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  1. Hello, I was sleeved 12-11-12 it's sad to say but I'm back at my old eating habits. My start weight was 296 , my current weight is 248. I started by trying a little bit of this and that I still eat small portions but eating wrong foods. I'm 5 months post op is it to late for me to start over again? Do you think my sleeve was a waste of time? Help me ;-(
  2. Okay thanks I will add u as a friend
  3. Thanks to all of you that are trying to help me out I really need all of this to get back on track I will try my best today
  4. mocanitanj

    Monthly Craving - Help

    Thanks I have to start find alternatives I have to do something to my life I know I didn't come this far going through surgery to fail at this too
  5. Ahh okay never really thought of that thanks for your tips and help hugs Also wish you good luck on your surgery hope everything comes out great for you. I know you will be a success; -)
  6. Thanks girl for your tips they are very helpful I was forgetting that my sleeve is just a tool and wasn't going to do everything for me. I pray to god I can do this;-) I have to drink more water and I have to start drinking my Protein Shakes
  7. A friend of mine told me to try the crystal light hard candies but I haven't found them no where
  8. You are right it does sound cute"sweet tooth" . Where can I get those hard candies from?
  9. I wasn't working out either which I was told to start 2 post op ;-( but for the past two weeks I've been walking 2 miles up and down a hill maybe thats a start for me but I just have this sweet tooth I'm going to have to find something sweet with no calories and thats hard ;'( I feel like if I was addicted to sweets I wish they had some type of medication for that lol
  10. Thanks for the advice its so hard just don't know how I got back here again and then I have my mom and my friends telling by surgery was a waste of time :-/ I did start going to a nutritionist but she really doesn't give me like any good tips basically all she does is weight me on this scale that says how much have I gained or lost on water weight and fat weight and then asks me what did I eat, she doesn't really help so I guess I'll be looking for a new nutritionist soon thanks for ur help
  11. mocanitanj

    Monthly Craving - Help

    Hey I was sleeved in 12-11 and I'm having that sweet problem too ;-( its crazy I even stoped losing weight more than 2 months ago I just don't know what to do I think I came to far don't know how to start over again
  12. mocanitanj

    how are December 11 sleevers

    I know my problem is I'm having too many calories on wrong foods;-(

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