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  1. Marquel

    January 2013 Sleevers?

    I upped my water and broke my stall! Woohoo
  2. Marquel

    January 2013 Sleevers?

    I'm 3 weeks out and stalled for over a week. I'm getting in 700 calories a day. 60-80 protein. Been short on the water but got it all in today. Just wondering about the calories. How much should I go for?? I hate this stall. My husband seams surprised the weight isn't dropping off.
  3. I'm 5 days out and I don't have any heartburn. Am I still suppose to take the antacid meds to prevent or only if needed?
  4. Marquel


    I have the Jack LaLanne juicer and it works great! $100 but a pain to clean for sure
  5. Glad all went well. I'm using Dr Rod also in January in TJ. Please give an update on how you are feeling soon with eating and all. Sounds positive so far.
  6. I'm not discouraged. And I am self pay in MX so I don't think I will have as much info from the dr as some of you do. I guess she just made me feel bad about what I was doing. That's the last time I speak openly with strangers lol. Thanks for everyone's input! I am excited for my sleeve and I've been through a lot to try to lose (most of my life) so I this wont scare me off.
  7. I'm sad to say I have been eating anything and everything. I've been in love with food for so long. It has supported me through it all...but it is time to break up. I just want to be friends lol.
  8. I read a blog last night. (Can't find the link now). But this person was anti-WLS and they stated that the sleeve removes the part of your stomach that produces the hormone HGH and when removed causes accelerated aging. Is there any truth to this?
  9. I agree with all of you . I think losing will make most people look and feel younger
  10. I just put my $500 deposit down for a January 24th sleeve! I am so happy and excited!!! I hope the Mayans are wrong and the world doesn't end before I get skinny.
  11. Marquel

    This Is It! Surgery Today!

    That's awesome! Good luck!
  12. Marquel

    January 24Th

    Cheers for phat Christmas! I'm so happy! I have been sad, depressed, and self conscious most of my life because of my chubb. Just knowing I am getting this gift has made me so happy cheers everyone!

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