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  1. Readyforthisjourney-Jen

    WLS excluded, but Hernia repair covered

    That's too bad because Dr. Kuhn is an awesome surgeon! I hope you are able to get it figured out. Dr. Kuhn repaired my hiatal hernia and did my sleeve. Insurance paid for mine though. Good luck!
  2. Readyforthisjourney-Jen

    Gallbladder attacks

  3. Readyforthisjourney-Jen

    Gallbladder attacks

  4. Readyforthisjourney-Jen

    Thinking of food makes me nauseous

    Fyre: Haha! Changing picture now! Thanks for the additional comments. I definitely don't feel alone now. I am still on the "soft food" stage that my surgeon wants me to drink protein drinks to help increase my numbers. I move to the next phase in a couple of weeks. It can't get here fast enough! Although when it gets here, I wonder if I'll still feel nauseous and not want to eat. I guess I'll take advantage of it for now...I just hate feeling crummy.
  5. I hate to post this because I feel like such a whiner, but I will be 4 weeks post op on Monday and I get sick just thinking about eating anything. I don't vomit, but the thought of eating or drinking anything makes me nauseous. The first two weeks were hard, but I never felt this way. I've had such a hard time this past week at work. Does anyone else remember feeling like this and did it go away? I've been drinking Premier shakes for the past 6 weeks (plus soups, broths, eggs). Maybe my body is tired of all that stuff? I'm currently forcing myself to eat 2 oz of tuna. I don't regret my sleeve not one bit, but I am a little tired of feeling like this. -32 pounds lost since 2/18 (surgery 3/4)
  6. Readyforthisjourney-Jen

    Thinking of food makes me nauseous

    Do you get all of your water in? I was up until this past week. I'm struggling to now though. I've got to figure out why I'm feeling like this so that I can get over it. I ate oatmeal thinned with milk this morning. It was bland and I had no issues. It's flavored foods that seem to make me gag. I'm afraid to eat too much of the oatmeal though because of the carbs.
  7. Readyforthisjourney-Jen

    Thinking of food makes me nauseous

    How far out are you? I can't handle the shakes either. Yuck! (I didn't think that I would ever say that) Im not really tempted either. Smells sometimes make me "think" that I want something bad, but I'm never tempted to eat it.
  8. Well ya know...this is VST where everyone criticizes everyone about everything. You can't even get support or true help because no matter what you say someone takes offense or blows it out of hand. (Hence this entire thread) I was just following the atmosphere i suppose. You sounded as if I made a 6 inch fish to 12 inch and would tell a different story next week. I'm just happy to hear that it's "7" grams of Protein. A couple shots of that a day helps me reach my protein level that I thought that I was lacking. I guess I wasn't.
  9. Huh? I'm not the originator of the comment. She did say 7 originally, I'm the one who accidentally typed 6 and ArtSong corrected me. Thanks for calling me out on something that I accidentally typed. You people amaze me. :/
  10. Did it go all the way through or does it feel stuck in your throat/chest? I ate some fries the other day and they wouldn't go down. I thought that I was gonna die. I need to find a good support group! Maybe I shoulda got food addiction therapy before taking on this journey. I would recommend that to anyone that is going to get this surgery if they have an addiction. I made my family a pizza just a little bit ago. Oh man, I want a piece so bad. Trying to resist!
  11. Readyforthisjourney-Jen

    Central Texas-need Doctor/hospital for self pay

    Dr Joseph Kuhn at Medical City. He is my surgeon and is awesome! I had surgery on 3/4. I have only good things to say about him. He performs the surgery at Medical City and Big Baylor in Dallas. Good luck in your search!
  12. Readyforthisjourney-Jen

    March 4th - Dallas

    Hello everyone! I'm scheduled for March 4th in Dallas! I start my preop diet on Feb 18th. I'm ready to get this over with!
  13. Readyforthisjourney-Jen

