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  1. kshepa

    Best Protein Bar?

    The Think Thin Bites are 0.88 oz vs the full sized bar @ 2.1 oz. They have 100 cal vs 230. And 5 gm protein vs 20. Sometimes I do break the big bar in half and eat part at 10 am coffee break and the other in mid afternoon...so, you have to make up your own mind on that. They don't sell the bites here, so I'm sticking with the bars...
  2. kshepa

    Best Protein Bar?

    Have you tried Think Thin bars? 20gm protein, 0 sugar, 8 fat, 230 calories and gluten free...they are wonderful!! I get my protein from 1 per day and milk, eggs, and cheese. Plus chicken and fish. Even after 5 mos I still cannot tolerate pork or beef... Not really a bad thing if you think about it, both are loaded with fat!! You can buy these bars online, Trader Joes, Kroger, Clarks Nutrition and many other stores. My fav is creamy peanut butter. Yum
  3. The chews have 20 calories each and they are only 250 mg each so I have to take 6 per day that equals 120 calories.
  4. kshepa

    Chinese Buffet

    I organized a work birthday party this month and we are going to The Spa Casino seafood buffet (majority choice)...that's ok, but I'll never eat my 24.00 worth, I'm just chalking it up to being with friends and not about the food. I'll eat what I can and enjoy the night with my friends I guess that's worth the price. And I might even win back my 24.00 in the casino if I'm lucky!!!
  5. kshepa


    Wow!! I just signed on to ask about coffee because my NUT said it was not allowed and I quit pre-op. But now it's Fall and the Fall blends with spices are so attractive!! I bought the Pumpkin Spice blend at Trader Joes and it tastes wonderful with Splenda and a splash of skim milk, and felt like I was committing a mortal sin by drinking it!! Now I've read all your posts, I feel better. Try this coffee, it's wonderful. (I will use in moderation, as I know nothing in excess is good for me or anyone)
  6. kshepa

    My Fitness Pal

    Mosiacnut on MFP!! see ya there!! MFP is a sleever's best friend
  7. kshepa

    Tall Sleevers? 6'?

    5'9" here, sleeved 5/9/12, down to 248 from 317, goal weight 185. At 248 I feel great!! Haven't been below 245 in 27 years!! I know what you mean about a goal weight that is near what our shorter slivers are starting out at!! My shorter friends say 185? Like that's so big..but at 185 I'll be a size 11-12 again and lovin' all those Misses sized clothes!!! No more xxx's for this girl!!