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  1. amhazeleyes

    Valentine's Challenge

    I am at 169.3
  2. amhazeleyes

    Valentine's Challenge

    Today weight 167. Did not loose any weight this week. Have to be motivated to do better.
  3. amhazeleyes

    Valentine's Challenge

    Current weight 167.5 Goal weight 159 So motivated to do this. ????
  4. I can't believe it is has been a year since my surgery. My life has changed for the better. I feel so much healthier and energetic. It has been a learning experience. I am so glad I had this done. I started my journey at 261 lbs. I am now at 167. I still have another 25 lbs to my goal which I do not mind it taking longer to reach.
  5. amhazeleyes

    Valentine's Challenge

    Count me in ????
  6. amhazeleyes

    All of my December sleevers...

    Hi checking in today at my one year anniversary. Starting weight 261 Surgery weight 251 Current weight 167 My goal weight is 145 I am pretty happy with my weightloss so far. Some have lost a lot more and some less. We all have different journeys. So glad I took mine. Wishing us December sleevers continued success. ????
  7. amhazeleyes

    decemeber 2012 sleevers? how ya doin?

    Surgery on 12/26 down 43 pounds plus 10 pre-surgery. Calorie intake daily is 800 to 1000
  8. amhazeleyes

    Any Jersey Sleevers?

    Hi I was sleeved by Dr Forrester on dec 26. My entire experience was great. He did an awsome job. I have not had any complications. I have no regrets . Wishing you a quick recovery. I truly hope everything goes well.
  9. amhazeleyes

    What to Wear there ?

    While I was at the hospital did not even get a chance to wear my pj was connected to my Iv. They also gave me socks to walk around. Wore pj to go home. Thank God I didn't know any one in that area. The clothes that I wore to the hospital would of rubbed on the incisions. Time went by quick did not need much. But I took a little extra just in case such as underwear toiletries, etc. don't forget the gass x strips. They really help.
  10. amhazeleyes

    Looking For Dec Sleevers Out There

    One month anniversary sleeved on 12/26 down 20 pounds. Very happy with my weight loss.
  11. I was told by my post op surgery guidelines to take Pepcid Ac once a day for one month.
  12. amhazeleyes

    Any Jersey Sleevers?

    I have to say I am doing pretty good. The first week was rough because of lack of energy but I am feeling much better now. I had no after pain,nausea or vomiting. How about you?
  13. amhazeleyes

    Any Jersey Sleevers?

    Hi I was sleeved on 26th at overlook hospital what a coincidence. Everything went well with me also. My Dr is Forrester.
  14. amhazeleyes

    5 and half hours from surgery!

    Best wishes And speedy recovery.
  15. The same thing happened to me. But it was just begining and it was light. They told me to take off all of my clothes. I'm sure it happens allot, especially with how nervous we are before surgery date.
  16. amhazeleyes

    Any Jersey Sleevers?

    My hospital stay was good. My nurses where nice. My surgeon was Dr. Forester he did an awesome job.
  17. amhazeleyes

    All of my December sleevers...

    Date of surgery December 26. Weight 254. I have lost 10 pounds in one week. Now 244
  18. amhazeleyes

    Third week

    I was saying the same thing today. I was sleeved on 12/26 and still have not regained my energy. Today I was just trying to fold some clothes and felt my body getting so weak that I had to stop and lay down. Can't wait to regain my energy.
  19. amhazeleyes

    Any Jersey Sleevers?

    I had my surgery on 12/26 at overlook hospital in Summit. Doing good so far except for the fact that I am very week. Hopefully my strength will come back soon.
  20. Well the day is finally here. I was so busy over the holiday that I didn't have a chance to really be nervous. But now all the nerves are kicking in. Can't believe the Big Day is here. I'm so ready for a new Healthier me. Surgery at 12 PM Prayers greatly appreciated.
  21. You look great. I Had surgery in the 26th. Can't wait to some post op pictures.
  22. amhazeleyes

    Surgery Today

    Everything went well about to go home. ????
  23. amhazeleyes

    Surgery Today

    Hi just keeping you posted surgery went very well. Thank God. Feeling much better today waiting to get X-ray for any leaks hopefully everything goes well.
  24. amhazeleyes

    Surgery Today

    Thank you all. Just got to the hospital for pre admission. Not as nervous as I thought I would be.

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