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    closer and closer...

    Wow - well I am glad they did - they found stuff on the tests they wouldn’t have otherwise - you were the insurance expert - surprised you didn’t make a request for it - I NOW KNOW how critical it is and how important to my survival/health and outcome... Do some research on sleep on how the body fights loosing weight and enlighten yourself.
  2. shastadaisy

    289 Lbs To Go. Is It Even Possible?!

    What makes you so sure you will have dumping? 3 friends who have ZERO dumping whatsoever.
  3. shastadaisy

    Annoyed With Questions

    Oh that one gets followed up with a question about something equally private - that one drives me NUTS and it comes out of peoples mouths so smoothly...
  4. FWIW - I’ve had “dumping” for 12 yrs - and you learn what you can or cannot have - the meds for diabetes have a syndrome which from all accounts is identical - it’s NOT pretty - it’s inconsistent - and in my PRE-surgery case - doesn’t do a thing for weight loss - if it did - I’d be THINNNNNNNN. Thank you all for talking here - it’s therapeutic and like talking to friends - it’s thinking through the pros and cons and helps me - I thought about the sleeve and how if it wasn’t the results I wished I could do the DS or the full bypass - I think that’s where the Nut and RN were coming from yesterday when they said you don’t wanna do that - and when I think about the LONG list of stuff I need to do - sleep test - pulmonary (2 visits possibly 3) - endoscope - endocrinologist and blood workup - psych eval - Nut (2) and all of this is after my 6 month mandatory PCP visits with monthly NUT visits - I can totally see how they are leaning toward the do it once right and you won’t have to be a surgical candidate twice - I’m going to have WLS - that’s not a debate - it used to be - but I’m invested now - and it’s a matter of figuring out which surgery - and what is going to be best for me - for my family - for my future - keeping in mind that #1 on my list is to be an active person and #2 is mitigating diabetes and it’s hold on my life expectancy - all of this is daunting ... and having someplace to talk to - so instantaneously - it’s like magic - my husband might crawl through his skin if i debate this stuff with him - he supports me - and is my rock (26 yrs of being my rock) and he just is afraid of the potentials - who isn’t - and afraid of regain - I TOTALLY GET IT - I am too... with that - thank you - and you’ve ALL given me something to chew on i had to go there - that was funny - hahaha - bairatric humor - haha
  5. shastadaisy

    Bcbs Of. Il

    Mine is covered by bcbs BUT the group that manages my benefits (dupage medical) has these requirements before I can even see the surgeons office - they are very strong in this
  6. this is what my group says: Clinical Indications for Bariatric Surgery Growth has been completed (18 years of age or documentation of completion of bone growth). Body mass index (BMI) exceeding 40 or body mass index of 35-39 with at least two of these comorbidities (hypertension, dyslipidemia, type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, sleep apnea). Medical documentation reveals the member has been morbidly obese for five years or more Medical documentation reveals the member has failed a medically-supervised program of weight reduction spanning at least 6 continuous months of documented monthly weigh-ins, occurring within the 12 months preceding the request. Such a program would be expected to consist of: Documentation of nutritional therapy or medical nutrition therapy including a very low calorie diet (e.g. MediFast or OptiFast) unless contraindicated Behavior modification or behavioral health interventions, Supervised increase in activity Pharmacologic therapy (unless contraindicated). Maintenance support to continue to encourage nutrition choices to reduce health risk factors and maintain a healthy lifestyle. [*]The surgical program must document the absence of significant psychopathology that would hinder the ability of an individual to understand the procedure or to comply with medical/surgical recommendations, or that documents psychological readiness for the surgery. Documentation of willingness to comply with preoperative and postoperative treatment plans Evaluation by an independent licensed psychologist or psychiatrist unaffiliated with the bariatric center.
  7. shastadaisy

    Can We Have Soy Protien?

    http://www.groupon.com/deals/gg-optimum-nutrition-soy-protein?c=all&p=15 seems like an awesome deal - but not if we can’t have soy...
  8. I’m posting so I can follow - I had a merina installed 3 yrs ago - LOVE the lesser periods (I still get a VERY light period) but I KNOW I was much lighter before I had it put in. It’s not supposed to cause weight gain.
  9. shastadaisy

    6 Mo Question

    Thank you. BCBS is 100% day one - it’s the group that we are with who is requiring the 6mo of dr/nut visits... Feel like I’m trying to be my own advocate and make sure I’m ahead of any possible delays - The surgeon will not see me or make an appt until the group puts through an approval - really 30 days shouldn’t be that much of a difference - but next year we have school/family obligations and I’d realllllly like to be sleeved march or april - I’m pushing it - i know.

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