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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. plussizebeauty

    I Want To See Before & After Pics!

    Hello Sleevers, here is my before pick and my Not Done Yet pic:-) Im very pleased with my new lifestyle.
  2. Best of luck and know that u will be fine and come thru your surgery feeling fantastic with Gods Grace! See u on the Losers Bench:-)
  3. plussizebeauty

    Looking For Dec Sleevers Out There

    Hey my fellow sleevers, like the rest of you I feel fabulous! Sleeved on Dec.4th starting weight was 264, im now 205.no aches or pains, no tiredness. Went from size 20bottoms 3x tops to 14/16 bottoms Xl tops :-). Im still in disbelief but thanking god everyday and night for his blessings carrying me thru my journey.
  4. plussizebeauty

    Looking For Dec Sleevers Out There

    Congratulations on your success giggles, I wish u all the best with your weight loss and your new life change :-) TEAM SKINNY2B
  5. plussizebeauty

    Looking For Dec Sleevers Out There

    Hey sleevers, I know its been a while I hv been trying to get myself together with my new stomache,diet, and weight loss. I was sleeved on Dec 4th and doing great, my starting weight was 264, day of surgery 259, today my weight is 225. I feel great eating is going well, things going down easily n stomache sitting well with the foods I hv tried so far. I feel like a soft food diet will be my diet from here on. I realize I dont really care for meat anymore, veggies are great, and I hv only had mashed potatoes and grits as a starch. I need help with this situation, My skin has been terribly itching since my surgery has anyone had this problem??? I convinced myself its from the weight loss can someone help me
  6. plussizebeauty

    Looking For Dec Sleevers Out There

    Well today starts my soft food diet and im so lost, I hv to see my nutritionist on thurs for help. As far as pain, I hv not had any only discomfort with the larger incision , I never filled my pain pill prescrip.exercise wise I have been moving around and walking, I tried to physically walking around a couple blocks outside n felt too light headed. Went yesterday 12/17 to look at two gyms n I decided on 1, just waiting on the green light from the surgeon:-)
  7. plussizebeauty

    Looking For Dec Sleevers Out There

    Gd morning jessica, I just was sleeved on dec 4th and went from 264 to 239. The 115 lb weight loss was a lady sitting in my surgeons office talking and she had a lap band done 11months ago.
  8. plussizebeauty

    Looking For Dec Sleevers Out There

    Well today is 12/8 and I feel good, up this morning ready to shower and start the day but that came to a hault when I realized I could not reach to take down the shower head. I was told I am able to shower but I can not get the incisions wet. I took my dressings off yesterday so my wound areas could get air:-) my wounds are scabbing up which is great. Im having no problem with getting my fluids in and my protein is my priority. By the way I hv not filled my pain med prescription thats how well things are going for me so far. I will continue to speak great recovery into existence for all of us.
  9. plussizebeauty

    This Gets Better, Right?!

    Thank you girls n guys for helping me with my concerns
  10. plussizebeauty

    Looking For Dec Sleevers Out There

    Meeeee tooooo viva

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