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    lisa2job!!! add me also , I need some friends on there also
  2. lisa2job

    8 pound post-op

    8 lbs in a week is fabulous!!! I didnt loose that much the first week .... keep up the good work !! and remember it wont always be lots of weight loss every week .... fabulous just fabulous
  3. so I got a sleeve Sept 6th 2012 and I am totally happy with it , my sister got the RNY August 20th 2012 , I can say that she took longer to recover (10 weeks) has had more issues than me with getting sick , weakness ect.... and we are loosing so far at the same pace ... I am 85 lbs down and she is 95 lbs down, I can eat more variety of food w/o any issues just in smaller quantities she cant eat allot of different food because of getting the dumping syndrome but she can eat more than me at one sitting ... I think they both have their positives and negatives. study up and make the choice that fits you best...
  4. lisa2job

    Self-Pay Sleevers

    I am in Washington State and paid about $20 grand when all was said in done including sleep studies and pre lim's but I do get monthly check ups for the first year and semi annually for the year after... totally worth the money I paid !!! 85 lbs gone forever so far
  5. lisa2job

    Nothing but SLIME!

    sorry that your having problems!! sounds like maybe that steuosis stricture they talk about ( not sure if I am spelling this correctly) , my doctor checked me for it after a few weeks due to some simliar problems but nothing as drastic as yours. I would call them asap !!! good luck hope things get better .. will be praying for you
  6. lisa2job

    Restaurant Tonight

    I like that also !!!
  7. so I am 16 weeks out and I get in about 800 cal a day.... some days more some days less at 6 weeks I was lucky if I could do 500.... make sure you are eating your meat first and you may have to try different types to see what really fills you up ... I found that shrimp is a slider food for me, but cod is good filler, chicken is also really good filler, but eggs is a slider............. so just be paitent you will learn what fills you up and what doesnt through trial and error. Like PEvette I was told to increase my calories at my last Dr appointment but I haven't yet and I am loosing a few lbs a week so I am gonna stay where I am at for now, as I increase my activity like my personal trainer days I will eat more to have more energy....
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    glad you made through !!! cant wait to see the results!!! exciting
  9. I didn't even try any regular food for probably a month I would think it would be too soon for eggs still your stomach is still healing and really swollen .... I ate Soup , soup and more fricken soup and drank protien shakes .... try Isopure its more like Water , taste horrible ( too me ) but I got it down to make sure I got my protien in. It was probably my 3rd week before I could tolerate a regular protien shake.... it gets better very fast after the first two weeks hang in there
  10. lisa2job

    Finally hit the onederful !

    OMG that is fricken awesome !!! one day I will be joining you in onederland , cant wait
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    I dont loose on a continued basis either, I go for weeks with out loosing anything but I so notice inches going away... then woosh 5-10 lbs , then go again with a stall. right now I am on a 30 day stall but I lost inches during this time and went down from a 18 to a 16 ...... stick with it follow your plan and your plan
  12. lisa2job

    Food Porn's Gotta Go!

    OMG that is what I called it too .... hahaha I swear pre op that is all I watched and now at 4 months out I still watch it all the time, sometimes it triggers me to want something I cant , well not cant , shouldnt have ... yes I have found that I can eat anything, but I have to choose not too.... so for some reason food "porn" helps me with not eating it now most of the times....
  13. lisa2job

    80 pounds gone forever and always :)

    Hi First off sorry for your loss, I know how hard it is .... So we totally have similar circumstances , I lost my mom due to cancer a few years back but when she was at her worst we could not care for her due to her weight issues , she ended up in a nursing home because Hospice didnt have any room for her at the time. She ended her days in a nursing home, while someone was there 24/7 I wish I could of made her happy and brought her home with us. Seeing the struggle she went through not being able to walk / or being able to have someone lift her for everyday necessary functions lit a fire in me. It took a few years for me to save up the money to have this surgery ( my insurance doesnt cover it ) ... I had surgery 9-6-12 so right before you and I have also lost 80 lbs. just like you said we have come so far and this is only the beginning!! We can do this !!!
  14. lisa2job

    Awaiting my sleeve.

