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  1. On day 1 of clear liquids (pre-op)...of course someone brought donuts into the office (not that anyone knows about my surgery, but still...)

  2. I do plan to take lots of pics and to post about the experience as soon as possible after surgery
  3. Thanks for doing this--it's very helpful to see everyone sorted by date. I will definitely post my experience as soon as I'm able to after surgery. Only 3 more days!
  4. 3 days to sleeve!

  5. It sounds like you're on clear liquids--have you tried the clear Isopure protein drinks? I bought the pre-made 20 oz bottle and each one has 40 grams of protein, which is pretty filling for me. I'm experimenting with flavors, but so far they aren't the greatest tasting, but I'm viewing them as fuel for my body. I know it's not substance like something to chew, but it should help you to not feel starving.
  6. I'm having surgery at Mi Doctor with Dr. Elias Ortiz on Thursday and I'll be sure to post about how it went on the forums as soon afterwards as I can. I was originally going to go with Dr. Lopez, but he's in Cancun this week and I feel equally comfortable with Ortiz after having made friends with someone who had their surgery assisted by him (done by Lopez) 2 months ago and someone who had their surgery done by Ortiz a little over a week ago. I'm told that Ortiz speaks better English than Lopez and is very attentive.
  7. Have you tried the clear Ispoure protein drinks? I need protein to survive the clear liquids phase.
  8. icon23


    So far I've only tried Premier Protein in chocolate and vanilla and Syntrax Matrix in cookies & cream, strawberry creme, and bananas & cream (although I think maybe the Syntrax Nectars are supposed to be better for you) and those are all pretty good. I recently learned about the About Time brand and I am extremely interested in them because they are sweetened with Stevia, a natural 0-carb sweetener. If you go to http://tryabouttime.com/, you can get a sample pack of 2 flavors of your choice for $3.99 and free shipping (I picked birthday cake and chocolate peanut butter as my flavors).
  9. icon23

    15 Months Post Op Progression

    You look fantastic! Thanks for sharing--very inspiring. Wishing you continued success!
  10. What a wonderful feeling! Can't wait to be there also. Congrats and wishing you continued success!
  11. Super excited! Will definitely post updates as I recover
  12. icon23

    January sleevers are youd ready?

    My surgery is in 4 days and I'm completely ready mentally. I do have to go to the store for some skim milk and SF popsicles, but I pretty much have all of my other supplies and am mostly packed for the hospital. I have been doing well on the pre-op diet, but for some reason, yesterday (day 9) was the most difficult--had to have some broth and SF jello in addition to the protein shakes and salad to make it through the day. Today seems better. Best of luck to you!
  13. My surgery is 4 days away--so excited!
  14. 5 days to sleeve...

  15. I don't think you should feel afraid to post about your post-op concerns or even your pre-op concerns, but you should do a search first to see if there are already other threads about them with useful info. Also, I think that most people in this thread have gotten to the point that they either don't read or won't comment on the particularly annoying threads (I know I have), so even if you do post something that some would rather not deal with answering chances are in your favor that there will be others who will.
  16. icon23

    Sippy Cups, Oh Happy Day!

    This is the one I got: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B006GPPV0C
  17. 6 days to my re-birthday!

  18. icon23

    Mexico, Tijuana

    There is a forum on here called Self Pay & Mexico Vertical Sleeve Surgery. If you search there, you will find lots of info about Dr. Garcia.
  19. Thank you so much for posting this! If I may, can I please stress some more that people don't use the search function enough before posting? As you said, threads that are 4 years old can still be relevant today. I have started very few threads compared to my total number of posts because I always search for my answers before posting. I try to be understanding that not everyone is computer/online forum literate, but it's so widespread that I don't think that's entirely the reason. It should be a requirement, IMO. Okay, *steps off soapbox*.
  20. icon23

    excessive weight %

    I've seen so many people on this forum who have reached their goal weight that I know it is possible to lose it all if you put in the hard work of making a complete lifestyle change of proper diet and exercise. I think the doctors tell us figures like 60-70% maybe partly based on averages (since a lot of people don't put in the effort to fully succeed) and maybe partly so that we don't hold them accountable if we don't lose 100% of the excess weight--just a guess.
  21. icon23

    Dont flame me

    Thanks Amy! We're definitely sleeve buddies, even if our surgeries are a few weeks apart
  22. icon23

    Dont flame me

    Yeah, I definitely missed being able to eat whatever I chose the first few days (oh, the food commercials killed me on day 3!) and it wasn't even a craving for junk food, just to be able to chew, but ultimately my body and mind adjusted. I went grocery shopping with my bf last night--regular groceries for him and post-op stuff for me--and I was not even bothered by all of the junk food in the aisles or the delicious smells coming from the deli, so it's definitely gotten easier.
  23. icon23

    Weird Dreams

    I just had one of those dreams (just woke up from a nap) and my surgery is a week from today. I am not sure if it's because I've been on the pre-op diet faithfully for a week and I'm subconsciously missing food or if it's pre-surgery anxiety. I didn't spit the food out in my dream and, in fact, I kept eating more. The part of my brain that was trying to wake up was horrified, but I was incredibly calm about it in my dream (although I did have a thought that I had basically undone a lot of hard work). Now that I am awake, I would classify this as a nightmare!
  24. icon23

    Dont flame me

    I'm currently on the pre-op diet and I can tell you honestly that I had my share of food funerals up until maybe a couple of days before I had to start the pre-op diet. So much so that I had gained weight and my BMI was getting really close to 50, which would have meant that I had to pay $500 more for surgery. That has been a big motivator in helping me to stick to the pre-op diet and I have lost 6 pounds already in the week since I started it. It really has not been that hard to stick to it, but I think I was ready--I had honestly gotten sick of eating junk in the days before I started it. I'm committed to doing the work before and after surgery that it takes to be successful. The only slight modification that I made to the diet that I was given is that I allow myself broth and other sugar-free liquids if I feel the need (saw this in other pre-op diets that are otherwise identical to mine), but I haven't much. My pre-op diet looks like this: B: Protein shake L: Protein Shake D: salad with protein (I was not given the 4 oz limit, so I have not limited myself to 4 oz. of meat necessarily) Snack: another protein shake if needed I relied on that additional protein shake (160 cal) the first few days, but after that, I chose broth (30 cal) instead. Last night, I did neither, but if I feel hungry later after dinner, I am comfortable with either of these choices. I am not a doctor, but my ultimate advice to anyone who feels that they want to decide on their own about the pre-op diet is to make the decision based on your BMI. The closer it is to 50, the more likely that you have a fatty liver (although I do have 2 relatively skinny friends who were diagnosed with fatty liver disease because they eat fast food ALL the time), so I would suggest doing the full 2-week diet. If your BMI is lower, maybe you have more leeway. Good luck!