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My story - I'm a 59 year old woman. Married to a great guy, he's an OR nurse, who ironically scrubs on Sleeve Procedures as well as Gastric bypass, bands, and a wide variety of other types of surgery. I have two adult married children, amazing people. They are each married to wonderful spouses, we all have a lot of fun together.
My journey began with my first visit to a new primary care physician this past May. My former PCP left private practice to become a hospitalist so I had to find a new doc. Blessing in disguise - new doc saw my medical history - diabetes type II, High blood pressure, high cholesterol and newly dx high triglycerides. She asked me if I had ever considered weight loss surgery - which I had not. She said that recent research has shown that gastric by-pass and the sleeve work to cure or put in remission the medical issues I had. I thought about it, read about it, and researched it for 3 months and decided the sleeve was the procedure I wanted to have. She sent me to an informational session at the local hospital. At that meeting I heard information that further cemented my decision to go ahead with the sleeve. I made an appointment to see the surgeon who spoke at the meeting and he was in full agreement that I would be a great candidate for the sleeve. My insurance company said that although I did not meet the BMI requirement, my medical co-morbidities were such that I was appropriate for the surgery and approved it all. Yippee!!!

The program here at my local hospital has a list of requirements that the patient has to meet, attendance at support group meetings, visits with a nurse, nutritionist, a psych evaluation, attendance in a four week class, visits with the surgeon, etc. I was just recently retired so had all the time available to do all of these things. It became my new 'job'.

The process has been an enjoyable one, I have met some great people and learned a lot.

My surgery was on December 3rd, today is my one week anniversary. I cannot believe how great I feel. I also had a hi-atal hernia repair done at the same time. I was discharged from the hospital on Wednesday afternoon. The day of my surgery I was kept very comfortable. I had a button to push to dispense pain meds, but only used it 5 or 6 times in 24 hours, and I could have used it every 7 minutes!!! No need. They had me up and walking the evening of my surgery! I felt unsteady but with holding the hand of my nurse and my IV pole, it was done.

Day two I was out of the bed most of the day, sitting in a chair, walking the hall with my PT or nurse and feeling much more steady. Jello and water were my diet. No feelings of nausea at all.

Day three a little broth, some jello, and water and I was walking around my room dragging my IV pole around with me, using the bathroom by myself, even walked up the stairs once my IV was dc'd. Discharged that afternoon to home - yay!!!

Only have taken tylenol with codeine right before bed for three nights. Nothing needed anymore. I feel great, I've been able to keep to my step 1 diet (liquid) and get in my protein requirements and fluid requirements, Have had no nausea or vomiting. In fact today I decided I was feeling so good that I ventured out on my own, drove myself to do some errands - banking, post office, Target, and then on to do some grocery shopping. Was feeling very proud of myself - came home and after my shake for lunch took a little nap. Woke up feeling great. I probably overdid it today!

Tomorrow I see my surgeon and am hoping he removes the drain and gives me the OK to move onto stage 2 of the post-op diet. Pureed foods! and a scrambled egg. Who thought I would be excited to be given the go ahead to eat pureed food???

I feel like the surgery is already a success - I am off all of my diabetis medications!!! and only taking 1/2 of a pill for my HBP. My daily intake of 20 pills is down to 3 1/2 pills a day. The weight loss is an added bonus as far as I am concerned.

I'm happy to have found this site, it will be great to have sleeve buddies I can chat with.

Let the fun begin.

Height: 5 feet 3 inches
Starting Weight: 214 lbs
Weight on Day of Surgery:
Current Weight: 148 lbs
Goal Weight: 140 lbs
Weight Lost: 66 lbs
BMI: 26.2
Surgery: Gastric Sleeve
Surgery Status: Post Surgery
First Dr. Visit: 09/20/2012
Surgery Date: 12/03/2012
Hospital Stay: 2 Days
Surgery Funding: Insurance
Insurance Outcome: 1st Letter Approval
Oliver's Mom's Bariatric Surgeon
Danvers, Massachusetts 1923