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  1. I'm 6 weeks out, and didn't feel any restriction with liquids. In fact, I still don't feel much (or at least not as much as with sleeve) now with real foods. But follow the rules and the weight will still come off. I've lost 23 lbs in 6 weeks.
  2. HikeEveryMountain


    Hi Retty- curious how things are going for you a few months later? I’m 2 weeks post op and have all your same concerns about lack of restriction and weight loss...
  3. HikeEveryMountain


    Seriously awesome! Congratulations!
  4. HikeEveryMountain


    I had salads no problem at about 3 months
  5. HikeEveryMountain

    So grateful - Dr Quinones

    Thanks so much!
  6. HikeEveryMountain


    I hear ya! Snacking is my demon also!
  7. Great post. I'm a year and a half out and what you say is sooo true. I'm glad I was in therapy after my surgery and I'm glad I worked as hard as I did to change how I think about and treat my body. But that said, I still wish I would have worked harder - patterns are hard to kill. I keep fluctuating 10 lbs up from my goal, then get serious and bring it back down. I want to get consistent.
  8. HikeEveryMountain

    Protein bars ?

    I still buy Quest bars from Amazon. Averages about $2 bar but good selection available and can get variety packs.
  9. HikeEveryMountain


    It may have been a typo, and you meant menopause - but manpause is so ironically funny! Made my day. (and I do hope things are better for you!)
  10. HikeEveryMountain

    1 Year Post Op & 136 Pounds Lost (with pics)

    So great! Congratulations!
  11. 6' tall, size 10/12 is perfect for me now I'm at goal. What a nice change from size 22/24.....!
  12. HikeEveryMountain

    You know you lost weight when

    When you go back and visit your surgeon a year later and even HE almost can't believe I'm the same person.
  13. HikeEveryMountain

    tall female sleevers...

    I'm 6'0", started at 266, 14 months out now and maintaining at 172-176. Size 10. Feeling good at this size.
  14. HikeEveryMountain

    awkward first dates!

    So this is not really a complaint, as much as just laughing at my new reality. But being newly sleeved, and going on some first dates lately (where obviously I'm not going to be sharing my surgery story), I eat like the silly bird girl who picks at her food and wants to appear all petite. Hahaha! That's so not me or my personality but my sleeve is the boss right now. So first date bird eating it is...
  15. I'm an LCSW - have been a therapist for 14 years. Love seeing my own therapist while on this journey - this surgery, the decision, and then the process afterwards is an intense one. I recommend it for everyone trying to reprogram their overweight brain.
  16. HikeEveryMountain


    Wow. American healthcare, go figure. Either they don't cover us at all (like mine) or they do, but the costs are exhorbitant. Even if you have the whole thing covered (lucky you), someone has to pay that $30,000 bill -- and we wonder why our insurance costs are so high. I went to Mexico, $4000 for everything - excellent care. Something is really backwards in our country.
  17. HikeEveryMountain

    Broke my stall, decided to weigh in only once a week

    so smart. Weighing once a week also reduces the frustration of the little ups and downs (well, the ups anyway).
  18. My dr said that drinking could only stretch your stomach right after surgery - like the first dew daya (and even then it doesn't really stretch, but could stress it). Water won't stretch it, moves through there too fast.
  19. Hey Jen! I'm totally intrigued by EMDR. what have you thought about it so far?
  20. Thank you! I'm 10 days post op and totally wondering the same. Drinking has been a snap.

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