years. I am happy to say so.far I have lost 72% of my excess body just shy of one year. I still have 39 lbs to lose. So getting to the goal wieght they set will just be a bonus. Best Wishes
  17. T'snewstart

    Hospital Stay ...

    I did the same thing and got nausea meds in the IV they also put a patch behind my ear that is supposed to last up to two weeks. As for pain I had the morphine as well. I never even pushed the button. The nurse reminded me that I could. But honestly I never needed it. What helped me the most was walking the halls to release the gas pressure. That I did experience.... it was just uncomfortable pressure in the chest area. The more I walked the better I felt. Best Wishes to you!
  18. T'snewstart

    11 weeks post op...

    I have never really been a pizza person.... However, I do have a sweet tooth. This might sound gross at first... but it is good and helps with the sweet tooth. I mix almond butter or Peanut Butter with sugar free chocolate pudding. OMG it takes like reases peanut butter cups. So good. Even my nutritionist said she was going to try it. When adding either of the nut butters you are adding protien to your snack. Yum
  19. T'snewstart

    Clothing Question

    Nurse Bonnie that is not silly.... that's a great question. I honestly bought only a few sets of clothing for social events while on my way down the scale. Even under garments I bought the cheapest undies and bras I could. The reason being I made the mistake of buying expensive bras used them once and there they sit. Way to big now.... So I would suggest when you need only buy a few outfits. Buy on the cheaper end... no kidding I went from a size 26-28 to a size 16 in a year. And my sizes are still changing. If you have a Khols near by there are great deals in the clearance rack. I have got pants and blouses for less than $5.00 no kidding. Best Wishes on your journey!And Happy Shopping!
  20. I never would have thought one year ago I would be saying these words so soon! This year has been a challenge without a doubt. However, for the most part it has been the best time of my life! Still.learning daily what works for me.... This journey and new life style has brought more joy than would have her imagined. Yay for a new lease on life and for second chances!
  21. I am with the rest.... call your Dr. Better to be safe than sorry! I hope you feel better soon!
  22. T'snewstart

    Chronic constipation...

    Yes I could not get my plumbing to work for 12 days post op. Don't wait that long! For me the only combo that has worked is a stool.softener colace & benifiber. I mix the benifiber with any and all liquids. It works for me.... I use them both daily. Just a reminder all of these combos of stool.medications need liquids to function. Part of my problem post op was the lack of fluids. Getting enough daily fluids was a real challenge for me in the beginning. Also the pain medication will cause constipation as well. Best Wishes Tina
  23. T'snewstart

    Newcomer & All Ears

    I was also covered by insurance. My co-pay was $200.00. I was in the hospital 3 days / 2 nights.My pro`s for the surgery are endless. My dislikes are few.... and mainly it is not food related... it is dealing with people responses. That can get awkward. Other than that my quality of life makes it worth it! Best Wishes to you! Tina

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