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    Hello everyone, I am so glad that I have joined the losers bench as of Dec 3. When i first came out of surgery I was in so much pain, I had a H hernia repaired and with that and the surgery I was in severe pain. It ses like it ook forever for them to hook up the morphine pump. I had woke up before they got me to recovery. I was screaming and saying what have I done, I should have never done this, will somebodyplease help me. I can look back on it and laugh now but in the beginning it was not funny at all. When we got in the recovery room, there was about ten more people out of whatever type of surgery they had but they laid there quietly. Finally one nurse said, Your room is ready are you ready to go to it I said yes!!!. Another nicer and understanding nurse bent over my bed as she was injecting the pain killer said, madame, I know you is in a lot of pain, you just had major surgery. Not only was you sleeved but your h hernia was repaired, the incision is very close to the heart but small. She said, she had the lapband ( she was slim) and that I chose the best option because the sleeve was better and she wish she was sleeved. That each day will get better, I calm down then and she was right. I went into surgery at 7 and remember it was about 10 when I got to my room. My husband was already in there. MY mom and others visit I slept most of the day. Around 2 the nurse walked me and again around 5. I walked alone at 8 and felt so much better. Sore but better. The more I walk and sit up in bed the better I felt so the gas could pass. I went home the next day. Take my advice presleevers, walk and sit on the side of bed much as posssible so the gas pain want hurt so bad. AS of today Dec8, I still have one incision on my right side that hurts but I HAVE NOT HAD NO PAIN MEDS TODAY SO FAR AND ONLY TWICE YESTERDAY. Everyone heals different. The key is getting fluids and Proteins in.. It is a challenge but I try to sip throughout the day. Since I had no pain meds feel okay, I am driving today alone.. Need to do some shopping. chicken broth feels good to the stomach. I was taking off all my meds but one high blood pressure meds. That will be soon. I am not buying a scale because I am not going to be on the scale daily. I will wait until my two weeks check up and then buy one lol. I am so excited!!! Best of luck to you all. Got to get moving too much energy to sit around the house To God be the Glory. I thank everyone that prayed and thought of me on my surgery date!!!

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