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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. superstartover

    Dr. Alavrez patients...

    Just bring basics underwear comfy sweat pants, hygine pack light if you can you are going almost exactly one year after me!
  2. Im in.buda had surgery mar 14 2013 with doctor alvarez
  3. superstartover

    No thyroid -hypeptactive thyroid ?

    No thyroid vsg on 3/14/13 down 45.9 lbs (healthy weight now) yay!
  4. I was obese at 159.9 and had it 115 now
  5. superstartover

    Sleeved in Mexico by Dr. Alvarez

    Sleeved by Dr a as well almost 7 months ago
  6. superstartover

    Protein help

    No gii choc peanut butter bars gluten free 20 grams of protein 20 carbs available at walgreens. They are tasty like a rice crispy treat!
  7. I love the way u talk about ur partner...wishing u a sucessful journey.
  8. superstartover

    Follow ups and Rx refills?

    I had plenty of pain meds from alvarez you get two boxes one 30mg superdol and one 10mg I even had enough for my monthly cycles works great on cramps!
  9. superstartover

    Hair today gone tomorrow?

    I started losing it by the handfuls around the same time then at around six months it has slowed down.
  10. superstartover

    Dr. Alavrez patients...

    Mondays at 7or8 on imfx or something
  11. superstartover

    Dr. Alvarez Pre-op Diet?

    I did not have to do a pre op diet with Dr alvarez due to low bmi but my buddy had to do a low carbs shake for two weeks
  12. superstartover

    Ice cream=bad idea!

    Skinny cow ice cream sandwiches....good once in awhile treat but I wish they made me sick...

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