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  1. What pre- and post- op services did your insurance cover? What I understand so far is the list below of what needs to be done. Consultation 6-month diet Physh eval x-rays EKG Blood work Follow-up visit with Dr. Surgery Hospital stay, etc. Post-op visits possibly more blood work
  2. I'm looking for patients who've had the sleeve to connect with to see how your experience was like with the Dr, CPMC, aftercare, etc. Thanks!!
  3. I just finally got approved after a battle with insurance. I've seen several threads on here about this but I wanted to be more specific. My job/ins. Benefits are ending in less than 6 weeks. I need to have surgery asap really but at the same time have to be interviewing for a new job. I'm in HR and have desk job. Some meetings and slight lifting and walking. But how long did you take off? Did you take off too long? If you had office job- was 2 weeks enough time to heal? Thanks!!
  4. DreamsOfSkinny

    Any post-oper's with toddlers?

    i'm worrying about the same thing with a 2 yr old. I had my gallbladder out 6 months ago and it was worse than I thought. Having my appendix out was a breeze and who-ha stitches after natural child birth were nothing. GB took me a good 1 1/2 weeks recovery to get back to normal.
  5. My surgery is 1/29 and I'm getting more and more nervous. I was so confident in my choice and now I'm just scared I'm making the wrong decision.
  6. DreamsOfSkinny

    My only regret

    I kinda am getting that nervous feeling now. Like what if I'm doing the wrong thing? What if some major complication happens? Then I think I've researched everything and know it will be 2 weeks recovery and about 1 1/2 months of "special" diet but after that this is the tool I need to help me feel full--allow me to eat some-- but keep me on track.
  7. DreamsOfSkinny

    Milk of magnesia

    How much did your dr. Want you to take to help clear you before surgery?
  8. DreamsOfSkinny

    Getting Sleeved 1-29-13

    I kinda feel I want to chicken out now :-/
  9. DreamsOfSkinny

    Getting Sleeved 1-29-13

    My PA said up to the day of is fine
  10. DreamsOfSkinny

    CytoSport RTD vs Isopue RTD?

    Ordered the cytosport. Thanks for posting.
  11. So I have surgery on Tuesday and just found out my MIL cannot watch our toddler while hubby is at night classes for the first few days. I'm now trying to find a babysitter. I want to know how other moms did it. Did you have help with your baby? Did you watch them on your own? How did you do it? Thanks!
  12. DreamsOfSkinny

    Sleeved with a toddler?

    That's great. I'll actually need someone to watch her while I'm in the hospital Tuesday night and hubby's in class (about 4 hrs) and then probably Wed-Thurs. for 4 hrs each day. Right now luckily I'm off of work on medical leave but had my gallbladder out and was too sore to move around much for a week with her (and that was 6 months ago). She's now 26 months and does a lot for herself so honestly think I can handle it past the first few days.
  13. Any new news on your Dr office submitting to insurance?
  14. DreamsOfSkinny

    Getting Sleeved 1-29-13

    Surgery 29th too. Haven't had pre op appt yet. Hoping I get to talk to someone tomorrow. I'm just on low cal, low fat diet and walking to get some weight off before surgery. Surgeon said he wanted me to lose 10 lbs.
  15. My husband I think is finally acknowledging that this is really happening now that I'm approved (just this past Thursday) and have surgery date of 1/29. It is rather quick now but I'm happy about it. He's asked some questions but I think overall is scared something is going to go wrong. I keep trying to reassure him I've researched the doctor so long and he is one of the leaders of the sleeve and top hospitals. He's scared I will loose too much weight and will look sickly or will regret it because I'll have lots of loose skin bc of the rapid loss. I told him my goal and the eating and exercise plan and how long it will take me to lose it. The next moment he says he knows this means a lot to me bc he sees my dedication to it. I just hope nothing goes wrong and all my research, positive energy, preparation, prayers, and patience pays off for the good! He says I don't need surgery, but he supports me if this is what I truly want. How have you reassured your spouses of your decision for surgery?
  16. DreamsOfSkinny

    I know its been said...

    What is calories?
  17. Wondering about scar tissue... Dr. Checked and felt my stomach before but just worried about bleeding out and any issues.
  18. Yes my dr mentioned being able to use 2 of the same incisions... Just makes me nervous about scar tissue and the horror stories

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