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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. I am a slow loser. I have lost 40ibs. 40ibs that I would not have lost without surgery. I thank God everyday for the pounds gone.
  2. teachbearga1

    Throwing up

    I am 3 months out. I still throw up when i eat too fast. Slow down.......and watch what you eat:-)
  3. teachbearga1


    good luck and much success.
  4. I am very private person by nature. My dr stated stomach surgery. I was out for two weeks.
  5. I wait 30 minutes after eating before drinking. I have made the mistake of drinking before 30 minutes. I became very sick.
  6. teachbearga1

    Coffee talk

    I drink decaf and sugar free french vanilla instant coffee in the morning. I allow myself on the weekends to have skinny vanilla latte decaf with protein from Starbucks.
  7. I was scared myself. However mine was taken out in about 1 minute. It just feels weird coming out of your body. Good luck.
  8. Thanks for the motivating post. I was sleeved on 12/20/12. I have lost only 30 pds. The dr was disappointed with my progress.
  9. teachbearga1

    What comfort items did you take to surgery?

    I took a small pillow for getting up and the drive home. I took my mini ipad but did not use it. Good luck with your surgery.
  10. teachbearga1

    What do you miss most?

    I miss drinking water with my meals. I miss eating fast.
  11. teachbearga1

    Whats ur favorite Starbucks drink after surgery

    Tall skinny vanilla latte no whip cream with soy milk.
  12. I am a very private person. I only told my parents. I do not want answer questions about the surgery.
  13. teachbearga1

    Are There Any Single Sleevers Out There..

    Single in Atlanta.....I hope we all find love with the vertical sleeve.
  14. I can relate to this subject before surgery regular person. After, surgery once every week if I am lucky. I take milk magu every day with little results. Sometimes I want my old stomach back.
  15. teachbearga1

    Just came back no more insulin

    I am so happy for u. Keep up the goof work.
  16. teachbearga1

    How long did you take off work?

    I am a teacher. I used my Christmas break 2 weeks.
  17. I drink decaf starbucks with two packs of splenda. I am 4 weeks postop. I have been drinking coffee since week 2.
  18. teachbearga1

    Chia seeds

    I mix chia seeds in my protein shakes.
  19. teachbearga1

    Does the drain hurt

    I had the drain in for 5 days and it did hurt. The drain was under my breast bone tmi:-). However, it did not hurt when it was removed. Good luck
  20. teachbearga1

    How soon can you sleep on your side.

    I am 12 days out. I am still not able to sleep on my sides. Laying on your back hurts. I am sleeping in a recliner.
  21. teachbearga1

    Did you tell...?

    I am a very private person. The only people that are aware of my surgery are my parents. I prefer not to discuss my surgery with others. I do not want people to judge me. Therefore, some people are more open than me. Good luck on your journey.
  22. teachbearga1

    Back Pain

    I pray that you come out okay. I am having pains in my leg and shoulder since the surgery. I went to my primary care dr today. I took a MRI and other xrays. I will get the results next week. If you arestill in pain go to the the emergency room. I do regret this surgery. Pray been sent for you.
  23. I am two weeks out. I am still in some pain. The first 7 days were the worst .