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  1. For me Crystal Light with very cold water worked best. But I've also heard of people that had to drink warm water/tea in the beginning. Try it different ways until you figure out what works best for you. It gets easier as time goes on.
  2. I know everyone says it gets easier, trust me it does. I am 2 1/2 months out from surgery. It's already so much better than it was in the beginning. You will be able to eat and more as time goes on. You just won't be able to eat large quantities in one setting. Having a supportive husband will really help you along the way. You can still go out to eat but maybe just order an appetizer in the early months. Also over time you can get more and more calories in, you will be just fine. Just hang in there!
  3. Neta912

    200 Pounds Gone!

    You look amazing! Keep up the great work. You are truly an inspiration!!!
  4. Neta912

    Late period

    I had that same issue too. I was nearly 6 weeks out and no sign of my period. My surgeon told me to take a pregnancy test and if it was negative I could start my bc pills again. I didn't get my period until the end of that month at 9 weeks out! Without the pills I'm not sure when it would've come.
  5. Neta912

    Bad breath

    When does our breath return to normal? Unfortunately/fortunately for me (depending on how I look at it) I can't smell mine but I know it's there. My husband has to suffer the most. I read about it prior to having surgery so at least I knew it would happen. I just hate that I can't chew gum.
  6. I will be 5 weeks out tomorrow. I am thirsty all the time. So trying to wait 30 minutes to eat gets to be really hard. Then when I do eat it is really, really small amounts. I have been losing weight consistently but this can't be healthy. I'm down 27 pounds so far. And to make matters worst the Protein shakes make me gag. HELP!!!! How are you guys getting it all in for the newbies? For the more experienced sleevers, how far along were you before you were able to get in all your liquids and protein? Thanks in Advance!
  7. Neta912

    One Week Followup

    That is amazing!!!! Congrats!
  8. Neta912

    6 Months - 126 Lbs W/ Photos

    You look great! Keep up the good work!
  9. Neta912


    I did too. Is that a sign that I am now lactose intolerant? It stopped for a couple days and i was so happy then it started again.
  10. I'm still on a liquid diet too, sleeved on 10/11/12. I try to mix it up daily so I don't get bored. I do different types of protein shakes, soups, sugar free pudding with protein powder, protein shots and crystal light.
  11. Neta912

    My Journey Through Photos

    Keep up the great work! You look amazing!!
  12. Neta912

    I Am Sleeved!

    Congrats to you!
  13. Neta912

    I'm Here!

    That's great!! Congrats!
  14. Neta912

    Eating Out -- What Do You Eat?

    These are one great ideas! I have to travel for work around my 6th week post op. My job loves to feed us. There will be at least 3 days of eating out with a group for breakfast, lunch and possibly dinner. I'm not sure how it will go as none of them know that I had surgery. Also this groups meets at least bi-annually. So this is our 6th meeting in the past few years. This will be interesting!
  15. My faith is surely what got me through the surgery and what will continue to carry me through my entire journey! I kept praying and asking God if I was making the right choice. I too kept looking for signs that this wasn't the right choice for me. I kept getting positive feedback/signs every way I turned! So on October 11th I was sleeved! It has been nothing but a positive experience so far!
  16. So far so good for me! I am drinking Water with Crystal Light, a lot of broth from chicken noodle Soup (the broth only), strained cream of chicken soup, a few ounces of a Protein shake, and a liquid proton shot that has 26 grams of protein.
  17. Neta912

    Had Sleeve On Oct 11

    I was sleeved on the 11th too! I have kept an ice pack on my right side off and on since I was in the recovery room. It has really helped. I have been trying to get in as much liquid as possible. I don't want to end up dehydrated and back in be hospital.
  18. I was in your shoes last week. I just got sleeved last Thursday! So far it has been a much better experience than I could have ever imagined. You will be fine. :-)
  19. My surgery was today at 2:20pm. I have had a great experience so far! Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers! I hope my fellow friends sleeved today and recently sleeved are doing well also. :-) :-)
  20. There hasn't been hardly any pain at all! When I moved to get out of bed for the first time there was a little pain. Other than that I've been just fine. The nurses gave me an Ice pack for the largest incision. I've had it ever since I got to my room earlier. I'm pretty sure that if why the pain is so minimal.
  21. Neta912

    Lapband Vs Sleeve

    I initially wanted the Lap Band. While doing my research a friend mentioned the sleeve to me. That was the first time that I had even heard of it. After researching the differences, reading tons of posts here, and watching tons of You Tube videos I decided the sleeve would be best for me. Also at the WLS seminar my surgeon showed several comparisons between the sleeve, the Lap Band and gastric bypass. It seemed to me that the sleeve is right in the middle as far as the risks are concerned. Also the success rate seems higher with sleeve patients vs. Lap Band patients.
  22. I have become obsessed! I am on here multiple times every day. Though I've learned so much about the sleeve surgery, I am starting to freak myself out now. My surgery is scheduled for October 11th! I am confident that I am making the right decision for me. But I must admit this past week has been really stressful. I am such a control freak and the fear of the unknown is driving me crazy. All the positive experiences that people are having are very encouraging. However the horror stories aren't helping my nerves right now. Combine that with all that I have to do at work before I go out and I'm a mess. :-( I've prayed about it over and over and over again. I know I'll be just fine! I will be happy to report back to you guys when I'm on the other side. Thanks for everything sleeve fam!

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