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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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    itsmelee reacted to mom2five in Galbladder Symptoms>?   
    First of all, I like your screen name! Cute!
    I haven't been sleeved yet but I did have my gall bladder removed a couple years ago.
    My symptoms were intense dull pain in the center of my stomach up high near the ribs and also on my right side up high. It was dull but also sharp pains would come and go. It was very painful and would keep me awake all night. Nothing would relieve the pain... No antacid, pain reliever or anything until I had my gall bladder removed. No problems since.
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    itsmelee got a reaction from iska1670 in Sleeved on 12/26   
    I was sleeved on the 19 th and I am 6 days post op it gets better I felt the same way you do and I promise it will get better I just thought I would share since I have also just had mine done just walk so you get all the gas out and it helps. Feel better.
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    itsmelee got a reaction from CG75 in Where Are All The Short Vsg Girls?   
    I like that thought......New Year back to the old me.......I hope I get back to myself in more ways than weight.....it funny how much a weight gain can change so much in your life.
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    itsmelee reacted to leeblewb in Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome & Sleeve   
    I have PCOS. My surgery was January 17th. I have not lost weight quite as quickly as some, but more quickly than others. I have My now lost 57 pounds and even though was not quite as quick as I would like I have never lost 57 pounds in 14 weeks before and known it would stay off.
    I never had regular periods. Usually were every 6-8 weeks. Since about 3 weeks after surgery they are now every 4 weeks like clockwork. I really thought it would take longer for that to regulate out. I am no longer taking Metformin. Any really think that I will probably start ovulating in the near future, if not already.
    We don't all lose weight at the same rate. Even if you don't lose as quickly as some, you will lose. Lots of factors play into it. Age, genetics, exercise, starting BMI to name a few. You can not compare your rate to others. You are in it for you and for the long haul. Yes I get frustrated when some weeks I only lose 1 pound or even have a stall, but when I look at the over all picture, I was more than halfway to goal at 12 weeks in. Wow. That is nothing to get frustrated about. Stay motivated and you will get to your own goal.

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