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  1. CathyA72

    All of my December sleevers...

    Well today is 6 months post op. This was the best decision I made ever. I love my sleeve. Down 90 pounds total today. I feel amazing!!!!!
  2. I was sleeved Dec 17. I had lost 10 pounds before surgery so was 233 day of surgery. I'm weighing 165 now. So a total of 68 pounds. I went from a size 22/20 to a size 10-8. I feel amazing. If I stay at where I'm at now I would still be blessed. I love my sleeve
  3. CathyA72

    All of my December sleevers...

    Wow! Congratulations! I'm down 73 pounds. Was sleeved the same day you were.
  4. CathyA72

    All of my December sleevers...

    I was sleeved 12/17/2012. I am down 72 pounds. Never thought I would even lose this much weight and its still coming off slowly but surely. It has been such an amazing experience. I am not a prisoner to food anymore. Such an amazing feeling. :wub:
  5. CathyA72

    ONE-DER LAND! So greatful

    Congratulation!!!!! It will only get better as the months pass. I feel the best I've felt in 20 years. I'm at the same weight I was in high school. 23 years ago.
  6. CathyA72

    All of my December sleevers...

    highest weigh: 243 Day of surgery: 233 weight today: 177 Total weight loss: 66 I feel amazing. If I don't lose anymore weight I think I would be very happy with my weightloss. :D
  7. Good morning everyone. I havent been on a while. Feeling amazing. Had my 2 month follow up yesterday and I can't believe it has gone by so fast. I have had my stalls and have been upset at myself for things I have been eatind and been drinking but my doctor says that I am losing pretty well even though I had a stall for 2 weeks. Started losing again so I know this is working. Fitting into clothes that I thought I would never fit into. I'm loving it though. The butt is going away and the boobs are heading down south. LOL. Its worth it. I can get them fixed later. Hope everyone is doing well.
  8. Everyone today is 9 weeks surgiversary. Can you believe it. Time went by so fast. Weighed myself this morning and I've lost 40 pounds since surgery for a total of 50 pounds. Feels amazing.
  9. I'm under 200. What a great feeling. Thought I would never see this day ever. Good Luck to everyone. This is the best decision I have made,
  10. We are now 7 weeks out. My stall is over and I have lost 33 pounds since surgery and 10 before for a total of 43. I weigh 200 ponds today. Only 1 more pound away from onederland. So excited. It was such an amazing feeling.
  11. CathyA72

    All of my December sleevers...

    Is the 40 all post op?
  12. CathyA72

    All of my December sleevers...

    I'm Right there with you. Same 27 Pounds since surgery for the last week. Hopefully will start coming off again.
  13. I will be 5 weeks post op on Monday. Have lost 37 total 10 before 27 after. I'm in my first stall hopefully won't last long. Your looking great.
  14. CathyA72


    From the album: Before and after

  15. CathyA72

    Before and after

  16. CathyA72

    All of my December sleevers...

    Sleeved 12/17. Down 22. Stalled now. Guess we thought it would just melt away. Hopefully will start coming off again.
  17. I was never on a puréed stage. My NUT just said that would be gross. Lol. So just anything I eat have to chew really well. Surgery was Dec 17 also.
  18. It's even harder to eat out when your on soft foods. Only thing you can find are soups and mashed potatoes.
  19. Just sip sip sip. If you take to big of a sip your stomach will tell you. I was only getting maybe about that much when I got out. Try using ice chips or sugar free pops if that helps.
  20. It's your body telling you that you had something to high in far. Which can be a good thing because you won't try it again. Usually passes in 20-30 minutes. I've only experienced once and believe me I hope it never happens again.

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