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  1. I live in the Mojave desert and I am freezing 95% of the time at work. I look forward to getting into a 120 degree car!! How weird is that? And now in the 60's outside, I am wearing a parka and gloves in the morning to work!! And the furnace is set at 77 degrees everynight with two blankets and flannel PJs!! Does that answer your question about being cold?
  2. kshepa

    Frustrated as hell!

    I agree with Smokey!! We're all different, that's why we're called individuals. So don't compare, just continue doing the great things you have been doing, you'll get there. Might I suggest a Yoga class to calm your mind? It sure helps me to relax and put my mind at ease when the daily life gets overwhelming...relax, breathe, proceed..you'll do fine!!
  3. kshepa

    Results of Fat Loss

    Thank you for posting!! Very uplifting!!
  4. Sorry my I-phone messed up my message by making unnecessary changes!! I think the message was pretty clear!!
  5. Hello, I take generic Zantac 2 tabs (300 mg) daily as instructed by surgeon for 1 year post op, Been taking itfor 6 months now, no problem!! Good Luck, the generic is Rantidine and be bought over the punter a Wal Mart for 4.00 per bottle, a 30 day supply would've 2 boxes.
  6. kshepa

    That Moment When.....

    Well I'm 6 months out now and still can't get many meats down so no turkey for me. No great loss. Daughters on a HCG diet, her daughter is two and eats very little and my mom hates turkey...so, we cooked steakburgers on the grill, and had a fresh fruit salad. I was able to eat 1/2 burger with tomato on thin bun... I have so much to be thankful for!! Can you imagine 4 generations of women/girls in the same house? It gets very interesting, but there's more than enough love going on in our house.
  7. kshepa

    Where are the 50s ???

    Yeah, I think you are all right about my being so cold. My body is still adjusting to the weight loss. So, it's sweaters and warm socks for me!! Hot cups of soup and tea to keep my hands warm, too. If my Mom wasn't staying with me, I'd turn the furnace on, but goes and shuts it off!! I do think it time for some labs, too. Iron defiency can cause coldness too, I have been told.
  8. kshepa

    Where are the 50s ???

    Hi everyone! I'm 56 and 6 months out with 83 # weight loss ... Feeling great But COLD!!! And I live in Southern CA where it never goes below 50!! Last night it's 63 and I have the heat on 80 and my fingers and toes are frozen!! I am unfortably cold at work sometimes and wear sweaters and thick socks...I don't like this. Any suggestions? I eat only warm food and room temp fluids, too.
  9. Breakfast is my favorite meal. I am 6 months out. My menu varies. Sometimes it's 1/4 c eggbeaters and 1/4 c turkey sausage crumbles with 1 tbsp salsa, other days it's 1/4 c cottage cheese with 1/4 c crushed pineapple, and cool mornings, it's cream of wheat with almond milk, yum. Keep sharing your breakfast ideas, I really enjoyed reading this thread!!
  10. Yes, you should call. Even if they say don't worry about it, they need to know. Have you had a fever? They'll want to know that. Be safe. Good luck!!
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    What is OnederLand?
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    What is Onederland?
  13. kshepa

    Weight Gain After Surgery

    I developed extensive blood clots from my hips to my calves 10 days after surgery and spent 1 week in the hospital. I gained 20# in water from the swelling. I weighed more than I weighed before the pre-op diet!! All I could do is wait for the IV diuretics to bring down the swelling, then I went into dehydration..it was not a good experience. I was off work 2 months and could barely walk until 1 week before I went back to work. The hospital where I work had to give me handicapped parking and rest periods every hour so I could elevate my legs!!! Now, 3 months later, I've lost 72#, I'm walking to employee lot again , I'm biking, taking yoga, swimming laps, and so much more!! If you would have asked me how I felt about WLS 3 months ago, I would have poo-poo'ed it!! Today I am happy I did it. My left leg still swells by the end of the day and I am taking Coumadin for the rest of my life, they found out I have a clotting disorder...But like I said, life is grand!!
  14. kshepa


    I went to support group last night and the NUT who conducts the group said they don't want patients drinking anything caffeinated until 6 months out!! So see what a difference of opinion there is? I drinking my one cup a day, it's not bothering me. I'll just listen to my body.
  15. kshepa


    The rationale given to me about not having anything caffeinated was, caffiene can cause gastric ulcers?? I'm not so sure about that and besides, it would have to be very corrosive coffee and a lot of it... Go figure.
  16. I am post menopausal, and the pathologist I went to for my bone density test prescribed 1500 mg/day and 400 Vitamin D/day. I do eat a lot of calcium-rich foods but not enough. I detest protein shakes. Most of my protein comes from eggs, cheese,milk, chicken, fish, and turkey jerky.
  17. kshepa

    Best Protein Bar?

    23 carbs No sugar!!
  18. kshepa


    I'm with ya on the alcohol, Andy. Had a good friend who had bypass and choose drink over food and died at 43 from alcohol poisoning...just not worth it to me!! too easy to switch addictions...I'd rather deal with my food issues with a clear mind. I go to Happy Hour regularly with friends, they are just as happy with iced tea and lemon. I do have other friends who are sleevers and they do drink wine in moderation...as Woody Allen says "what ever works".
  19. kshepa

    Nervous Surgery Tomorrow!

    Best wishes to you!! Phone and charger are a must!! Tooth brush, toothpaste, deodorant, good book...expect to walk every 3-4 hours. If you are walking on carpet, foots are ok, but I preferred my Nike thongs. I also loved having the Biotene mouth rinse to keep my mouth from getting so dry. They should give you gowns that cover you completely, too. Good Luck!!
  20. kshepa

    Best Protein Bar?

    I hear ya on that one!! The Amazon app gets used more than any others!!
  21. kshepa


    Yummy, enjoying my pumpkin spice coffee with skim milk and Splenda as I read the new posts, I'm so happy I found this App. Have a great Sunday, All!!
  22. kshepa

    Struggling With Hunger

    Why don't you try OA? Now, no one understands a food addiction better than another food addict. I have involved in OA for 9 years. I took off a lot of my weight before surgery. I weighed 392 when I started OA and 8 years later was down to 317, then decided to have surgery fully understanding that it's a tool not a cure. I am 5 months out and still a foodie!! But I have been going to my OA meetings and my program support groups weekly. I find a therapist is helpful too, but no one understands and validatesme more than another recovering food addict. It might not be for you, just sharing what works for me. Good Luck.