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  1. I'm 6 weeks out and eat doubles what u eat. 6 meals and been losing concstently. Aren't you starving? I could not do it eating so little. I don't care what any doctor says.
  2. Biellita165

    Night time eating

    My therapist want me to change my sleep hours so I don't eat at night. I honestly hate it bc I love going to sleep late. I just wish I knew a way to cope with this eating habits. Sometimes I'm not even hungry, but still I feel like I have calories left so i say why not and proced to have my meal. Now that I'm sleeved it usually is either a piece of cheese or tuna.
  3. Why people can't answer just the question and save their opinions for another topic. I don't know when u can start smoking, but if u were never planning on quitting u should have asked that question to your doctor. It would be very interesting to know what they have to say....
  4. Biellita165

    You Don't Know Her Story, So Give Her A Chance....

    I've been told I am pretty, I was a model when I was a teen, and when I was thin I never had those problems at work. I noticed; however, that you cannot be too nice, or everyone will try to walk over you.
  5. Biellita165

    Why Lie?!?!

    "Why lie about having weight loss surgery, especially to someone that is going through the same struggle that you once went through? We should not be ashamed to announce to those who want to attain a better health the tools that we have used to achieve that." Just because someone is overweight too, does not mean they will understand or even agree about WLS. I don't like the negative comments, so unless I a sure this will,be someone that could help the other person, I rather keep to myself what I did. Not everyone is supportive. My own family has made so much fun of my obesity issues, the last thing I'd do is explain them a gad damn thing.
  6. Biellita165

    Weight Goal Challenge For New Year's Day

    Yay, I made it, congrats to everyone who met their goals
  7. Biellita165

    Down 50 lbs

    You look amazing! congratulations!
  8. I've gained hope, faith, the luxury of dreaming and thinking my dreams can become real
  9. I'm almost 4 weeks out. I don't feel pain but I do feel discomfort.
  10. Biellita165

    Late period...

    Yep, it happened to me. I've been like a clock for years and after surgery I was almost a week late
  11. Biellita165

    Dr. Joya?

    Our regular doctor. But we are trying to get into a bariatric program with a nutritionist, so we can have our follow ups with someone with more experience on VSG
  12. Biellita165

    Would you do it again?

    My doctor didnt sit and said all this to me word by word, but he did give me a piece of paper and asked me to read it carefully where it explained hundreds of possible things that could go wrong. He gave me this paper a month before surgery, so that was a good thing. What I did was to write in another paper all the complication I've suffered from since obesity and my list was bigger and sadder because I realized on one hand there was a small chance of dying, but if I didn't do nothing I'd continue being dead because that is how I had spent my past 15 years.
  13. Biellita165

    Would you do it again?

    My heart goes to you, I'm so sorry, sending healing prayers
  14. Biellita165

    Dr. Joya?

    Once they sent you to the hotell, a doctor visit you and follow up on you. Like I said I went with my gf, but I had my own private room at the hospital and felt very comfortable. I encourage you to contact Gerald, he will answer all your questions. They don't do more than 5 surgeries on a day. And all the blood work and pre op exams are included. Also he offered a $500 insurance in case a complication happens. And u get copies of the surgery process, the lab work and all the medical exams. My gf had 2 ulcers and after surgery had a lot of heartburn, but the way they took care of her was amazing. They were taking care of her as if it was a huge big deal. Always making sure she was fine and responding well to the medicine. Highly recommend him.
  15. Biellita165

    Dr. Joya?

    I went with dr Joya because Never did I find one bad thing about him. Going to puerto Vallarta is beautiful, very touristic. Dr joya has this program that includes the resort, surgery, 3 hotel nights... Etc....you can contact his assistant and he will answer to all your questions directly. I went with him because his experience, also it is at a hospital with an ER, the private luxury rooms at the hospital were amazing, also I have a feeling there is something about this Dr technique, but you feel no pain. Only discomfort. My girfriend and I had the surgery with him and we both were amazed of how good we felt considering we had jus had surgery. The staff of Doctors that work with him and follow up are very professional and always taking care of you. The nurses are amazing. The place is super clean, nice.
  16. How many weeks post op did you get the leak, and did it happen because you were not following your diet properly? I know you have to be brave and honest to respond this because some people here tend to bash those who have made mistakes, but I hope no one does it because there is really no need to put salt on an open wound. What I expect from this post is that you guys educate us and maybe help others not to make the same mistake again. Thank you.
  17. During those 11 weeks could you kind of tell something was wrong ? Glad it was nothing you did, thanks for your feedback
  18. Biellita165

    Would you do it again?

    I've been very blessed so far, so it is easy to say yes, but when I read about all the complications some have had, my heart goes to them and it makes me question if this surgery is really the answer.... Then I remember what my life used to be.... I was not living, I was dying. I would spend all day in bed, depressed, with a lot of back pain, and very ashamed of all my issues. I had isolated myself from family and friends. My life was a sad mess. So many times I felt this world was too much for me to handle... I did seek therapy, but nothing much changed... So when I see how bad my quality of life was, I rethink and I am almost sure I made the right choice.
  19. Biellita165


    Check with your doctor hon, it is important to know where the fever is coming from.
  20. I see, this is the twisted talk from Rush you mentioned before lol Learn to read... I, unlike you, didn't wish you any harm but reminded u of the ironies of life when you wish it upon others. Very different my dear. I believe you, after all you know yourself better than any of us. I just can't imagine if this is you at your happiest, how are you then at your most bitter hateful moments. Ouch.
  21. I just read some of your posts and I feel bad for you. Maybe I can understand a bit better why the anger, but there are ways to say things. Last, remember that life is very ironic and sometimes what we wish to others come back to us. I truly wish you the best. And I'm sorry for all that happened to you
  22. Evil evil evil, no matter what you say after... Careful, what you are doing is worse than eating solids... All that bitterness and hate inside cant be good for your sleeve.
  23. How evil. No wonder... Lord have mercy with this biatch
  24. Biellita165

    i want sex now now now

    I also meant to say sorry about all the bleeding, do you know why it happened?
  25. Biellita165

    i want sex now now now

    I'm hoping my sex drive do come back too. Glad things were good when you were thin. For me is different, even when I was thin, I was extremely self conscious. :/

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