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  1. I had my surgery March 12th. All went well! The staff is awesome! Good luck!
  2. dharriott

    Sleeved on March 11th

    I was sleeved on the 12th and for the most part have been doing well... I feel pain under my belly button. Not a constant pain but little stabs of pain here and there... Anyone else feel this?
  3. dharriott

    1 Month Post-op

    J.. Excellent! Tuna and chicken.. Well.. Haha anything with a different texture than shakes and liquid sound awesome!! Glad you are transitioning so well! Keep it up!
  4. dharriott

    1 Month Post-op

    Marie... It's a huge step there is no doubt. Everyone is scared at some point during this journey. Only you and your doctor knows what's best for your health. It's a big change! I'm just 6 days out and the changes so far in my lifestyle are many. Good luck on your journey!
  5. dharriott

    1 Month Post-op

    You're doing so awesome! Still sore but getting better. I'm so proud of you and your progress! I'm so glad to have u as an inspiration by following your journey! Tell me about the phase your in now with eating...
  6. I'm 5 days post op and still feeling a bit sore but have cut back on pain meds so maybe I'm just noticing it more because of that. Getting in enough fluids is hard.
  7. dharriott

    1 Month Post-op

    JP.. Glad to know that u are doing so well... Hard to believe you are already 5 weeks out! I know it will get better everyday.. Thanks for the encouragement!
  8. dharriott

    1 Month Post-op

    Sore! I've been having a lot of bloating as well. I'm walking a lot to assist with this as I'm sure it's just gas. Staying positive! How's u?
  9. dharriott

    Pre op diet

    HeatherV...I had my surgery wed and it shows I've gained... I know this is probably from fluids from IV's, meds and swelling. Maybe that's what happened to u instead of a stall?
  10. So my surgery was Wednesday, and the hospital I had it in is over 2 hours away. We get home yesterday and tonight my husband makes a huge meal of grilled steaks, baked potatoes with all the fixings.. (My very favorite meal). Am I wrong for feeling that this is completely insensitive on his part? I understand people have to eat but this has upset me terribly.
  11. dharriott

    Surgery Day

    Thanks everyone.. It's day 3 post op and I have been discharged from the hospital. I feel supper gassy and bloated..: walking a lot. Anyone else feel this way?
  12. At the hospital all prepped... Wish me luck!
  13. dharriott

    1 Month Post-op

    Thanks JP! I definitely will keep you posted.. U do the same! You are doing fantastic!
  14. dharriott

    anyone with a march date?

    Did u have your doctor call them? I'm confused.. Did u not get approved BEFORE they have u a surgery date? My doctor doesn't go any further until approved.

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