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  1. has anyone experienced not being able to throw up. since i have had the surgery, i cannot throw up, when i,m feeling sick all i can do is heave, sometimes i might be able to bring up a small bit of clear bile. it sucks, because when i do eat more then i should i,m stuck with just feeling terrible and not getting it out. thank you saddie
  2. saddie


    thank you everyone for your response, glad to know i,m just not the only one, and that this is pretty normal..........saddie
  3. saddie

    Need suggestions !

    the one lady on here did ricotto cheese with a bit of cheese over it, i tried it at your stage and it was a nice change she just baked it for a little while and melted abit of cheese over it. mmmmmmmm it was good
  4. its weeks like this i regret ever getting this done. i,m almost 6 weeks post op, everything was going great, then out of the blue i started having pains when ever i ate or drank anything. it was like a bad nawwing feeling into my stomach then would radiate into my lower left back side. i just got home from the hospital yesterday, was in there for 4 days. they did a CTscan and nothing really showed but a small swollen spot near my spleen and some extra fat there. they also did a leak test but it was good. i,m still in so much pain, my arms are so bruised from all the times they had to redo my iv. sometimes you wish they had found something so that they don,t think your crazy. all i heard was every dr saying ....why mexico......i said why not, they don,t seem to really want to do it here in canada and if you do find it, its so damn expensive. thank you for letting me vent. MERYCHRISTMAS to you all.........................saddie
  5. saddie


    your young, it should bounce back, but i hear lifting weights is the best way
  6. i really enjoyed baby custard at that time
  7. saddie

    Please help me :(

    my dr. told me its very dangerous to be throwing up after surgery, see if you can get anti nausea medication. sure would hate to see you get a leak
  8. you will have to get it checked often, sometimes the meds get to strong as you loose wieight. i had that happen a few years ago, you get very spacey and feel like you are just going to collapes and you get very shakey, at least thats what happened to me
  9. wow, i did not relize it would happen after so long. why is that, as we probally never drank like this before?
  10. how long do you have to watch your fluid intake. why does it seem to be more of an issue after surgery?there must be a time when its not as important anymore?
  11. merry christmas, and to that girl in the closet, i hope the bad weather passes soon. take care..............saddie
  12. saddie

    Fried Foods

    hmmmmmmmmmmmm, i wonder what a fried napkin would taste like, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  13. saddie

    10 week update

    wow, you look great...........saddie
  14. saddie

    Eating to much?

    lessof me is rite, i was like you, had no problems, could eat almost anything, then bang, 5 weeks and pain, ended up in the hospital for 4 days. no leaks, but i think we get worried when we can tolerate food so well and maybe over due it. thats what my conclusion is for the pain i was in. i still have pain and now have to eat much less, not that i really overate, but had no problem eating a small plate of carrots and mashed potato,s, now i,m lucky to get 4 bites in. it will kick in...................saddie
  15. my thoughts are with you, just think in a few hours it will all be over with. hope everything goes great for you................saddie
  16. saddie

    Tmrw is the big day!

    goodluck tomorrow, tomorrow is the first day of your new start to a healthy you
  17. saddie

    Trying Not to freak out today...

    i remember that feeling, i was lucky, they tricked me. i was to have my surgery on nov 13th, but when i arrived there on the 12th they informed me they were doing it a couple of hours. once your in there everything goes quickly. nurses getting you ready, blood being taken, dr visiting you, then down the hall you go and wheeled into the operating room. then under you go, its that quick, next thing you know your awakeing thinking god that was fast. just keep yourself busy today, go have a good cry and release all that tension. you will do all rite. lets know how it went.............saddie
  18. saddie

    To crush or not to crush...

    had no problem not crushing my meds, they went down ok and they were big, just drink lots fluids after taking them. just make sure your not crushing any time released meds, it can be dangerous. time release meds are just that, they release slowly, crushing them will give it all at once and can be a shock to your system.
  19. saddie


    i had a drink 3 weeks out, but i made sure it was not mixed with any soda, tried to stay with liquers that i could put lots of ice in and sip it.
  20. i had problems with two of my incisions, had to have my stitches taken out earlier. the tape was irrating them, but now one has opened up and now a scab has formed making it very sore and painful. i just hope mine clears up. i just keep putting antibotic cream on mine. i,m 4 weeks post op. the dr that took my stitches out said if the infection comes back they would have to make another incision and take the infection out. i alwas worry about that flesh eating disease
  21. saddie

    Headache Pre-Op

    i had headaches, but my dr said it was from a lack of salt, i added some salt and the headaches stopped. i thought it was from less sugar, never thought of the salt
  22. expesially rite after the surgery, even my dr went and shut my bathroom door after lol
  23. saddie

    Crushing Meds

    yes, junior is rite, time released meds should never be crushed
  24. saddie

    Soft/low Fiber Stage(Wk 3) Ideas?

    i just looked at my sheet, it just says pureed meat,chicken and fish.
  25. saddie

    August 9 Sleevers Help

    try going back on clear fluids for a day or two

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