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  1. Well I still have not had surgery due to insurance issues but now I have a new job and just started a new insurance I'm hoping to get the journey started again. I know I will have to go through everything all over again but to me it's worth it. I know I can do this I just need that tool that is going to help me stay on track. So many times before I would be doing good and something would happen and I would fall off the tracks and boom I've gained it all back and they brought friends! I hope everyone is doing well and if this forum has only helped one person I am grateful! Just know no one is in this alone!!!
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    If there is anyone on here who I have not personally welcomed to the group, I sincerely apologize. Took some time off from it all. If anyone has read my story you will know that I am still waiting on a surgery date. Even if I wind up not being able to get the surgery I figure at least I could read all of your success stories and they can motivate me to try to do it on my own. Again, for those of you I have not welcomed to the group, WELCOME!! Good luck on your journeys and remember share, share, share. Nothing is worse than following someone and then all of a sudden they quit sharing. I was following two ladies on You Tube and they just stopped posting. It broke my heart because they were so interesting to watch. I did find a group on there that post every day of the week. They have a different blogger for every day of the week and they are always posting. So keep talking and sharing even if you don't think anyone is listening because there are those of us out here who do watch or read what you have to say and it helps! LOL, sorry I rant sometimes. Anyway, I will post any new developments in my journey but as of right now I am still waiting. :/
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    Truckerchic - My phone tells me the same thing. Welcome to the group. My doctor doesn't believe in giving diet pills so I am really struggling with the hunger. Going to try alli I think. Hopefully that will help. SassySenior - I love that you're a writer. I wanted to be one when I was little. I asked for a typewriter when I was like 8 but my mom wouldn't let me. She said I needed to learn how to type the correct way. She was right in a sense so I use to keep journals but I never persued it. Writing is a tough business. It's hard to make a really good living from it. I know what you mean about the "when is your surgery date". I haven't told anyone other than my mother so no one knows to ask me, thank god. TTYL!
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    Thank you! I kinda haven't been on here in awhile cause I was over stressing about it all. I did receive my cpap and it is amazing! I still have issues with something on my face but I cannot begin to describe the difference it has made in me. I no longer feel like an 80 yr old when I wake up. Energy level is up and my attitude is even different according to family and friends. I love this thing and look forward to wearing it! I still can't seem to get it together as far as food goes. I really don't have any support in that area. I work and go to school and it's too easy just to grab something. I need to get me some veggies and fruits and make some little ziplock bags so I can just grab and go. Still waiting though because the doctor has to see the results of month long use of the machine and that will be Feb. 15. After that who knows how long it will take me to get my last appointment and get a surgery date.

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