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  1. MsShaunaMarie

    Hiatal hernia?

    I to did not know I had one when I went in for my surgical consult with my surgeon last Feb I was telling him how nauseated I always felt in the am and the pains I would get and I already had my gallbladder out so I knew it wasnt gall stone attacks it felt similar tho, so he rushed me over for an upper gi right after my appt and we found out I had a slight Hiatal Hernia that I didnt know I had, and he said he could fix it when he went in and did my VSG and it wouldnt be a problem!! and He was right! He was able to fix it and my surgery couldnt have gone better I am 2 months post op had surgery Nov 14 2012 and it was the best decision I could have ever made!
  2. MsShaunaMarie

    Surgery tomorrow morning at 9 am!

    Good Luck Sweeite!
  3. Love This Post! and you look adorable with your baby belly Congrats!
  4. Im not sure how I should feel about this but I kinda of feel annoyed by it, Im getting sick of hearing from some of them when they see how much I have lost in # of lbs that they better start busting there butts because I am going to pass them up... I guess I can take it as a compliment, but it gets annoying that I to am working my butt of here to shed the lbs and if I am doing what I am supposed to be doing to get the lbs to come off and I pass you up is not my fault. This is coming from some of my Non WLS friends who have been losing weight on their own for over a year and doing a wonderful job at it and I couldnt be happier for them, but I just dont like hearing them say well you are going to pass me up all the time. oh well guess I just needed to vent hehe!
  5. MsShaunaMarie

    Weight loss and my non WLS friends...

    Thanks Cheri!! Yea yesterday I got to the point where I mentioned it bothering me and how I wished people would stop saying it and that I am only doing what I am supposed to be doing! so I think the comments might stop, at least I hope so, only the future can tell!
  6. MsShaunaMarie

    Weight loss and my non WLS friends...

    I should put a dollar away everytime I hear it or see it lol it could buy me some new clothes that fit lol. I think as time goes on it will slow down. I hope!
  7. MsShaunaMarie

    Weight loss and my non WLS friends...

    I am sorry to hear this, I hope that does not happen to me how ever if it does then they truly where never really my friend to start with.
  8. MsShaunaMarie


    Looks wonderful
  9. Down 68.2 lbs since heaviest in April 12.(309) Down 31.8 lbs since surgery. Nov 14. 2012 (272.6) Wt now 240.8
  10. MsShaunaMarie

    8 wks almost 9 wks out! Pic Update.

    lol that is great!!!
  11. MsShaunaMarie

    Excited, Anxious and Waiting

    Prayers and fingers crossed!!
  12. MsShaunaMarie

    8 wks almost 9 wks out! Pic Update.

    Thanks:) and Good luck how much longer do u have to go??
  13. MsShaunaMarie

    My before and after ;)

    Yay! Congrats! you look amazing!
  14. MsShaunaMarie

    8 wks almost 9 wks out! Pic Update.

    Yay for sleeve sisters I too had on the same pants i wore to the hospital yesterday and I could pull them up to my chest by they are sooo comfy! How are you doing sweetie?
  15. MsShaunaMarie

    Magnesium Citrate Bowel Prep

    Yes Mag Cit is not fun at all my dr office had me take the day before surgery off so I could do the bowl cleanse. I ended up losing I think 4lbs that day alone, ahh soo glad its over with. Good luck with surgery and welcome!! your almost to the losers bench!
  16. MsShaunaMarie

    8 wks almost 9 wks out! Pic Update.

    Thank my sista love! ♥ Rock n and rollin hehe
  17. MsShaunaMarie

    8 wks almost 9 wks out! Pic Update.

    That is awesome! ! hehe
  18. Hey guys and gals.. I am 8 wks out and am experiencing middle level back pains Dont really know why. I went back to work about two wks ago could this be why I have been released from the doctor on full duty and am able to do all of my regular job functions. I have to lift tungsten/lead shielded canisters from about shoulder level to waste level a couple time a night. But nor more than 4 times a night. I work in a radio-pharmacy that makes radioactive drugs and the product has to be shielded with lead or tungsten we call them pigs hehe. but I dont think lifting them would hurt my back, Didnt before surgery.
  19. I went shopping at Sam's Club and found these chicken burgers. I made them tonight for dinner and they were wonderful! Very full of flavor and even my boyfriend loved them!!! Only have 180 Cal 10g fat 2g carbs 20g Protein in one Pattie.
  20. MsShaunaMarie

    4 days out and having second thoughts

    I know its hard know sweetie, and it is true it does get easier, you really do need to take it day by day. and take it easy. and slow. Drink what you can drink and get in as much water as you can thats the most important thing you dont want to get dehydrated. it does get easier!
  21. MsShaunaMarie

    Caramelized Onion and Swiss Chicken Burgers.

    I saw those ones and they did look good too Ill have to try them next!
  22. MsShaunaMarie

    Am i doing ok?

    I think thats great! at 3 days post op!! each day try to do a little bit more!!! your doing wonderful! It will get easier as the days pass you will be able to take in a little more and little more each day!

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