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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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    clothes size

    I would recommend ordering limited numbers of pants and shirts for either work or casual clothes. You will probably drop 2 sizes within 2-3 weeks. Beyond that you will may drop 1 waist size per month over the next few months. I started at 6'1, 325, 3XXL, 44 Waist. Today, 8 months later I am at 248, XL Shirt, 36 Waist. So depending on your workout level and build you could end up between 34-38 waist. I strongly recommend buying inexpensive clothes from resale stores, Walmart, Sams Club etc until you get to your end weight. Dont spend a lot of money on anything because you wont be in it long.. Good luck! D
  2. DBubba

    Enlarged Testicles

    Josh, Glad to hear it was a blood bruise and that you are back to normal. I had a problem with the boys years ago called testicular torsion. It happens to wrestlers folks who play judo or other sports without a jock or tight shorts. They have to be untwisted to free the tubes that run to them. When you first posted I had a flashback and hoped that wasnt your issue. Glad you are all good now!
  3. DBubba

    Very first iPhone self-portrait (6 weeks Post-Op)

    Wow looking good buddy. How many lbs. have you lost so far?
  4. DBubba


    Lookin strong buddy. Good work!!
  5. DBubba

    So happy !

    Congrats to all...great news!
  6. DBubba

    Omfg ... They Are Going To Shove...

    I asked the operating room nurse that question before I went under and she said absolutely no! Unless I acted up would they reconsider They wanted me up within hours out of receovery to move around, walk and hit the rest room when I needed. I took full advantage of that opportunity!
  7. If you are running a temp or have been feeling achy or hot flashes or chills you need to inform your Dr. sooner than later. He may be able to move you to another date. Irregardless of scheduling you could be putting yourself in harms if you do not infom your Dr. Bubba
  8. DBubba

    Bodybuilding after sleeve

    This is a big concern of mine. I am 4 days out from surgery and my biggest concern is losing too much weight. I work out regulalry and have good muscle mass but do not want to lose it all with the unwanted fat. My goal is to begin lifting as within the first 45 days so I can use the fat burining power to build the muscle. Anyone seen any good results lifting after to avoid the super skinny look?
  9. DBubba

    Men: Telling "the Guys" About Your Surgery

    Great topic! I am 9 days from surgery and have been having the same thoughts about what I am going to tell friends and family. My buds are all big men like me and will probably be shocked and some may talk smack about it but will most likely understand: blood pressure, CPAP, ankle/knee problems taking more meds than we need to. I will probably struggle with the events where really bad food and drinking are involved more than I will with their initial comments/reactiions. For now I am going let it ride. Only a few close friends will know until I start losing. I have another procedure that I am having done same time so I have a valid reason for scar, weight loss and being out of work for a week. Great support here guys, thanks!

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