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    over 400 lbs starting weight?

    Just an encouraging word... I was 529 when I started my pre-op and 504 the day of surgery. I'm two years out and just about -200lbs now. You got some great input from ProudGrammy. Good luck!
  2. Howdy! I'm new to these boards and am so happy to see this 200+ forum. My needed weight loss feels insurmountable right now but I'm taking a step in the right direction, yes? Anyone else that has a number like 300 to loose? Or have there been? I could use a boost! I'm already learning a lot from you kind folks and hope to become another voice of experience in the future. Right now, I'm a bundle of hope and nerves.
  3. I heartily recommend the book "Women, food & God". Not "God" in the Christian sense necessarily, the writer uses the term to speak of that sense of something greater than ourselves. It was definitely part of my watershed moment and continues to cause insight. http://www.amazon.com/Women-Food-God-Unexpected-Everything/dp/1416543082
  4. Tudor and Patva... I appreciate both your replies and reflections. You'll note that I did state I understood what I was signing both for the surgeon's contract and the hospital intake forms. My personal issues with the over charges are my own, as is my decision to fully disclose my experiences and recommend, or not, the service I used.
  5. When I had mine in February, I chalked it up to inexperience on my part to not consider this outcome. Maybe a hazard of my choice to not use a coordination company...? But we really thought we and the doctor had our T's crossed and I's dotted when my husband went, along with assurances in writing that all had been properly planned. Maybe in each case it was legit, but I have stopped recommending this surgeon now because I cannot shake the feeling there's some shenanigans. In the end, it was worth every penny for us- we had cases no other US doctor would touch even if we had insurance coverage, but had we not been able to pay, what then? This is an important question to ask, regardless of my experience, because unforseen circumstances DO happen (hernia repairs, galbladders, etc) in surgery and one should be prepared for how they will answer if the bill comes later.
  6. I communicated privately with the OP about this topic, but since others are asking, I will share here too. I incurred a significant extra fee in February at florence that was attributed to my super-size status. While we were repeatedly assured it would not happen again when my husband went this month, we were in fact handed a bill for overages. We argued that one down by half. I can say that in talking with another couple that had VSG the next day after my husband they too were given an extra bill that was higher still than ours. And I know of one other person that had an extra bill from my asking this very question. The common denominator is the surgeon, Ramos-Kelly- at least for these instances. I should note that I communicated with a few other of his patients that did NOT have this experience. Now, we paid the main fee via cashiers check and refused to give a credit card for the overages when in Mexico. We simply had them stop at a bank on the way to the airport to get another check/cash. In every instance unforeseen costs from the hospital were cited as the cause (extra anesthesia, OR time, meds, etc). And I don't think Ramos-Kelly patients are unique in being given forms at hospital check in which acknowledge responsibility for such circumstances and fees are the patients and will be paid. But I must admit I have become reluctant to recommend this surgeon as a result... I could overlook it once for my surgery (and had a fabulous experience) but my tune is changed over the last three weeks for sure.
  7. My loved one is getting ready to be at Hospital Nova tomorrow. He had a question about the rooms and privacy... is there a door on the room or is it just curtains? And the travel companion has a bed in with you, right? Finally, is the bathroom en suite (in the room) or is it a common one in the hall? Thanks for help with these last minute questions!
  8. measureofme

    (More) Nova Questions

    Thank you patva!
  9. So my loved one, my husband in fact, is leaving tomorrow at the crack-of-still-dark to go to Tijuana and have his VSG procedure. Six months to the day after mine. I was and have been so far text book in all things pre and post-op... I had peace and excitement about going and starting life fresh. I thought I'd feel the same for him. But it's time for him to go and I'm a wreck. Trying to be strong and brave for him, but not doing a good job. Did you have peace about the surgery when your loved one went? I'm a practicing Christian and generally spiritual, were there scriptures or quotes that helped you through- that you hung on to while your loved one was in the patient position? I want to feel connected to him during the surgery (I am not going- another loved one is, we have a teen and animals that need care, plus I would not be much help I don't think) so I've arranged to have a tattoo done at the same time he's supposed to be in surgery but that's just that short time. There's the getting there and the prep and the post-op, etc. Friends and family are signed up to distract me but my mind remains with him. Work will be impossible tomorrow, I'm taking the day off. I feel selfish and quite rude, taking away any joy or excitement he may be feeling. He appeared to hold it together so well for me when I went, though he admitted the other night he "went nuts" when I left and he was in the dark about my status. He hid it well. Maybe I just needed to share this in writing, get it off my chest. I do a lot of processing better in writing. But if there's any been-there-done-that out there for me, I'd be grateful to read how you coped. Thanks!
  10. measureofme

    I want to interview you

    I am one half of a couple who is sleeved six mos and the other about to be... I'd be happy to share.
  11. My loved one will be with Dr RK the day before you. I used his services in February. I was happy. A forum search will give you many reviews. Safe travels!
  12. measureofme

    Is this real?

