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    Homemade protein bars

    Can you share your recipe?
  2. My VGS was done 5/09/2012, I have maintained my goal weight since April. I workout with weights and trainer 3 days a week along with a 30 minute cardio workout on stationary bike doing the mountain riding programs all out. I do Water aerobics, swim laps 2-3 days a week. Lets just say I'm very active. To the point I don't even consider exercise as exercise, but just fun!! To the point....we did a body fat analysis today at the gym and I went from 41% to 28% in the last 6 months!!!!
  3. My doctor told me my chances of dying was greater from my obesity related illnesses than the surgery itself. That said, my doctor was very thorough. He saved my life by having a filter placed before surgery to keep blood clots from going to my lungs. But, the Hematologist he had see me caused all my problems. I had a DVT 2 years before surgery but the Hematologist didn't feel it was necessary to give me blood thinners after surgery. So, one week after surgery, I threw clots in both legs from my ankles to my groins on both sides!!! The filter really did save my life!! So, it prolonged my recovery. One year later, I feel great, I've lost all my weight...but now have chronic venous insufficiency in my left leg because one of the clots is still there and will be there forever because its calcified and at a place where surgery would be impossible. So, my left leg still swells and I take diuretics and Coumadin daily. Nothing's perfect in this life. We don't get through it without challenges...but at 57, and otherwise healthy, I am so happy I had this surgery and hope everything works for you too and you love your new sleeve!!
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    Great idea!! I'll try that too
  5. kshepa

    Ouchy Sex! Help!

    So I lost 120# to have a better, healthier life. I do feel great, more energy, more sexual interest...BUT...having sex is just downright dreadfully painful!! Whether its dryness, lack of hormones, dehydration, or the fact penetration is further than its ever been...I don't know who to turn to for answers. I just know I can't go on like this. It feels like a knife stabbing me deep inside. The first few inches are just fine. But the deeper, the more pain. Last night, I was with someone new and it was totally embarrassing. I started screaming in pain!! That's not what is supposed to happen. I have read that maybe there is loose skin in the vagina and its rubbing?? Please anyone with answers and or suggestions I welcome your replies. Going to an Gyne will be dreadful and painful too but I am willing to do that. But if there is some super product out there I am not aware of, please please do tell. This is just downright depressing for me. I don't even want to date anymore. Thanks.
  6. kshepa

    52 and wondering what to expect

    Good morning!! I just read your post and had to let you know I am 57. Had VGS 5/2012. After losing 124#, I do have loose skin in my arms, tummy, thighs and butt. After working out diligently for 1 year 5-6 times per week, I am at 28% body fat with BMI of 28 and at 195# pounds which is great at 5' 9". I wear Spanx and compression wear whenever I care about the loose skin. But most of the time, it doesn't even bother me. Good luck with your journey!! It's totally worth it to me. I can't imagine life at 320# anymore, I love being able to play with my grand babies ages 3, 2 1/2 and 2!!!
  7. kshepa

    Ouchy Sex! Help!

    Well, I finally got a referral to a new Gyne!! My PCP feels its just a hormonal thing, zilch Estrogen, hence zilch vaginal lubrication. I hope she is right!! And GT I'm sure technique had something to do with it too...hence, he's out of my picture!! Gotta get it together...got this new body, this new life, a new job...need the man now. And of course, pain free sex!!
  8. Thanks everyone!! I've lost 123#. And I've never felt better!!!
  9. kshepa

    What did you eat today :) ?

    I'm 16 months out and at goal
  10. kshepa

    What did you eat today :) ?

    Breakfast 3 tbsp egg eaters 1/4 c turkey sausage crumbles. 10 am break Think Thin Bar chocolate fudge Lunch 1c Gazpacho with shrimp 3 pm break Quest Bar Dinner vegetable lasagna A very good day!!
  11. I like the chocolate Body Fortress at WalMart. It runs about 18.99 for the large tub Iadd 2 tbsp of PB2 and 1 tbsp Chia seeds...yum.
  12. kshepa

    What Real Women Look Like

    I just got around to reading this thread and I want to thank you for posting that website link!! I look in the mirror and sometimes do not recognize myself. 123# less. But for some reason I still think I am still out of proportion. Now I know I am not!! The 5'9" 190 girls all look great. And that's me, too!! How exciting!! I sometimes wonder when my best will be good enough? We are so hard on ourselves.
  13. kshepa

    Sneezing when full

    Well, I am paying closer attention to when my nose starts to congest, I stop eating the minute I think I feel this and I no longer sneeze!! Thanks everyone for your input
  14. Yes and Yes!! Both have happened to me. I'm 15 months out and 120# lighter. Good luck with your journey!
  15. What about eggplant and tofu?
  16. kshepa

    PO period & exhaustion food reccomendations?

    My doctor said Cream of Wheat has a lot of iron in it.
  17. kshepa

    Ouchy Sex! Help!

    Thanks, I will go to Gyne. But that may take awhile to get an appt. and I may need a new one because mine is so darned old and talking to him about this would be difficult. I was hoping to avoid this. Plus I can't imagine the pain!! But if its really that bad, they probably would have to give me something for the pain or do a scope. I'll get right on it, though. I never thought about being something as serious as a cervical polyp but now I cannot mess around with this until that is ruled out. Thanks again.
  18. kshepa

    Chubby Girl Mind

    Yes, it takes a while. But at 14 months out, I don't even go near the plus sizes!!
  19. kshepa

    whats with the animosity?

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    Try TJ's No Guilt popcorn or Skinny Pop!! Both are great and 39 calories/cup.
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    Hair :(