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  1. Okay My husband froze some of my protein shakes in ice cube trays, then blended them...it wasn't the best but it felt like something other than liquids, try it with other liquids too!
  2. Does he count sugar free jello as a liquid? If so that might give you the sensation of something of substance...
  3. That I don't know, but I was so tired and knew I needed to be comfortable to sleep, and that I needed sleep to heal. I had my gallbladder out about 3 weeks ago and did the same thing...healed well both times. Try wedging a pillow under your side while lying on your back, might change it up...
  4. I packed pillows around myself, kinda laid on my stomach and side...with pillows and blankets as wedges
  5. mi2sc

    Abdominal binder?

  6. mi2sc

    Abdominal binder?

    I didn't get a binder but I purchased two Jockey tank tops that were soft cotton on the top and about an inch on the bottom (the part that would stick out under your over shirt), the section in between was like a binder, it held everything in nice and tight! They were great when I went back to work, sleeping, ect. I found mine at Khols.
  7. Where are you in Mi?
  8. If it is the staff from GHP, they are amazing, Dr. Foote did my sleeve (oct) and removed my gallbladder yesterday!
  9. mi2sc

    tomato soup ?

    Probably the best thing I had during full liquids, I felt so much better when I added smooth soups!
  10. I am having mine removed in a week. I am a few days past 6 months post op... So...tell me about your gallbladder removal, recovery, diet changed etc... The good, the bad, and the ugly
  11. mi2sc


    Thanks. I was not told to take anything...I just mentioned that I had a dull, nagging pain that gets more intense sometimes, so I had an ultrasound and I have gallbladder disease and gall stones
  12. If you like peanut butter add some pb2 (powdered peanut butter)...it makes it better! Just mix well!
  13. St. Mary's staff was great and the top floor walking track was a great perk! I spent a lot of time up there!
  14. mi2sc

    Looking for a book to read!

    Witch and Wizard Series by James Patterson, one of my students suggested it to me and it is a good series!
  15. Naked fingers here...as soon as I felt better (8 days out) my fingers were sparkling again!
  16. mi2sc

    Protein drinks

    My nut said they are great...I like mine warm...I know that sounds gross, but my sleeve doesn't like cold protein shakes!
  17. I weigh less than my husband. That is all!
  18. mi2sc

    masturbation or sex safe?

    Mine said when I felt like it, just not crazy swinging from the rafters...wait a few weeks for that!
  19. Pre-op 266 Day of Surgey 255 Current 213 [ATTACH]8524[/ATTACH]
  20. I didn't have a restriction, but I still tried not to lift her if I didn't have a reason.
  21. mi2sc

    3 Months

    Breakfast- yoplait greek 100 calorie yogurt (10-13 g of prot, depending on flavor) Snack-light string cheese (8 g prot) Lunch- varies (usually Soup, tuna, chili, or eggs, 10-15 prot) Snack-pure Protein bar (20 g prot) Dinner- varies (15 g prot) My doc & nut want me to eat six times a day @ 1000 calories, I usually don't eat after dinner, but if I do I usually have some thing sweet, sf Jello, sf pudding, diet hot chocolate etc. On Sun, Tues, & Thurs on use my indoor bike while I catch up on last weeks shows On Mon & Wed I use resistance bands, 5 lbs weights, and my own weight to tone up the jiggle

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