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    Sleeve Vs Bypass

    Hi, I waivered between the RNY and sleeve also but after much thought, I've decided to go with the sleeve becuase of many of the previous answers. I want something permenant and do not want the malabsorption issues. I also feel that there are less possible complications from the surgery itself. You have to feel comfortable with your choice and no one can make that for you. Go with your gut!
  2. Does this happen if you just take a walk? I would discuss it with your doctor.
  3. Tina Z.

    A Start To A New Begging

    Good for you!
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    Intial Appointment Met with Case Coordinator Chest X-Ray Upper Gi Ultrasound Blood Gases Breathing Test Pulmonologist Met with my Surgeon Sleep Study Nutritionist Psychological Screen Cardiologist PCP Approval Surgery Date Set Insurance Approval I'm really struggling to lose the initial weight before a surgery date can be set. I do great all day but then after I get home its all bad! My boyfriend eats whatever he wants and I seem to have no control. I need to get a grip!!!
  5. I totally understand your decision! I have only told my family and a couple close friends and the reactions I've gotten have not been great or encouraging. I've decided to keep it to myself. My family is slowly coming on board after explaining to them my reasons why and the sleeve being safer than the RNY, as far as complications. Best of luck to you!
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