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  1. I didnt gain weight but I did have what I call a food funeral, I chose one thing a day and tried to control eating just one serving of it..... all my favorite foods...... but the weird thing is that now being a month and a half out what I miss the most is vegtables/ salad and fruit..... I eat very little of it cause I mostly eat protien....
  2. lisa2job

    Whey Protein

    Premier Protien has 5 carbs but they are whey isolate 30 protien and 160 calories. super yummy.... I drink one every morning
  3. lisa2job

    Almond Joy Protein Shake - Omg!

    I think I may try that .... tired of plain ole choclate every day
  4. lisa2job

    Name10 Foods

    Here we go 1. chocolate 2. chocolate cake 3. fast food all types 4. fried food all types 5. cheetos 6. corn chips ( I swear these were made by the devil ) 7. bread 8. Pasta 9. rice 10. chocolate chip Cookies I miss bread ......
  5. lisa2job

    What Should I Buy Before My Sleeve Date,

    what I found most useful right after surgery was , very comfortable pajamas, a great new book, make sure you have a comfortable place to sit or lay down ... lots of extra pillows a plus...... broth , jello SF, Popscilcles. just dont over buy .... I bought way too much jello and hate it now... small containers to eat from once you start to eat and baby spoons, they have been a life saver to help me keep from eating too fast
  6. I was sleeved Sept 6th, different foods I can eat more of especially softer type foods. I would make sure that I was getting enough protien in first before eating anything else. A typical day for me is RTD shake for Breakfast chicken noodle Soup for lunch w/o the noodle or chili or refired Beans maybe a snack of cheese stick / or a prune / or grapes 2 oz of some type of meat for dinner and maybe a tblspoon of vegtables or sweet potatoe this comes out to about 70 protien under 30 carbs and about 700 calories also I bought these little 1/2 cup containers, so it really helps with portion control, fill the cup and never eat more than that if you can even eat that much. I also eat with a baby spoon and it really really helps .makes it seem like your eating allot more than you are and slows you down.
  7. lisa2job

    sept 1st labor Day 2012

    From the album: Journey to a new me

    This is Sept 1st I am about 27 lbs down .......
  8. lisa2job

    march 2012

    From the album: Journey to a new me

    me and my oldest friend of 30 years.... I am 338 lbs in this pic . March 2012
  9. lisa2job

    J's Bday march 2012

    From the album: Journey to a new me

    my sisters birthday , march 2012 aprox. 338 lbs
  10. lisa2job

    3 days 29 Lbs down before surgery

    From the album: Journey to a new me

    surgery in 3 days down 29 lbs
  11. lisa2job

    3 days before surgery side

    From the album: Journey to a new me

    Sept 3rd down 29 lbs
  12. lisa2job

    before 2011 09 05 21.10.00

    From the album: Journey to a new me

    100 % sure I am going to have surgery. Pictures taken 338 lbs

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