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  1. March 11th marked my 1 yr anniversary. I haven't been active on these boards For awhile but wanted to come back and share my story and success because I know when I was preparing for my surgery reading about other peoples experience was a comfort. I had my surgery with dr. Garcia through ready4achange at mi doctor. (I believe if you look through my old posts you can find a. More detailed posting of my experience) I have lost 75lbs, which is ALL the weight I wanted to lose ( yes I was a "lightweight"). at about 8 months out I had reached my weight loss goal and have been easily maintaining my weight since. Never once have I regretted this surgery, in fact I have made many, many positive changes in my life since (from career changes to relationships) and feel that my weight loss was a positive catalyst to me living a better life! I actually have fond memories of my trip to Mexico, albeit there was some difficulties while there (some last minute confusion. With the coordinators and mi doctor was pretty bad, but heard dr Garcia has since moved hospitals. Aside from that the marriot was awesome and so was dr Garcia and his team). but overall it was actually a fun experience, yes I said fun I truly enjoyed being there, everyone was so nice and accommodating (plus I went with my mom so it was nice to have a mini vacation with her). I honestly wish i was having my surgery again so I could go back for another trip! Lol I hope to some day go back for an actual vacation. I am attaching a picture of my before (which was taken in the hospital immediately after surgery) and after. To anyone having the surgery I say take a lot of before pics, I unfortunately didn't take many pics of myself at my highest weight and wish I had because when I look at the few before pics I have I can't believe I was the size I was. Always nice to have those visual reminders. Here's to living a better life!
  2. Just paid my deposit through r4ac and set surgery date for March 4th with Dr. Garcia SOOO happy to have a date set to look forward to. Any other early March sleevers? I know theres quite a few going in Feb. haven't seen many for March.
  3. fletcherette

    March 11, 2013

    Doing great! Only have to lose 7 more lbs to have a healthy BMi (although iwant to lose atleast another 17) Sw 197 Cw 147 Gw 130 Down 50 lbs
  4. Just looking at some pre op photos and I can't even believe that was me. The before pic is from my passport (had surgery in mx) and the after was taken two months ago (my face is even thinner now) wonder if ill ever get over the shock of seeing before pics compared to current pics of myself
  5. fletcherette

    Drain removal

    You've probably already had it removed by now but yes I felt loads better once it was out
  6. fletcherette

    Beware! woman traveling to TJ

    I went with my mom and he knew she was with me (she met him way before I did and talked to him quite a bit while I was in the hospital) and he still came with Rosie. I always assumed he came with someone. He really shouldn't have gone alone at all to anyone's room.
  7. I may be wrong but I think they fill the removed part up with air to check for leaks ( if there's a leak on the removed part then there could be a leak on the remaining stomach)
  8. fletcherette

    Beware! woman traveling to TJ

    For anyone interested dr. Garcia posted a response to the dr. Luna question on his Facebook. It is out there in public for anyone willing to seek it out.
  9. fletcherette

    Beware! woman traveling to TJ

    Agreed, I'm not surprised. While I feel for dr. Luna, I believe he is smart enough to know that this would catch up to him eventually. Hopefully this is a wake up call for him to really think about his actions. And for those going to dr. Garcia in the future your experience will be amazing, the other dr who assists Garcia is dr. Velazco, who I think should be receiving more praise on this board than she gets she was the one who i interacted with the most during my surgery and couldn't have asked for a more understanding dr. She had the bypass (done by dr. Garcia) and really understands patients
  10. I am four months post op and was wondering if anyone has tried this fruit drink that is "lightly carbonated"? What's everyone's experience with carbonation? Wat was your doctors time frame for it?
  11. fletcherette

    Juice squeeze? Carbonation?

    Thanks for the response. This is frustrating, I wish there was a definite answer on this. When surgeons all have different advice it makes me think they are just going by opinions and not fact.
  12. fletcherette

    Dr. Luna

    I think it's an incredibly smart idea to take someone. I know a lot of people go alone and are fine but in my opinion there's always safety in pairs
  13. fletcherette

    Dr. Luna

    I went with Dr. garcia and met Dr. Luna (the man hugged my mother and put his head on my back to hear my lungs but other then that he was fine LOL) I say be smart be safe, get in get the surgery and get out. You'll come through fine with no problems and once you've lost weight you'll be feeling great and beyond happy with your decision I think this has happened only due to the OP allowing it to. Common sense goes a long way and on a humorous note if he did try to put the moves on you he's just a little guy it wouldn't take much to take him down :-P
  14. fletcherette

    Dr. Luna

    I feel for your Kristina, you're a good friend because to be quite frank I don't think I would've backed her up at all considering how unstable she has acted. I guess it's just hard for me to understand how desperate and insecure a grown person must be to fall for the " love at first sight" stuff with a foreign doctor who found you online. It's not only creepy and worrisome that he pursued her, but equally creepy and worrisome that she went along with it...I mean come on... ETA: I admire you Kristina, looking through your posts over this debacle I personally think you have conducted yourself in an upright manner- good for you! AND on a side note, if anyone finds Jose Luna's facebook page- you can see he has pics of him and a girl kissing (which was posted on his FB before the OP had her surgery...so yeah a little looking around you can find out stuff about a random guy whos blowing smoke up your bum)
  15. fletcherette

    Dr. Luna

    opps sorry, my post was in no way directed at you. It was a general statement about the situation. She did handle it wrong and we may not know the exact reason why she went about things the way she did but its fairly easy to put two and two together and figure out a logical theory behind her actions. I agree right is right and neither the OP nor dr. luna are in the right. Obviously the OP doesnt hold doctors to a very high standard. If she had expected more from her doctor she never would have interacted with him in such a personal manner, but she did therefore she willingly opened the door for him to be held to a low standard. To me, if Dr. Luna had emailed me prior to surgery and was being friendly that would have been a huge red light that would've sent me running in the other direction. Again I think she needs to be in therapy because she seems to be unfortunately insecure and allows herself to be put in dangerous situation for a bit of attention. My BIGGEST piece of advice to anyone going into MX for surgery is to use your brain, be alert, go in get the procedure done and get out, no need to get so involved. And if at all possible don't go alone-you need that support person to be fully concious and watching out for you.
  16. fletcherette

    Beware! woman traveling to TJ

    Hmm I mustbe far out of the loop. I don't have a clue who the op is,would've given more credit to her story to know who it really is. IMO posting such claims under a pseudo name looks sketchy Eta: nvm figured it out, wasnt hard to do. Op fails to mention what. She really did (or who...) day 4 after surgery in one of her post op posts...
  17. fletcherette

    Dr. Luna

    Maybe I'm just unknowing but how do you know? You speak with an awful lot of authority in these dr. Luna posts and I'm just wondering if you really know whats going on or just know things through the grape vine? If its the latter than I don't think we should put much stock into your claims of whats going on.
  18. fletcherette

    Info on the Marriott, please?

    You can, I did
  19. fletcherette

    What do I eat on the way home?

    I say get the gatorade for the added vitamins and such
  20. fletcherette

    March 11, 2013

    Sw: 197 Cw: 155 Gw; 140 I hear you about the belly fat, I tried to start doing ab exercises but had pain similar to what I had after surgery so I'm going to wait a little longer.