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  1. jdedeyan

    American in Paris

    Hi there, I'm still in Paris. ;0) Wow its hard to remember now lol I stuck with Soup alot. I added Protein shakes for a meal and applesauce. I can check my sheet the dr gave me and see what they had me on here in Paris. I really wasnt on it long, if much at all. They move you to regular food quickly. Bisous, Jodi
  2. You do look great! What are you doing for exercise? I hear yeah about the Protein. I'm doing Protein Bars to help, but in France its hard to find the shakes. I'm going to continue to look for shake products!! 3 months out and down 47 pounds so want to keep it going hehe Cheers, Jodi
  3. Officially 3 months out now and down 47 pounds! Just need to get in more exercise ;0(

  4. Thanks, this really helps some of us that live in France ;0)
  5. jdedeyan

    Dumping Syndrome

    A little two months out and wondering why I get.dumping syndrome 20 minutes after I eat some meals. Last meal was a chicken salad and today was puree sweet potaoe. Puree zucchini and Learn turkey meat.
  6. Surgery will be done by Dr. Renaud Chiche, I had a friend have a mini-bypass done by him too.
  7. jdedeyan

    March 28th in Paris, France

    thank you so much! Sure you can, what time you think? Jodi
  8. jdedeyan

    March 28th in Paris, France

    Hi Pam, It was great to talk with you yesterday. My prayers are with you for your surgery. I look forward to getting together. What was that name of the girdle? Cheers, Jodi
  9. jdedeyan

    March 28th in Paris, France

    Hi again, Sure do work there. Since you live there, let me know when you will be in Paris. I can all through the week, lunch hour or right after work. Do you want to this week or next? Cheers, Jodi
  10. jdedeyan

    March 28th in Paris, France

    Hi there, If not, I did find that the French give less information. There is a lot of good information on here and I have gone with some of it. I have now lost 16 kilos and feeling great. Chiche is an amazing doctor, I chose the French private clinique to not have to deal with a long delay on repayment for the AHP surgery. I just saw him for my post op. He encouraged me to do the mini bypass or even the bypass, but I chose the sleeve. I would rather get my Vitamins from my food. Many people have success with this. He said was I sure because he feels there are less success rates with this. I just think the sleeve patients lose slower. I didnt want to risk dehyrdation and the bypass there are more risks. He really watches your pain management and the anesthesiologist at least at the private hospital were always there too. Who is yours? I have a hard time finding the shake Protein I want and I need to find another one. Isopure protein is not easy to find, but maybe at a fitness store in Paris. I need to drink these and more Water. The French encourage you to learn to eat real food rather than too many supplemental forms of food. Please feel free to ask me any questions you have. I'm an American here in Paris too and married to a French national. I work at a university in Paris. Cheers, Jodi
  11. jdedeyan

    March 28th in Paris, France

    Hi there, Sure, would you like to talk on the phone or meet for coffee? I work in Paris in the 7th arr.. Cheers, Jodi
  12. Offically one month out, the pounds keep melting away and feeling so well!

  13. So happy, I'm on the other side!! Feeling good!

  14. jdedeyan

    Post op march sleevers

    Sleeved yesterday here in France. Doing pretty good.
  15. jdedeyan

    Any March Sleevers?

    At hospital here in France. Surgery is tomorrow 2:00 Paris time. Good luck and prayers for all my other 28 th sleevers and Marchies!!
  16. Its great to hear everyone's support here, simply amazing!
  17. Jdedeyan. I'm just getting on there. My surgery is March 28th. I'm in Paris, France and need support. Not many English speaking peeps here. I have to see if there is a French one lol Getting nervous and hoping all goes well!!
  18. jdedeyan

    Any March Sleevers?

    March 28th here
  19. Hi there, I have seen some suggest Slimfast shakes, but also read they have too many carbs! Thanks, Jodi
  20. I find it so odd that here in France the nut doesn't ask that I use protein shakes. They are having me eat all real foods. Does the NUTS in the states say you can have protein shakes? Can anyone send me their post op diets? Thanks
  21. jdedeyan

    Any March Sleevers?

    Wow, I want to be you!!
  22. Too bad they don't have that here in Paris, France ;0(
  23. jdedeyan

    Any March Sleevers?

    March 28th in Paris, France. Hope to get down to 120 lbs.
  24. Do you know what its called? I am looking to buy things from France. ;0)

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