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    ASKSARAH - Sleeve got a reaction from Bluto in Toss the box? A NSV with a problem   
    I tossed mine ~ right over the banistger. I made a thing of it. I had my family sit on the bed and I said does this go or stay. GO! they would say and I woul throw it over the banister and in my head it was gone forever.
    I gave all the bags and shoes to a lady at work and she was grateful. It's gone !
    Now I have 3 things to wear, And when you do need clothing buy dresses you can put belts on and they last alot longer than pants!
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    ASKSARAH - Sleeve got a reaction from Newme48 in Seeing the #s change, but not feeling it?   
    I am 30 Lbs lighter and at least 25 Inches smaller and I agree with the poster above me. That you were really a larger size and now its fitting properly and starting to get baggy.
    I am not seeing a size change either and I have lost more than you. I have a good friend I was telling this to and she is 8 months or so out and she said once you hit between 35- 40 lbs then you willsee changes in size and then monthly after that.
    I get that it is discouraging but hang in there its bound to happen

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