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  1. As part of the approval process for my VSG, I had to do a one night in-patient sleep study and it verified what I had pretty much known already, that I had obstructive sleep apnea. The test showed that I averaged 24 events an hour, which is pretty severe. I was given a CPAP machine and it was my nightly companion from that point forward. Since that initial test, I've had regular follow-ups with my sleep doc and as my weight dropped so did the number of events per hour and the pressure required to maintain my airway as I slept. Two weeks ago, I did an at-home sleep test and this morning I got a call with the results from that test. Due to my weight loss, my OSA has resolved and I no longer need to use the CPAP machine! I danced around the apartment like an idiot after I hung up the phone then cleaned up my CPCP and tossed it into the back of my closet
  2. If you're throwing up 2-3 times a week, you need to be having some serious discussions with your doc.
  3. Stef

    CPAP, you are fired!

    I think I'm going to offer it up to someone in the Swedish program who needs it but whose insurance won't cover it. I need to call the office tomorrow and see if they know anyone who needs one. Thanks everyone for the posts and congrats. I wish I did all of this this 10 years ago and didn't waste a decade of living. If someone is reading this who is on the fence about getting the sleeve and changing their life for the better, take the leap! Diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, joint pain, no mobility, chronic depression, ALL CURED! I have my life back, you can too!
  4. Yeah, I just got email that they pulled mine too. It's a pointless decision
  5. Goodbye 3's, hello2's!

  6. Goodbye 3's, hello 2's! The scale this morning greeted me with a lovely 299 for the first time that I can remember as an adult. I look forward to never seeing 3XX ever again on a scale
  7. Stef

    Hard to eat foods

    The only thing that gives me trouble after 11 months is bread. If it's toasted, it's less of a problem but fresh, doughy bread or things like flour tortillas are still off the menu or I can expect a surprise visit from Mr. Slimy
  8. Hit my goal's halfway point today. 135 down, 135 to go!

  9. Hit my goal's halfway point today. 135 down, 135 to go!
  10. Stef

    Boob concerns!

    Yup, I'm in the same boat. The boob fairy definitely skipped my house. There will definitely be a surgical intervention to correct that oversight once I get to my goal weight.
  11. I had my 6 month follow-up yesterday. Here are a few of the things I've lost since starting this journey: 113 pounds 15 points of BMI 10 inches from my waist 3 inches from my neck 7 pants sizes 5 prescription drugs high blood pressure diabetic glucose levels debilitating depression Here are a few things I've gained/found: healthy eating habits energy self-confidence self-esteem mobility excellent friends the desire to again do things I once loved life Not bad for six months
  12. Speaking of extra sharp cheese... If you're a fan you should check out Schultz's Cheese Haus. They have a 15 year cheddar. It's ungodly amazing.
  13. Stef

    Weight of bike

    If you could hold it up before, you'll be able to hold it up after. WLS doesn't deplete your skeletal stability
  14. It really shows up in the face. I just had new passport photos taken and compared to my old DL pic. This is the difference 100 pounds makes!
  15. Stef


    You trusted your surgeon to cut you open and rearrange your innards but you don't trust their post-op instructions. Fascinating.
  16. Stef

    Premier protein

    They are sold in many places. Click here to find your local retailers: http://www.premierprotein.com/where-to-buy/
  17. I couldn't deal with the whey scent in any of the powdered protein drinks, they made me physically gag. Finding the Premier Protein shakes (on the advice of my program's excellent dietician) was the only thing that made this surgery possible for me.
  18. Down 105 pounds today, closing in on the halfway point to my goal!
  19. Stef

    Coloring hair

    Hush you! Sensible priorities have no place here!
  20. Just about 6 months out here and I honestly had no idea what to expect. With the wide range of peoples experiences I've heard and read about there was really no way to know how things would go for me so I went into it hoping for the best and have had a great experience so far.