    Boy do I totally get you , I am also in the marketing field and being social there is going out for drinks or having a bite to eat. Also when meeting with clients it is allot of lunch dates. Well I am here to tell you things changed but I really am doing the same thing I did before just in a lot smaller quantity It took a few months before I trusted my self to go out to have lunch/dinner with the gang from work but now its not an issue, usually someone will cut a 1/4 of thier burger for me or I order a cup of Soup or chili, most restaruants are so amazing when you ask for accommodations from them. Now as far as the drinking part most places don't serve any SF items other than soda, so I try to bring a Crystal lite pack for my Water , I carry them in my purse at all times I am 3.5 months out and at new years I had some orange juice and 1/2 shot of alcohol in it, other than that I haven't wanted to drink , which is kinda of strange but I think my attention has been on trying to not have sagging skin and working out to help that issue Also I cooked for Christmas for my family (20 people) I had one bite of all the things I like and didn't feel deprived in any way . You can still socialize and have fun , just think instead of eating you can actually have a conversation with someone.... ha ha ha You will do great !! actually this feels like how I always was , except no buffet lines. just remember that this is just a tool for us to help with our weight loss. When you start by asking questions you are already half way there.... stay positive and any questions ask someone we are all here to support each other and feeling scared is all part of the process !!! Good luck to you
  15. congrats on your decision, its the best thing I did , and would never give it a second thought to doing it again !!! I will save you a spot on the loozers bench next to me for you !!!
  16. lisa2job


    fricken aweesome !!!!! excited for you !! keep up the good work
  17. you look fabulous !!! keep it up !!
  18. lisa2job

    my crap

    First of all 30 lbs in 7 weeks is great !! you are doing awesome !!! but below are the basics for you from my Doc, every Doc is different so others chime please so here are the basic guide lines from my Doc 1. at least 64 oz of Water daily 2. Vitamins Daily 3. no water 30 min before or after eating 4. eat Protein first at all meals .... I can usually eat about 2 oz at a meal , meals should take about 1/2 hour to 1 hour to finish so eat slowly and 5. chew each bite 20 times . bites should be the size from a baby spoon I actually eat with a baby spoon.... 6. at least 60 grams of protein daily 7. after each bite wait a few minutes to see if you can recognize feeling full once protein is consumed then you can try to eat maybe a small slice of fruit or veggies. 8. you should not be able to eat more than 1/2 cup at any one sitting until after 6 or 8 months. unless eating a slider food ( i know some of mine ) yogurt is one of them 9. I try to stay away from carbs but if I must satisfy my craving for crunch / carb I take 1/4 cup of Kashi go lean crunch ( its very very good ) and add it to my greek yogurt !! super yummy !! or 1/2 slice of toasted wheat bread 10. do not graze have scheduled eating times example of mine 7am Breakfast , 11 am lunch, 3 snack, 6 dinner , 9 snack if needed for maxing my protein for the day or some prunes for other reasons 11. join a support group it really really helps 12. exercise daily hopefully this helps alittle.
  19. lisa2job

    Soft food diet and hungry!

    I assume you are pre op , try drinking lots of soup , eat refried beans , and lite cheese sticks..... and water ... after surgery you will no longer be hungry !!! the pre op diet is the worst of it and directly after surgery when you get sick of liquids for so many weeks ... lol hang in there its all worth it in the long run
  20. I really really feel you !!! so my hair really just started to fall out allot also , I had surgery on 9-6-12.... I am planning to buy a wig, perhaps a few !! I love my hair that has always been one of my best features, and I always get complimented on it and its grown so long now .. I am way too vain to go around bald so wig ville here I come !!! most actresses wear weaves / hair pieces, allot of them also wear wigs and I know its done a lot in the south so hey I can do it too !!! Be positive and everything will be alright, just think if your married you can have allot of fun with different color wigs !! lol hope it slows down and I am crossing my fingers that mine doesnt get any worse .... it sucks but a price I will pay for being skinny
  21. lisa2job

    almost 2 months post-op

    wowsa you look great keep it up !!
  22. lisa2job

    I'm Ready For My Close Up

    You look fabulous !!!
  23. lisa2job

    IDK...I just don't know....Sigh...

    sounds like your doing well 40 lbs loss is great!!! everyone looses differently, sounds like You know what your doing wrong , so make some necessary adjustments and keep it pushing !!! Congrats on your weight loss that is Fabulous !!!
  24. lisa2job

    My Scale is Possessed!

    Keep up the great work !!! its pretty amazing !!!

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