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  1. Dr Quinones is amazing!! My husband and I both had wonderful experiences with him.
  2. Keepgoing247

    glucose test

    I meant Protein first, then vegetables then small amount of starch / carb. I failed my 1 hour test w my son and had to do the 3 hour which I passed. Good luck!!!
  3. Keepgoing247

    glucose test

    I've heard Dr's allowing you something different then the ultra sweet glucose drinks. I know pre-sleeve in my last pregnancy it made me quite sick. I don't think I would tolerate it now at all. Did you fail the 1 hour glucose test or the 3 hour test? If you do have gestational diabetes, your diet will be closely monitored. I'm guessing, if you are sticking with the high Protein, vegetable and the starch, you should be able to continue eating this way. Congrats on your baby! I hope you are able to get answers soon!
  4. Keepgoing247

    200lbs. gone!

    Congratulations! What an amazing accomplishment. Thank you for being an inspiration!
  5. Keepgoing247


    We love visiting Katy, Conroe and The Woodlands when we go to Houston. Of course in Houston there are a lot of fun things to see and do. But if I was going to live there, I would probably look at one of the 3 suburbs I mentioned. We live in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. We moved here from Northern California in 2001. We love Texas!
  6. Keepgoing247


    Congrats on the NSV! Sorry you fell and are hurting!! I hope you feel better soon!
  7. Keepgoing247

    Mexican at 4 weeks?

    I had a similar function about the same amount of time post op. I went the safe route with chicken tortilla soup. I couldn't even eat half the cup but it was easy on my tummy. Since I had kept my WLS private, I didn't want to try a new food so soon and risk a bad reaction in a public place with people I knew. Beans and cheese would also be great. I chose the soup for the added Protein, and less carbs.
  8. Keepgoing247

    Today's surgery day !

    Congratulations!!! Keep us posted on your progress!
  9. Keepgoing247

    First time mommy syndrome?! I think

    I'm sure your OB will keep an extra close eye on you. Typically, your body will make sure your baby is getting enough nutrients, even if it's taking them away from you. Congratulations on your surprise! I hope your pregnancy goes smoothly!
  10. Keepgoing247

    MyFitnessPal.com Members

    I'm Morris76058 on MyFitnessPal. Feel free to add me!
  11. Keepgoing247

    Vitamin help please!

    I went to my local health food store and the owner told me about the Alive gummie multi-Vitamins. Walmart sells the brand but they aren't made and don't have as much nutrients in them as the health food stores version. I've attached pictures. I like the fact that they have 26 fruits and veggies in them as well.
  12. You both look amazing! My husband and I had ours done one the same day as well. It's great to share this experience with your spouse!
  13. Keepgoing247

    My Gastric Sleeve Journey

    Congratulations on your new life! I have a son who is 3. He is reason I decided to get healthy. I had given up on being anything other than morbidly obese. Then as I was watching him becoming more active I realized that I wanted to be able to keep up with him and not just always watch from the sidelines. You are doing fantastic. Keep up the good work.
  14. Keepgoing247

    sleeved yesterday!

    Congratulations on your sleeve! I'm so happy you are doing so well! Sent from my iPhone using VST
  15. Keepgoing247

    2 months out down 44lbs

    Great job!! You look amazing. Sent from my iPhone using VST
  16. I had no hunger for the first 6 - 8 weeks. Then I started having some hunger, so I started taking Prilosec. What I thought was hunger was really heartburn. Now I may get a little hungry from time to time, but never like before surgery. It usually takes a few bites of food for me to be full again.
  17. Keepgoing247

    Any Fitness Pal users?!

    I'm morris76058
  18. Keepgoing247


    I was only eating 500 - 600 calories a day and I was losing pretty slowly. I increased my calories to around 1000 +/- and I have started losing much quicker. However, I have been working out quite a bit also. I'm sure I needed the added calories to maintain my fitness routine. I agree, each person needs to find their "sweet spot". Where they lose well, feel well, and have plenty of energy.
  19. You will be missed! Good luck, I think your plan is great. I especially like the fact that you are taking care of you!
  20. Keepgoing247

    My Fitness Pal

    You can add me! I'm Morris76058
  21. Keepgoing247

    proudgrammy is proud!

    You look absolutely amazing! I'm so glad you posted these pictures. I always look forward to reading your posts. You are an inspiration!
  22. Keepgoing247


    Good luck! Feel better soon.
  23. Keepgoing247

    New to the site!

    Welcome!! Congratulations on your upcoming surgery!
  24. Keepgoing247

    Photos 3 months post op

    You look great! So much younger! Congratulations!
  25. Keepgoing247

    92lbs down! !

    You look amazing! Congratulations!!

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