    Post op march sleevers

    Congrats to all of you on your new sleeves! I was sleeved on Monday the 4th in Dallas. I'm feeling pretty good. My incisions are still sore. It's hard to get up from a chair. I've been doing a lot of walking around the house and even walked around the block yesterday. I'm trying so hard to get in the protein and water. I was told 60 oz of liquids and 60 grams of protein. I was able to get 40 oz of liquids yesterday so I'm trying to beat that today. I've really only had regular water, propel water, Popsicles, unjury chicken broth, and cream of chicken strained with a scoop of unflavored unjury protein powder. I haven't really ventured out to anything else. How about you guys?
  14. Readyforthisjourney-Jen


    Joe, I was sleeved on Monday the 4th too. I burp quite a bit. (Plus the other direction!) I figure it's just the Anesthesia gas escaping. How are you feeling? Still sore?
  15. Readyforthisjourney-Jen

    March into Formation March Sleevers! Roll Call...

    March 4th Dr. Kuhn Dallas I'm on day 8 of my 2 week full liquid preop diet. This is tough!
  16. Readyforthisjourney-Jen

    Dallas, Texas Sleevers! !

    Hello! I'm from Red Oak (south of Dallas). I'm having surgery next Monday, March 4th at Baylor. My surgeon is Dr. Kuhn. I'm terribly nervous!! I'm on a 2 week liquid only diet. I've lost 13 pounds so far. Good luck to everyone!!
  17. Readyforthisjourney-Jen

    March sleevers anyone?

    Hi everyone! Im Jennifer from Dallas. I'm being sleeved next Monday, March 4th. Starting my second week of full liquids. Down 13 pounds already. Good luck to all!!
  18. Readyforthisjourney-Jen

    Any March Sleevers?

    I had viral laryngitis week before last! Not fun at all! Hope you get to feeling better! Good luck with your surgery!
  19. Readyforthisjourney-Jen

    Any March Sleevers?

    Hi! I'm getting sleeved on March 4th! Last Monday I started my 2 week full liquid diet. I don't even get a small meal. Today is day 6 and I've lost 12.4 pounds. My mindset to get through it is "if I can't control myself enough to do 2 weeks of full liquids, do I really have any business having the surgery?" That is what keeps me going. My daily menu is this: B: Chocolate Premier Protein shake S: SF Jello L: 2 cups of broth S: Vanilla Premier Protein shake (for my ride home from work) D: Atkins Advantage Strawberry shake S: Max of 3 SF Popsicles I drink a ton of water, Propel Zero, & Diet V8 splash when I need a change. I'm not going to say that it's not a struggle. It's really hard. I just know that deep down inside, I want this surgery. I need this surgery. I had to pick up whoppers at Burger King today for my husband. I also had to pass up coconut cream pie that my son wanted for his birthday yesterday. My sons birthday cookie cake that is staring me in the face on my counter right now. I wanted to just lick the salt off of my sons snack cheddar goldfish earlier. The loaf of bread is calling my name... I think you guys get the point. Lol This is a struggle. You are not alone! Just keep your eye on the prize! Good luck to all!
  20. Readyforthisjourney-Jen

    Any March Sleevers?

    March 4th in Dallas!
  21. Readyforthisjourney-Jen

    7 mos out 123 lbs down

    You look awesome! Love the pics! I think you have a different iPhone case with every outfit. Lol I hope that I have your success! Take care!
  22. Readyforthisjourney-Jen

    Waiting..Aetna Approval

    Rinrocks1: Wow! Thats awesome! I'm actually waiting on insurance approval. Kelly submitted it yesterday. I hope it's quick! Good luck on your surgery Monday! So exciting! Are you on Facebook?
  23. Readyforthisjourney-Jen

    Waiting..Aetna Approval

    Dr. Kuhn is my surgeon. I will have my surgery at Baylor. Who is your surgeon? Nice to meet ya!

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