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    Gastric Sleeve to Gastric Bypass

    Thank You for that insight!
  2. Hello! Just a short story of how I got here! 8/2012, I underwent the Gastric Sleeve. I went from 230 lbs to 140 lbs. I had a hiatal hernia repair during this surgery in 2012 and again in 2021. Every since I had the sleeve in 2012, I have had reflux. Within the last few years, it has increased, severely. It did a little better when I had the hernia repair in 2021. However the hernia has returned and the GERD is even worse. I wake up quite often gagging on stomach acid. Sometimes waiting to go to bed three hours after my last meal/snack, will help SOMETIMES. A lot of times, I have to sleep sitting up. I am taking Protonix 40 MG twice a day for many many years. If I skip a dose, I regret it! I, unfortunately, have gained quite a bit of my weight back. Once I started gaining, the front desk clerk at my Bariatric doc's office told me I didn't need to come back. I kind of felt like I got kicked out of the program!! So it just got worse after that. Because of the severe GERD I am having, I bit the bullet and went back to see my bariatric doctor. I was ashamed because I lost 90 pounds after my surgery but have gained 60 of it back. He didn't seem to say much about that. However, he suggested that the best way to get the GERD under control was to revise my surgery from the Sleeve to the Bypass. I have concerns! I am worried about the diet and will I screw up again? I am worried about mal absorption, dumping syndrome and all the other complications that can come from the Gastric Bypass. I worry about how the vitamins will taste (silly I know, but if things taste nasty, I have a hard time eating/drinking). What if I can't stick with it like I did the Sleeve? This is a permanent surgery! I am scared but I feel like it is necessary to relieve me of this terrible GERD. I could end up with Barrett's Esophagus and worse, cancer of the esophagus. Would really appreciate outlooks and suggestions! Thanks in Advance, Michelle
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    Truthfully, I am a bit happier except for the fact that I've not had an orgasm since I've lost my weight. I want it all the time but so disappointed every time! I don't know what to do.
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  5. It does get better! I am almost three months out and I still have lots of moments of regret. However when I went to the store to try on clothes, I was ecstatic. I went from a size 24 to a 16 in just two and a half months! I won't fib and tell you it is a breeze because it is not. This surgery takes lots of work and dedication. I got severely depressed after my surgery but it is getting better! I wish you the best!

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