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  1. my doc said i could do like light excercise at about 6 or 8 weeks out then told me that I should start strength training at about my 4 month mark ... my trainer is kicking my butt !! but i have noticed that i havnet lost weight since I started training, I have totally lost some inches and I am getting stronger .... also I seem to want to eat more .... I am still getting the hang of it ... but the burn feels so good
  2. lisa2job

    Woooow button ups!

    wowsa looking good !!!! congrats it feels good doesnt it !!!
  3. I took in one ounce every 15 minutes but I get up pretty early and stay up pretty late, I was also sipping at night when I would wake to use the bathroom. your stomach after a couple of months gets alittle more relaxed and you can sip more at a time, now I have no issues with water intake at all.
  4. lisa2job

    Relationships and Dating after surgery

    Weird I was just thinking about this,.... I have always been the kind of person with the attitude either you like me or you dont. Before surgery I dated quite often but nothing serious the men always seemed to be looking for non commital type relationships. In the coming months before surgery I decided to focus my attention on my self and self improvement and the surgery..... I haven't dated in over 15 months and just started to date again after loosing almost 90 lbs ... I have met two men that have have told me they are working toward a committed relationship with me in the last few weeks. the weird thing is at my fattest I had no problem stripping off my clothes or being in the buff / shorts/ bathing suit and I was very comfortable in my own skin , being thinner now I feel ackward for some reason.. I dont have any loose skin except on my belly but not too much.... I still feel fat but I am more concerned now than before about the way I look if that makes since... I am dreading the day one of them will want to take this relationship to a more personal level.... I dont look the way I want to yet and then I have to make a choice which one I want to date more seriously.... anyhow its valentines day and I have one date today and another tomorrow so life is good !!! Happy Valentines day
  5. lisa2job


    i got sick after eating the same thing but when I really looked back at it , I ate way too fast but it susided after 1/2 hour or so!! my eyes are still too big for my tummy. If the pain persist definalty go see a Dr.
  6. lisa2job

    Waiting game.....

    stay strong !! it pays off in the long run!!! my insurance did not cover surgery so I had to pay outta pocket , I know what it is like waiting , and waiting and waiting some more but after a year of saving and then getting some financing I had my surgery best darn thing I could of ever done !!!! hoping to loose 13 lbs more to make it 100 lbs by 6 month mark
  7. when I went to see my doctor last week she warned me that things are starting to slow down about the 5/6 month mark and i can already tell where i was loosing 15 lbs a month last month it was only ten and this month it is following suit or maybe even less. She told me to really watch my food /carb intake and work out more and do not eat more because you are working out I found that working was making me hungrier.. the weight will come off just at a slower rate. Congrats on your weight loss !!!
  8. lisa2job

    newbie needs Help

    wowsa thats alot , every doc is different , I just had to stay under 800 calories a day, I was allowed 1 small meal like a lean quisine that had to be under 200 calories and then a couple of shakes. after surgery the Normal is 60 grams of protien a day at least , so I would assume as long you watch your protien intake and calories you will be fine.
  9. lisa2job

    Post Op September Sleevers, Roll Call

    I have lost almost 90 lbs so i can tottally feel you, I was told by a co-worker that his wife wouldn't let him have lunch with me anymore. I guess now I am a threat to her, when I was 338 lbs she had no problem with it... say nothing keep smiling and let the people whom have problems be their problem not yours life is too short to worry about it. !! congrats on your weight loss
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    that was your first step to a new you !! congrats !!
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    I use the magic bullet and totally love it !!
  12. lisa2job

    Tell me everything

    I arrived at my clinic at 7 am they took my vitals and had me change into a night gown and robe they supplied me . the Dr came and asked me if I had any questions and breifly went back over everything , the anestheiologist did the same. the wheeled me back into the room hooked me up to some moniters gave me something to relax and I fell asleep the next thing I remember is I was awake 1/12 hrs later and feeling absolutely great thought they didnt do surgery or something because I felt really good , tried to get up and tehy said I had to wait before getting up. The Dr came in said all went good, I got up and walked ... the only side effect I had was I couldnt use the bathroom after surgery due to the medicine they gave me so they pumped me up with lots of Fluid till I felt like i was gonna bust and the meds also made me have insomnia so bring something to do just in case you get that. ......... i walked all night long on and off ............ Everything will be great !!!! let us know how you do
  13. no everyone is different... just follow your doctors instructions and you wll be alright.... I also didnt have any problems ... we are some of the lucky ones. just measure or weigh your food and all is good !! congrats on the weight loss !!! keep up the good work ..
  14. lisa2job


    the cost, I payed out of pocket ( my insurance doesn't cover bariatric or anything to do with weight loss ) any how it cost almost 20 grand where I live but if I would of went to Mexico it would of been between 5-10 .... big big difference....
  15. I am 5 months out and just started being able to eat salad type foods. Onions & brocolli and cabbage no problem from the beginning .. everybody is different however just be careful I have found that most food high in carbs are also the foods that are sliders for me !! Protien first !!! hope that helps
  16. some places take longer than others..... my sister took only 3 days my friend took a month. I wouldnt do surgery untill I had the approval, you never know what if they throw a wrench to your plans... good luck keep bugging them !!
  17. lisa2job

    My fitness pal question

    I could only change my calories intake on my phone,. go to the tab that shows the circle with the downward arrow , go to edit profile and then you can change your calorie goal, when you change that it also adjust how many carbs you should be eating, sugar ect.... note that I dont go by the carbs they are recomending way too many for me ... hope that helps
  18. lisa2job

    100 Pounds

    Congrats !!! I am 13 lbs behind ya
  19. lisa2job

    New Pic

    wowsa you look fantastic
  20. lisa2job


    I totally feel your pain, It seems like I am more on stalls than weight loss, I am no longer or at least trying not to weigh myself on a daily or weekly basis.... I found that my body seems to only loose once a month for about a week the lbs melt off me then for three weeks nothing..... So at 5 months out I am just following my plan given to me by my doc the lbs are still melting off me ... make sure to get your protein, water and vitamins in, excercise as perscribed by your Doc and the lbs will leave you. PS the weeks that I don't loose weight are the weeks that I loose the most inches and I see a change in my clothes. dont give up YOU CAN DO THIS !!!!
  21. wowsa you look awesome !!! keep up the good work
  22. lisa2job

    Butterfinger Candy Bar Fix

    yummy !!! gonna try this with PB2 thanks for posting
  23. As I am sure you already see on here everybody's experience is different. Since you Cant tolerate protien drinks have you tried unflavored Protein powder to sprinkle on your food or to add for that extra punch of Protein to yorgurt or SF pudding???? Also its hard to say are you really hungry or is it head hunger, or even reflux that is allot like a hunger feeling. I am 5 months out and only eat about 2 oz of dense protien at a time, things like greek yogurt or slider type food I can eat more of. It took me a few months to find out what filled me up for longer periods and what was a slider food. So right now it is more a matter of finding your balance and dont give up. Excercise, I would maybe start with walking and build my self up to the eliptical at 5 months out I just started resistant training and its a feat within its self to have enough energy to do that.... Things truely do get better, one baby step at a time.... You can do this !!! Ps congrats on the weight loss
  24. wowsa your my hero , I started out close to your starting weight and trying to hit that 100 lb mark!!! nice work congrats

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