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  1. I flew to TJ today. I'm currently on only clear liquids, surgery tomorrow. My saving grace to get through the clear liquid stage has been Isopure, btw. I bought the ready-to-drink 20 oz bottles, which have 40 grams of protein each. They keep me sated for about 4 hours (for me, every 10 grams of whey protein seems to keep me satisfied for an hour). They are expensive and I know a lot of people don't like the taste, but I have found that some flavors are better than others. The cheapest place that I have found them is luckyvitamin.com and they sell a flavor assortment--a dozen bottles, 6 flavors. Anyway, I went to school before I went to the airport, so it had been more than 4 hours since my Isopure by the time I got to the airport and I was STARVING, especially as I started to pass all the restaurants. And, of course, my departing gate was directly across from a Burger King. It turns out I was prepared, though. I actually bought Unjury chicken soup flavor in packets for this very purpose. I brought 4 with me so that I would have enough for the airport coming and going. I also brought a food thermometer so that I could make sure that the water is the proper temperature for the Unjury. I went to Starbucks and bought a 16 oz cup of hot water (they charged me 30 cents), which is enough for 2 packets of Unjury--like I said, I was STARVING--then I went to a table and pulled out the thermometer and the Unjury. The water was way too hot, but luckily, I had also bought a bottle of cold water before I got to Starbucks and, also luckily, they gave me 2 cups. I was too impatient to wait for the water to cool down on its own, so I poured half of the hot water into one of the cups then added cold until it got to the right temp (then poured some back so that it was back to 8 oz), added the Unjury and I was in heaven. I then repeated the process for the rest of the water and consumed the 2nd packet, for a total of 42 grams of protein. It helped me to survive the temptations at the airport and on the airplane (they came around with pretzels and they were selling food) and make the hour long car trip from the airport to the hotel. So, if you think that you might be hungry at the airport or during your flight or soon after and you're on clear liquids, I highly suggest bringing something like the Unjury chicken soup packets with you.
  2. I was sleeved today, actually. Surgery was successful with no issues and I'm doing well. I've walked the halls a few times, burped a bit, and don't feel much pain at all--gas or otherwise. I'll be writing up a more detailed account of the experience later.
  3. icon23

    Icon23! Where are you?

    I'm out of surgery, which was successful with no issues. I have walked the halls. I'm really sleepy now, so I'll write more later.
  4. icon23

    today is the day!

    Best of luck to you! My surgery is today too! Leaving for the hospital in an hour.
  5. Today is the big day! Heading to the hospital in an hour.

  6. icon23

    Icon23! Where are you?

    Thanks for all the well-wishes and prayers! I just woke up from sleeping for about 4 hours, but hopefully I'll be able to get a little more sleep before I get picked up to go to the hospital in 4 hours. I'll definitely be posting about how I'm doing and how things went as soon as I can after surgery.
  7. icon23

    Icon23! Where are you?

    Yeah, I'm flying home Monday. Best of luck to you too! There is wi-fi at the hotel and in the hospital.
  8. I almost can't believe that by this time tomorrow, I will be sleeved!

  9. Do you know how long you would have to wait for the new insurance to cover your surgery? How long it would take to get approved? Ultimately, the decision is up to you, but having insurance that will cover your surgery and your after care is pretty nice.
  10. icon23

    Icon23! Where are you?

    I'm here! I'm in TJ, actually :-) My flight got in about 2-1/2 hours ago and it took about an hour to get to the hotel because it was rush hour. After checking in, I took a bunch of pictures of the room (it's nice)--can't post them from my iPad, but I will when I get back then called room service for complimentary broth and popsicle. Now that I've eaten (well, sort of), I'm settling in and catching up on VST. I'll try to get a good night's sleep, but I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to sleep. I found out I'm the only surgery with Dr. Ortiz tomorrow, so I'm pretty happy.
  11. icon23

    Any january surgery out there

    Tomorrow is the big day! Wish me luck!
  12. Tomorrow is the big day for me! Wish me luck!
  13. icon23

    Pre-op diet - stalled

    I didn't weigh every day during my pre-op diet, but I think I might have stalled before I got to clears. Clears definitely got the scale moving again.
  14. icon23

    in keitosis!?

    I use a natural breath spray made with colloidal silver, which kills germs and seems to kill the odor. It also has organic peppermint oil, so it tastes good: http://www.uncleharrys.com/store/product_info.php/breath-freshener-spray-p-1456
  15. In another thread about medical alert bracelets, someone mentioned that they were told to have the following inscribed: GASTRIC SLEEVE NO BLIND NG TUBE NO NSAIDS That's what I plan to have on mine.
  16. icon23

    New lifestyle- Vegan!

    My surgery is 2 days away, so I am not yet sure how I will respond to meat post-op, but in general I don't necessarily like to eat meat all the time. Do you mind if I ask how you get in enough protein if you are not eating meat or any animal products?
  17. icon23

    vitamin question

    I am not sure about the biotin, but the biotin I have is only 1000 mcg. The guidelines I have been given for B12 is only 500 mcg orally daily or a 1000 mcg injection (from your doctor) monthly.
  18. First of all, congrats!!! My surgery is in 2 days, so I can't speak from experience--yet--but I think that I would focus on making exercise a lifelong habit (finding out which physical activities I enjoy the most and discovering new ones) because I think that regular exercise is a key component to maintaining the weight loss. I also know that when I exercise regularly I tend to eat healthier because for whatever reasons my body craves healthier foods. Plus, there's the added benefit that your body will look even nicer when it's toned. Besides the fitness stuff, I would want to find the right balance in my diet to maintain my weight loss and beyond that, just enjoy life!
  19. It is what they use as a guide to make the size of your new stomach. During surgery, the bougie is put down your esophagus to your stomach. The surgeon is then able to use it as a guide to staple/cut along side of it to form your new sleeve.
  20. The difference between a 36 and a 32 is so small, hardly noticeable really, so I wouldn't worry about it if I were you. Go with your first choice. I'm attaching a picture of the equivalent sizes to give you an idea.
  21. I know from some of the other threads that there are others here having surgery at Mi Doctor on Jan. 17. I was just hoping to start one thread for all of the people flying in on the 16th to have surgery on the 17th so that it would be easier for us to buddy up since it is my understanding that we will all be on the same floor at the hotel and even at the hospital, I think. Who else will be arriving that day?
  22. 2 days to sleeve!

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    I love kombucha and I hope that I can have it again someday, so I'm interested to see what others think.