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    Challengeof3 reacted to JazzyJ in Broke Stall!   
    Thank goodness for this board-I was beginning to think that this was it and I wasn't going to lose any more. Very easy to slip into old thought/eating patterns! I do notice that my clothes got significantly bigger during the stall, so everything people have said on here is true. For those of you that are in a stall, don't give up! It will break, just keep at it.
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    Challengeof3 reacted to Sleevealicious in Constipation!   
    if you really need to go, but don't want all the stomach cramps that come along with stimulant laxatives- try dulcolax suppositories. Just try and hold them in as long as possible. You will get relief in less than half an hour. Of course, this is only after you've tried all the more natural and long term sources. But this is a quick fix, and as we all know quick fixes always have consequences- but I don't think it will do any damage if you just use it occasionally and if you really need it, like those times when you haven't gone in over a week. That is so uncomfortable and I feel like it is worse for your body to be THAT backed up. they are a little expensive, but so worth it in my opinion! Just please don't overuse them!
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    Challengeof3 reacted to divagirl78 in Only 7 wks post op & pregnant.   
    I spoke with my sleeve dr and he reassured me that the baby will be fine, I see my ob this week and she says everything will be fine as well. I am feeling much better about the situation, not ideal but if this is meant to be, it's meant to be. I believe things happen for a reason...
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    Challengeof3 reacted to Holly5.3 in **confession**   
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    Challengeof3 reacted to SeriouslyChange in Vitamins after gastric sleeve   
    Multivitamin, Vitamin B1, B12, D3, Calcium, Iron. These are available in liquid form as well.
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    Challengeof3 reacted to StrongMommy in Oklahoma   
    I just signed up with WeightWise this week. I meet with Dr. B, and think he's great. We are looking at a 90 day program before I can submit for insurance, so I'm hoping I'll have my surgery around spring break. I'm so happy to be with WeightWise. I started with another Dr. in June, and he had me on the 6 mo program, but come to find out he really had no program at all! When it came time for me to meet with him in October (with the plan to than set appts with the nut and psy) he canceled, and I found out he had quit the practice and I was on my own. I'm now having to start over, but thankfully it's only 3 more months not 6. I think I'll be much better prepared this way. I love that WeightWise seems to have such a comprehensive program.
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    Challengeof3 reacted to Yasmine in Nov Sleevers... What's Your Status?   
    I was sleeved on Nov 12th... And have lost 25 pds... I weighted 240 the day of surgery, 215 now. My highest was 310 so I have come a long way
    When I had my surgery I was at a weightloss stall...
    During the first two weeks I quickly lost 20... And since then only 5 :/
    I was stuck on a stall again... But slowly I've dropped a pound here and there.
    I am really trying to drink Water and I just started working out but I am sooooo weak.
    Eventhough I feel that am not lossing fast enough in terms of pounds... I do think inches are coming off... I can see and feel the difference.
    Compliments are an ego boost too
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    Challengeof3 reacted to JustSkinnyMeInside in two years since my surgery and need advice   
    Hi Janine and welcome back! I think its never to late to lose weight. I'm only 2 months out, however I have read lots of posts here about a "boot camp" or "5 day pouch test" to help you get back into the groove. If you google it, there is one specific to sleeve. Also, exercising and logging your food into something like myfitnesspal to track your Protein, cals, etc. would help.
    Here is a link, but its for rny. I don't know if it helps for sleeve, but you can check it out. There may be posts on this vst site as well for the boot camp.
    LilMissDiva posted a boot camp somewhere on here. Good luck and let us know how you do! :-)
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    Challengeof3 reacted to connie3 in Post Op Pain.   
    Lol wow.. Had my surgery the 28th, also had a hiatal hernia, and I also have 3 kids.. One that's 18 months! So I'm definitely feeling your pain. Feeling bad that I can't pick up my little one. :/
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    Challengeof3 reacted to Mem-Mem in Caffeine: Yes Or No?   
    I was never told "no caffeine"...just NO soda pop EVER again. The carbonation expands and stretches the stomach.
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    Challengeof3 reacted to Crystal Woods in Height, Weight, And Size Poll   
    Weight 228
    Height 5'0"
    Clothing size 18/20
    Shoe size 8
    Weight 121
    Height 5'0"
    Clothing size 4
    Shoe size 7
    Weight 110
    Height 5'0"
    Clothing size 0 or 2
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    Challengeof3 reacted to Frza in Height, Weight, And Size Poll   
    Forgot to mention my size: started at 20 in pants / XXl tops. Currently 16 pants / L tops. I wish this belly would beat it!
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    Challengeof3 reacted to texan@<3 in Oklahoma   
    I was sleeved yesterday morning by Dr. Broussard in OKC @ Weightwise. I cannot sing his praises enough. Comprehensive program. You are in it with them for the long haul. I wouldn't have trusted anyone else to do it. Love love love them. Good luck with your journey! Any ????-please feel free to ask!