    This caught my attention because not stopping/knowing when I was full was one of my problems in addition to how I used food for comfort... To follow is a bit from my account of the surgery experience (I was a Mexico sleever), I hope it gives you some hope. This particular moment was about 60 hours since surgery: "I tried the Jello next. Two half spoon fulls later and I FELT the moment my new stomach was DONE. FULL. NO MORE. KNOCK IT OFF GIRL. I smiled and nearly cried. MIL asked what was up. Kids, for the first time in my life that I can remember, I realized I knew when I was full, that I was done and it was time to put the spoon down. Can I tell you how ELATED I was? It was at THAT moment it was all worth it. I slept peacefully that night." Nearly six months post-op now and my relationship with food is transformed. At first you can't help but do anything other than think of food (how much Water, how much Protein, where in the day can I eat this or that, navigating social times, etc)... but that changes fast to become routine I think for the vast majority of us. You still track and weigh and be careful, but the tool won't be ignored. There's consequences to pay when you overdo it. So, between the mind and the physical, the power to transform can come if you follow your program. I don't think I've made peace per se... but I'm getting there. Acceptance of what was, what is and embracing what can be has definitely taken over for me. Hang in there. It DOES get better I think.
  13. I will have folks at Nova on Aug 2nd, anyone else for that day?
  14. Naughty me... I didn't search before I posted, forgive me (pretty please?) if this is a common question answered adnauseum... I'm five and a half months out now and generally feeling good. My primary battle is staying properly hydrated (who doesn't have that problem?!). That said, my sleep is not good. I sleep- I fall asleep so fast it's rediculous- and sleep through the night generally, but I don't wake up rested. It's possible I just need to have a new sleep study done, but I really wonder about that since I slept really well before surgery. Anyone else experience this? Any idea what the root cause is or have advice for getting better/more restful sleep? Our matress is good and I see a chiropractor on a fairly regular basis for what it's worth! Thanks. --Amber
  15. measureofme

    Hospital Nova August 2nd Anyone?

    Keep us up to date as you can Texas Poppy! Best Wishes to all. I'm feeling better about Nova now and my loved one going.
  16. measureofme

    Hospital Nova August 2nd Anyone?

    Thanks Kat! OOOH! JC yay! My loved one is not "on the boards" per se but I can share that someone else will be there! Safe journey!
  17. measureofme

    Hospital Nova August 2nd Anyone?

    Really? Anyone? Anyone? Beuller? Beuller? lol oh well!
  18. Soooo, I'm reading more and more that Dr. Ramos Kelly is using a Hospital Nova more and more over florence Oasis. I am wondering if anyone can give me a review of their "Nova Experience" since it looks like a couple of folks I know have dates coming up may get switched (they're not on the boards). Everything from hospital aesthetics, nurses, equipment, situation for companions, do they have a website? Thanks!
  19. measureofme

    Hospital Nova- Tell me about it?

    In case this can help anyone else going soon... A friend of mine NOT on the boards just gave me this review via email: My experience with surgery at Hospital Nova was very good. One of Dr. Kelly’s staff members, Lora, was there to walk me through the paperwork and make sure I understood what I was signing. I was treated with much kindness, my room was cleaned three times a day, the staff was very kind and a few spoke English. The tests performed were done with expertise. The hospital is small, like a community hospital in the states. In fact, at the time I was there it held only 12 patients, with six patients on each of the two patient floors. Each floor was staffed by six nurses/doctors. I understand that one of the nurses, maybe the anesthesiologist, was one of Dr. Kelly’s sons. I received more personally care at Hospital Nova than I have in our local “Big Box” hospitals. I would also like to add that there were very nice restaurants within a one block radius, included a delightful tea shop that my companion enjoyed. I had a good experience there and have no reservations about my care and treatment. Terri, 6/25 gastric sleeve surgery.
  20. measureofme

    Hospital Nova- Tell me about it?

    Thanks for the update momo23! I really appreciate the feedback on your experience and the hospital. I'll relax now, I promise!
  21. measureofme

    Beware! woman traveling to TJ

    I tend to have a rosey and innocent view of human nature, I'd like to think everyone operates on honesty as the best policy in general and I know that there is nothing worse than a victim of a sex crime not having their story heard... so I'll bite and say this: Tell. Tattle. Share with the world. If you were taken advantage of, it needs to be said. It's true we don't know what the laws there are (well, most of us probably don't) but ethics is ethics and regardless of how it could have gone down at another time or place, a doctor had power in that situation- you were not used, you were victimized. Seek help and tell the authorities. If a person takes liberties like that in such a vulnerable situation, it's probably not the first time and if someone doesn't say something it won't be the last. That said... I feel like I'm feeding a troll. I hope MY trust hasn't just been blindsided.
  22. measureofme

    Hospital Nova- Tell me about it?

    Thanks, Momo23. That's about what I expected. I didn't anticipate that Dr. RK would have changed I was directed to a YouTube video too that's a few years old. It doesn't look too bad and there may actually be more for our companions to see/do while we're sleeping in the immediate area of the building. I will resume relaxing about it all.
  23. measureofme

    Hospital Nova- Tell me about it?

    TexasPoppy: The office email I always use is info@wlsclinic.com.
  24. measureofme

    The TALKING!

    LOL, the talking that my sleeve does I mean! I'm here at work being a good sleever working on my greek yogurt for the day but my sleeve is talking back to me and it's LOUD. Thank the lord I work alone or I'd be embarrassed. It's been this way since I woke up in recovery. I can deal with the talking people do but to get back talk from my body is both amusing and blush-inducing. LOL
  25. For me, it's one of my biggest hurdles right now... remembering to eat. I have new signs that I'm truly in need of food and I try hard to plan out my day so that meal time is not skipped... but it's been true for me that since surgery the signals from my tummy are dramatically reduced. HEAD hunger (like when I'm sad or stressed- classic emotional eater here) is another story, but even that's been easier to deal with. I'd say that yes, it does actually work.